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Tsviet military - War Train - CIP Transport (open)
Concept by me, all the hard work by Avitus12 who did this MUCH faster than I was expecting. Bare with me please since all during the Engine Car upload and now this, I'm having to write details and bits of lore while my whole body has been very sore all day, I feel feverish, and my neck feels swollen. 

As the title says, this is the CIP Transport Car, (Open) because you can actually see into it while I'll have another upload right after this of the fully closed one.

Measuring in at a size even larger than the Engine Car, this car is 200 meters long, 50 meters wide in the middle, 40 meters wide at the top and 40 meters wide on the bottom, and is 43.75 meters tall. The armor shell around the inside bits is 3 meters thick, built to withstand even a direct nuclear strike, though it has a tolerance of up to 50 Megatons per 10 meters squared, so a 50 mT nuke planted on its side with the explosion directed into the shell could blow a hole straight through it about a few meters wide. However, getting to it is not a feat achievable flawlessly for it is heavily defended.

The three massive generator inside are actual Energy Matrix Generators. It accumulates vacuum energy to create bodies of various classes of CIPs. The maximum number is limited by the number of AugInts inhabiting the data storage banks around the generators. Each one holds 150 AugInts in each one. as there are 24 banks laid out, the standard maximum CIP production reaches 3600 AugInt CIPs, though the number can vary depending on the AugInts as well as the necessity for a larger unit such as a MSV. AugInts can choose to merge with others to create far more efficient CIP units, whether it's 3600 single AugInt units or 1 stupidly powerful and efficient unit with 3600 AugInts. Recall that such a merger creates a unit that exceeds the sum of its inhabitants.

However, the production of such units from the EMGs takes up to a minute to start so for that time and deploys ten CIPs every minute, there are CIPs already stationed along the walls for quick deployment. There are 3 CIPs in each pod with 3 rows of 36 pods on each of the long sides, so there are 648 units who can be uploaded with an AugInt within seconds.

The shell of the car is fully enclosed with large plug doors on top opened only when the equipment is needed to be taken out to be replaced or repaired. Other than that, there is no physical entryway into the shell, not even from the bottom levels of the car underneath it. Necessitated to specialized units, such as the units specifically assigned to this car, special phasing equipment is given, allowing them to simply walk through the walls. However, it's not such a simple thing as phasing through one side and coming up on the other. While that is easily doable, this phasing into something like an inter-dimensional slide effect but a physical matter slide. As long as the matter of the object they phase into is touching another, they can phase out of that area. An example would be the CIPs could phase into the walls at floor level yet come out of it ten meters up onto the gangway above them. It's not an instant transition though. There is a one second transition time per 3 meters, no matter the physical structure of the object.

Along the top of the shell, there are plentiful of anti-aircraft defenses, such as 8 of the 5 meter class Shockwave Sentinels complete with their own personal shields, the generators powered by Neutronium reactors in the Engine Cars. Even if there is still an energy flow from the reactors to the SS shields, these particular shields still have their own limitations, though thrice what is usually provided to the bunkered ones.

Making their debut, the quad-linked Forecast-class AA turrets fire neutron particles at high speeds with 1 shot per second, making them devastating close-range AA weapons. There are ten on top and 12 on the long sides, in 3 pairs for each side.

On the lower sections, there are four Degenerative Energy Cannons on each of the long sides, one in each pillbox. 

Along the gangway, there are 11 of the mounted, armor plated Heavy-class Sun Forged Plasma Lance rifles on each of the long sides.

The thinnest part of the shell is the center of the plugs where there are two slits for the large cranes in train yards to insert their prongs to lift it. 

Facing against a train equipped with even one of these Transport Containers can cause an entire army to withdraw. The simple truth is that there just aren't many species with the weaponry capable of destroying or even disabling a CIP. The ones who are defeated often aren't given a chance to learn from their mistake or develop countermeasures, though that number is recorded being pretty low in instances since these trains exist only on core worlds, large stations and warships, and Stage 3-5 colonies.

There are often two of these for the standard 10-car war train but the larger ones averaging a hundred cars on the core worlds and largest warships and space stations can have up to twenty of these.
Tsviet military - War Train - Engine Car
concept by me, created by Avitus12
This is a massive undertaking by us (90% Avitus, my 10% comes from the payment and sprinkled amounts of encouragement and corrections. ;) and so this train will be uploaded by single car types at a time.

Despite their advancements in nearly every field of science and some areas of mysticism, there are truths that have never been worked the awesomeness of trains. 

Only on their Category 3-5 worlds have the Tsvìets built a massive transportation network for planetary logistics. Both on the ground, through the depths of the seas and oceans, and even in underground tunnels, there exist war trains gargantuan in size and force projection. 

The minimally accepted standard size of the War Train is ten cars, which are usually 1100-1300 meters long.

Featured here is the Engine Car, of which there are two of them with a single other car type between them in the middle of the train.
30 meters wide at the top, 50 meters wide in the middle and 40 meters wide at the bottom, while it is 35 meters tall and 120 meters long. The floors are two meters thick while the walls are 3 meters thick.

The insides are very claustrophobic with just enough room for CIP engineers to walk single-file down the walkways to oversee each reactor and generator. The reactors and the safety features take up majority of the room, yet each's non-vital components are heavily encapsulated by thick, armor shells. In case of catastrophic meltdowns, they will send a large energy surge to all of the train, giving them a surplus of energy to operate for 30 minutes longer (varies pending circumstances, such as under enemy attack) before it dies out. 
For the rest of the energy stored and produced, the explosion is contained by the EGO shields, sacrificing the generators themselves to protect the crew of the Engine Car and the rest of the train. 

The walkways surround the outside of the Engine Car completely on multiple levels as you can see, allowing CIPs to quickly rush around to respond to approaching enemies from different directions if needed. Planted around it are 33 x Shockwave Sentinel automated turrets of the 5 m variety, 50 x Hard-mounted, single barreled, gangway guns, armed with a standard Heavy Sun-Forged Plasma Lance rifle, an upsized brother of the standard Medium SFPL rifle used by CIPs. Slightly slow rate of fire and charge time but 50% higher reactor output.

On the level below first level gangway, there are firing holes for 2 x Degenerative Energy Cannons in each, making 24 in total. They have an effective range of 2 miles and a recharge time of ten seconds. These are used for precision strikes against HVTs when the opportunity shows itself, whether it's an officer, a supply truck, artillery platform, or even indirect targets such as destabilizing terrain to impede, incapacitate or destroy enemies.

On the level beneath those are 800 mm Shatter-class short-barreled broadside cannons, 12 in total. While they have an effective range of 20 miles, terrain rarely allows that so they are usually used to provide Shock & Awe levels of firepower at once to enemies out in the open or enemy occupied territory with an assortment of different shell types. Crew favorites and most simplistic are High Explosive rounds with a killing blast radius of one kilometer to unarmored meatbags such as Humans. 
The Shatter-class happens to be an Auto-loader type, meaning instead of a single shot type of cannon, it has a magazine that can hold five rounds. A full magazine can be emptied in ten seconds and replaced/reloaded in one minute.

On the bottom, there are anti-gravity pads used to make this train a hover train. Power can be overloaded to have the train arc into the air at a maximum height of 100 ft.. Distances range according the speed but the longest recorded jump on flat terrain is two kilometers. It would take a weight ten times greater than the Engine Car to sink the propulsion units dangerously close to the ground.

There is a garrison of 100 CIPs assigned to the Engine Car with another 50 strictly for Engineering.

There are three reactors inside that are Exotic Matter Reactors, particularly Neutronium, providing more than enough power to sustain the train's systems, from weapons and shielding to propulsion and levitation. 

Feeding directly from them are six EGO Shield generators. As the Engines provide power to the rest of the train's defense and operation systems, its protection is paramount for the rest of the train. However, due to size limitations as well as energy consumption, the generator deploy barriers rather than domes. The EGO energy itself is stored in them but to manipulate them properly is what consumes energy from the Neutronium reactors. The individual barrier strength can range from enough to destroy small arms to tanking multi-megaton yield nukes. However, such variety of barriers will draw a congruent amount of energy from the reactors with each use. These barriers can be projected out to 300 meters. The train will have to return to a train station to restock on EGO energy but given that these trains are on colonies and worlds heavily fortified, they aren't in as many threatening situations as their construction and design would imply.

Spread around the car are the tubes poking up and disks on the walls. These are Disruptor Field emitters, serving as the actual main passive aggressive shield network of the train. There are 182 providing omni-matter disintegration fields with forty meters of each one. Even the CIPs and the train itself has to be keyed into the system to avoid being disintegrated and even then, for flesh-lings, it'll feel like a constant static feeling around them. The only area unprotected is the underside and that'd be bad if you accidentally keep disintegrating the ground under the rest of the cars behind the Engines.

The war train provides supplies and troops imperative for planetary infrastructure, which are vital to the military war machine of the Tsvìets. With a cruising speed of 300 mph and an overclock reactor speed approaching 950 mph, it's a metal monster near unstoppable. There are even 'energy rail way' versions like the dozen present at the base of Outer Heaven's main cannon (out of danger and brought out in case main cannon malfunctions and enemies infiltrate through the cannon's muzzle) can reach speeds up to Mach 9.

The Engines are built and defended to a degree of higher standards than the rest of the cars for good reason.

Please do not copy and/or edit this image without my approval. If you want to use it as a reference or in one of your stories, it has to be a non-profit work and it has to have a link/reference to this profile/page. It also needs my approval. However, you might want to wait until the train is actually finished. Thank you for future compliance.
Tsviet Prince NRTO Royal Aeon Battle Suit v2
concept and ownership by me, drawn by LordArcheronVolistad

More details:

Behind: Floating behind him, wireless-ly connected to his armor and mind is a set of six fin-like wings.  

They are centered around a rotating core that powers them as well as act as a conduit between NRTO's brain and all functions of the core and wings.

A pair of the wings emits an EGO Shield around NRTO and themselves another pair are matrix space/time generators that rebuild NRTO's armor by recreating/repairing it from scratch if need be. It defies both the Conservation of Mass, and Energy. 

The final pair are Vector Traps. They have several uses. One is opening up a pocket of compressed space that explodes outwards with tremendous undetectable energy to propel NRTO at extreme speeds, enough to leave physical afterimages. They can also be used to compress space between him and his intended location, creating a 'spacial' tunnel which he'd travel through- an action so fast that even advanced sensors would mistake it for teleporting. The vector traps can also be used to catch and redirect enemy energy beams and missiles. No fuel would be used by the munitions during this process, meaning the redirection is a form of instant suspended animation. These can also encircle enemies and trap them in compressed space to take as prisoners or to simply halt their movements before crushing them to atoms.

Lore log #1:

NRTO and his guard have taken a castle of a vassal race he's personally invested time and effort into, giving subtle guidance and advice to one ruler after another. Upon learning of a character shift from the current king over the past five years he's been absent from their planet, he grows concerned and frustrated, leaving a Grand Primal Commander to oversee a task force that's to depart for a galaxy 2 billion light years away. He decides to handle the issue personally to get it over with quickly so it doesn't happen again. He learns that the ruling king has allowed personal desires to negatively affect the whole planet with a civil war quickly brewing to a boiling point. His intervention would come just in time as he points his sword at a kneeling and scared king Cyclopean hominid of a species named 'A'terlas'.

"You stand on the precipice of an identity crisis, 'king' X'arsa. You would continue this quest of ego and lust for your most loyal General's daughter that you have imprisoned him when he declined your demand to relinquish his daughter to you. Your actions have split your world, one my people- I personally- have saved on three occasions because your people have shown a resilience needed to survive in this universe. You spit on the past and your future just so you can appease the desires of the present.
You claim the General W'eshi's daughter for your own for the sake of your pride's greed. What constitutes a man's pride? Is it any different then a king's pride when dissected to its barest bones? It's different for each person but I want to know what is more important to you: your pride as a king, or as a a father.

I have in my custody your first daughter, one sharing not just your looks but also many of your hobbies. You two have grown a close bond over the past fifteen years. I'd imagine you care for her health quite a bit."
*Said daughter is revealed when the door to the throne room is opened. The king is enraged and scared now while NRTO remains calm and impassive though the beginnings of a frown is forming.*

"She will be tortured right here in front of you until you cease your foolish behavior and resign as king, appointing a new successor."

*NRTO raises a gauntlet hand towards the scared teen princess and energy crackles to life around the pair of disconnected wings on the inside of the two others that float behind his armor, traveling to her body at the speed of lightning. She is lifted as if a puppet, her limbs stretched out and visibly distorting. She tries but can't even writhe in agony, her throat incapable of producing even a scream but her eyes and tears paint a clear if silent picture.*

"I have the pain setting to 3 out of 10, with 10 being the worst. She is experiencing the space of her matter being stretched and shrunk at irregular frequencies. The closest one would get to this would be at the precipice of a time-dilated zone, such as a black hole's event horizon, being sucked in while not at the same time, one side flowing in regular time while the other is distended over days and weeks every real time second. Her body can not last much longer and her mind is perceiving this pain in similar frequencies, comprehending real time, fast-forward and in slow-motion. I'd imagine she feels like a day as already passed."

*The king is horrified and capitulates within minutes, now no longer king and demanding, no, begging his daughter back. NRTO's wings become silent and to the witnesses' surprise, the form of the princess simply disappears, replaced by a floating device.*

"What is this trickery? You'd deceive me with such a vile projection or is she simply being tortured somewhere else?!" the king screamed, tears of fear and anger trailing down his cheeks from his mono-eye.

NRTO shook his head. "Your daughter is safe and sound and was never in any danger. That is the only deception on my part. However, if we're talking about deceiving someone, you are the guilty party. You've just proven that you value your daughter over a man's daughter for a wife. There's a popular opinion among hundreds of species in this galaxy alone, never mind the thousands in the galaxies beyond, that a man's pride is his child or children, especially if they look up to him, just like your daughter does. By choosing her, you've chosen your pride as a man and father over that of a king's, therefore you shall live the rest of your life as just a man and father.

Had you chosen your personal desires, and therefore your king's pride, then you would have had it but you would have then died as a king by my hand immediately after. 
The true deception is that you were a father before a king, and your ego split your pride into two. You were always a man who'd choose the pride that filled you with happiness and motivated you to achieve your position rather than that brought on by the position itself. However, without a trial of tribulation, you had slowly deceived yourself into believing they were one and the same. You never stopped to appreciate what you already had and when the doors for more pleasures and comforts were now open to you, you'd slowly but steadily fed more and more and the same things that satisfied you before soon became nothing but an appetizer. 

I am an artist by hobby and I have looked upon others both now and long gone for inspiration and guidance. From them, I learned that it is easy for an artist to tell a truth through their work but that truth can be interpreted as merely subjective, but it's harder when one tells the truth by creating a scene of lies, such as what I did here. By making you believe a lie, I made you realize the truth you'd lied to yourself about and the deceptions you'd made yourself believe became clear as day, that the power of kingship had gone to your head and made you forget who you were as a person before gaining the throne- the man I supported because I saw the beauty of your humble character. You gained the throne to provide the best you could for your daughter and now, call it irony, but you have given up the throne to save your daughter and that is even more beautiful.

Consider yourself lucky. You recognized the value of your family in the process of what you believed was losing it and in doing so, you managed to save it, and not just realize its value when it was lost. Most fail that and end up empty and broken, filled with regrets for the rest of their lives. While my method was distasteful, the best medicines often are the worse to stomach. Your daughter is in her chambers. Go to her and return to the man you use to be. This scenario could've been broadcast to the kingdom and by my word and authority, none would lay harm to you even though many have suffered for your actions. Instead, you will use the lie of stepping down on your own to show them the truth that you've rediscovered about yourself. You will disappear from the face of nobility and history to all but your daughter.

I've already spoken with her. She may find the change of lifestyle drastic and hard to cope with at first but she said herself that she'd give it all up to have her father, not her king, back. I'd be proud of a daughter like that. Now go. The castle is secured and you will be escorted to one of your houses to take care of yourselves with no servants. You will make your own life and provide your daughter the love and attention she's missed for the past several years. You have many years of damaged pride as a father to restore. Love can be created easily or through hardships but broken love takes complete focus and dedication to fix. You now have the rest of your life to do so. Don't waste a moment of it."

*And so the king, both shocked at the sentence and the revelation of what he'd done to his kingdom and himself, wept with renewed strength but there was a glimmer of hope looking up at a mountain of doubt and regret with a determination to topple it one stone at a time if it was necessary. The king returned to his daughter and the two left for a small country home, away from all responsibility outside of keeping their family together until such a time as the daughter would venture into civilization as a woman, leaving the former king to maintain the land and home for whenever she'd return. The damage caused by his base desires and king's pride was significant to the kingdom but had been mitigated by the seemingly reversal of character back to what the people had been introduced to and supportive of. There were many still with bitter hearts full of resentment but with no one knowing of the king's whereabouts, anger eventually died away, leaving only the option to recover with time and other methods. 
NRTO kept a close eye on the kingdom even after the former king would die of old age as a farmer and the daughter would die a mother and grandmother of natural age. NRTO's influence into the regime change would only be known by a few as the man and daughter kept journals of their time after their step down from royalty. He would attend their funerals each, taking time to personally bury both among their friends and families. Within two hundred more years, the planet of cyclopean hominids would go on to be a resilient ally of the Tsvìets on an extra-solar stage because of his aid with saving their species and preserving the kingdom that'd last to the current age.

His words and actions would simply aid in the known public image of his character as a man, a prince and a general of the most powerful force in the universe being a man of pride in his integrity and responsibilities as a father, a husband, a son and a general, one who is only discontent with the lack of lives he saves despite using all the resources of his position to do the best that he can. He is completely selfish for selfless reasons but does not let the role of one position impede the roles of the others. He did not come to this level of balance without error for he has lived and learned over millions of years that his actions have consequences that can not be ignored and can build up over time if he's to neglect some for the others.

:End Lore entry:


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