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Tsviet prince - NRTO 'human' form by Leonitus Tsviet prince - NRTO 'human' form :iconleonitus:Leonitus 4 0 Tsviet military parade v1 by Leonitus Tsviet military parade v1 :iconleonitus:Leonitus 6 0 Tsviet military- Augmented Intelligence MSV Mk.XI* by Leonitus Tsviet military- Augmented Intelligence MSV Mk.XI* :iconleonitus:Leonitus 7 2 Tsviet military- Augmented Intelligence MSV Mk.XI by Leonitus Tsviet military- Augmented Intelligence MSV Mk.XI :iconleonitus:Leonitus 5 0 Tsviet military- Augmented Intelligence C.I.P v2 by Leonitus Tsviet military- Augmented Intelligence C.I.P v2 :iconleonitus:Leonitus 8 1 Tsviet military- Augmented Intelligence C.I.P by Leonitus Tsviet military- Augmented Intelligence C.I.P :iconleonitus:Leonitus 18 1 Tsviet Queen LOVE - Supreme Primal DRGN SLYR final by Leonitus Tsviet Queen LOVE - Supreme Primal DRGN SLYR final :iconleonitus:Leonitus 14 0 Behemoth Terrestrial Dreadnought clay model #2 by Leonitus Behemoth Terrestrial Dreadnought clay model #2 :iconleonitus:Leonitus 11 1 Behemoth Terrestrial Dreadnought clay model by Leonitus Behemoth Terrestrial Dreadnought clay model :iconleonitus:Leonitus 6 0 Tsviet Queen LOVE- Supreme Primal DRGN SLYR blk/wh by Leonitus Tsviet Queen LOVE- Supreme Primal DRGN SLYR blk/wh :iconleonitus:Leonitus 6 0 Tsviets - Outer Heaven ship Throne by Leonitus Tsviets - Outer Heaven ship Throne :iconleonitus:Leonitus 3 1 Tsviets - Outer Heaven ship Throne Room background by Leonitus Tsviets - Outer Heaven ship Throne Room background :iconleonitus:Leonitus 1 0 Tsviet_military - Blastwave Acapella cannon by Leonitus Tsviet_military - Blastwave Acapella cannon :iconleonitus:Leonitus 9 0 Tsviet-Male NRTO human form by Leonitus Tsviet-Male NRTO human form :iconleonitus:Leonitus 3 0 A.N.E.G. flagship - Ra-class Supercarrier 'Ra' by Leonitus A.N.E.G. flagship - Ra-class Supercarrier 'Ra' :iconleonitus:Leonitus 9 1 Tsviet_military - Shockwave Sentinel turret by Leonitus Tsviet_military - Shockwave Sentinel turret :iconleonitus:Leonitus 10 1


Tsviet prince - NRTO 'human' form
Commission done by
Took a little while but the wait and cost were worth it. This piece is worth five of what it cost me (though please don't change your cost to fit that statement, lol.)
I claim nothing but the ownership of this character with this upload. Daigokun, if I got the category wrong, feel free to alert me.

Prince of the Tsvìet species, only son to Queen LOVE and ranked #4 Grand Primal Commander of 976 that exist as the top leadership of the Tsvìet military megapower.
Primal in Tsvìet society denotes a 'leader' or 'greater one.' This term was coined years after the new identification tag of 'Prime' for the subspecies of Tsvìets that share the same phenotypes of bronze skin, orange eyes and white hair when it was discovered that as their physical, emotional and mental capabilities outshine those of the subspecies 'MNR's' (Minor's) to such a degree, the most powerful MNR could not hope to match the weakest fully matured PRM (Prime).

As such, a Grand Primal Commander is the equivalent of a Fleet Admiral, each sharing control of a 'Celestial Presence' sized military force with another Grand Primal Commander. 
The unit size and names of the military, from smallest to largest, goes as such.
1 tank, 5 air support, 5 armored vehicle units dedicated to 200 ground units is standard ratio but not mandatory. This is to just give you an idea.

Cadre (Squad)- 4 Units

Raid (Platoon)- 10 Squads- 40 Units

Assortment (Company)- 5 Platoons- 200 Units

Corhal (Battalion)- 4 Companies- 800 Units

Siege (Regiment)- 6 Battalions- 4,800 Units

Assertment (Division)- 3 Regiments- 14,400 Units

Force (Core)- 10 Divisions- 144,000 Units

Luvos (Army)- 30 Cores- 4,320,000 Units

Galactic (Galaxy) Presence- 500 Luvos- 2,160,000,000 Units

Celestial (Galaxy Cluster) Presence- 94 Galactic Presences- 47,000 Luvos- 203,040,000,000 Units

Total Tsvìet Military Army- 488 Celestial Presences: 488*94*500*30*10*3*6*4*5*10*4= 99,083,520,000,000 Units.......and growing....faster than they are declining, atleast.

Some galaxies are host to dozens of Celestial Presences while others only to a portion, depending on hostile activity and technology levels of inhabiting natives.

For 1.7 million standard Tsvìet years (2.5x human years), NRTO has lead countless campaigns and he's experience all roles of combat throughout his service life from the standard frontline infantry to commanding an entire fleet-sized space battle, from seducing a high-standing enemy to sabotaging military assets with advanced training and technologies. He's seen all sides of war, not just the winning side. 
Growing up under the standard, mandatory 120 years of military training, his mother's best teachers made sure that as the only son of their goddess queen and the only Royal-class Male (there being only 36 Males in the whole species, each Male being leagues more powerful than even the above-average Female of their respective subspecies), he would atleast live up to the expectations of his people as a matter of principle and pride in his blood that gives him limitless advantages over his fellow Tsvìets. 

Despite his brutal training, he had a love-filled upbringing by his doting and particularly protective mother for 60 years where he was given tastes of all the aspects of Tsvìet society; social, military and scientific. If there's one thing he excels at more than waging war whether from a leadership or personal role, it's his intellectual-based passions. Inherited from his mother, he excels at picking apart intellectual problems with a finesse and speed only surpassed by the 3 top ranked Grand Primal Commanders, those being Queen LOVE, Under-Supreme Primal DRGN SLYR (aka 'Archive of Knowledge'), and SHTTRR (Shatterer)-a Tsvìet-PRM in the late stages of her life cycle who would've already been a Royal had she not been oddly resistant to the idea of earning a longer lifespan (by a factor of 10) and greater physical and mental capacity, whose skills are so polished and specialized that in those particular areas, she's even able to rival the lowest ranked Royal-class Tsvìets, something that had been thought proven utterly impossible until she came along.

That aside, NRTO has often found a need for restraining his powers and presence and has thus taken the form most similar to the Tsvìets' own- that being of a Human (a sign of the highest respect towards Humanity, more specifically towards their potential based on the deeds of a select few Humans who impressed the Queen to such an extent that these particular humans were allowed a life of retirement in the Tsvìet solar system if they so wished, a symbolic honor not even granted to the leaders of almost all of their closest allies (as in they're not even allowed IN the solar system despite being allies) not native to the system. Only one took up this offer and he had an influence in NRTO's upbringing. While NRTO has been disappointed by the short-comings of Humans time after time, he will always recollect to his years with that man whenever he feels his faith in that species dwindle to such a low point), thus reinforcing his respect towards the potential of the species and his choice of a human form when limiting himself to just 5% of his true form's physical capacities.

Even limited in such a state, his movements are captured only by high-speed cameras. He's able to dodge bullets after they've left the barrels with contemptible ease and even large calibers such as the .88 cal flatten against his skin without leaving so much as a scuff. He's charged out of the explosions from artillery barrages and airstrikes, fought with nothing but his 'human' body and a customized nodachi-styled sword for three 'human' months nonstop at one time and only stopped when the enemy stronghold was taken, held back the head-on charge of a 500 ton land battleship when his feet finally found purchase on ground that was tough enough to withstand the weight of the tank, resisted his atoms being pulled apart as is usually the case for regular forms of matter by a few species' weaponry, regenerated entire limbs within the time it took for him to 'attack' with said limbs, withstood and grounded artificial lightning from an enemy weapon with his hands and feet with no damage to his body and his eyes can predict for a full five seconds the full movements that an opponent will make by closely watching the twitching of muscles and eyes and movement of limbs while theorizing the psychological state of said enemy with his presence and battlefield conditions and adding that summation with his photographic memory that gives him perfect recollection of similar moves he's seen with similar circumstances to automatically pick the most likely one from the vast experiences of his past battles. That accuracy is less with entities possessing abnormal anatomies but on a regular basis, the accuracy is usually 97% and 99% against enemies with mechanical natures due to his experience leading armies of mechanical soldiers for millions of years.

His professional personality is a bit complex as he's often found stuck in instances where his cynical admiration and warrior-like nature for honorable combat clashes with his duty as a Grand Primal Commander that tells him to finish the enemy in the most efficient manner possible so he can move on to the next one lined up against his species and allies. Very few times is he able to find a balance that will leave him personally satisfied as both a warrior and commander after a battle. He tries to find it where he can, whether it's a duel between two foes face to face or mind to mind using warships in the unforgiving expanse of space.

His personality out of his leadership roles is a bit more empathizing. He's one of very few males with a huge responsibility to his people and tries to manage that while wanting to enjoy the few personal hobbies of his passions, such as 'backyard inventing', music writing and harmonizing (the act of composing musical symphonies), sleeping next to his mother or bonding with one of his tens of thousands of children, grandchildren, and descendants that he has sired over the hundreds of millennia (most of them are born via artificial insemination while only about 2% are born from the act of sex), wishing to help give them some of his time and love like he was given abundantly by his mother.

Tsviet military parade v1
As shown in Avitus12's gallery, this is something we decided to do on a whim. We had the models, I had the money, he had the technology, so this was created.
We do have aspirations to make a more grander parade when there are more models made. Displayed in this photo is the grand Behemoth Terrestrial Dreadnought, ten MSVs armed with the standard Sunder Lance, and I'm not certain how many C.I.P.s are displayed but there are 451 in each of the two massive columns underneath the Behemoth so there's definitely more than a thousand. I personally feel there's still some little discrepancy with the Behemoth's size (I think it's a teeny bit smaller but it's most likely my eyes and the camera angle playing tricks on me.) as the first couple of versions did have such problems but Avitus12 assured me all was right. He's the one with the computer stuff so I'll take his word for it.

These black and white colors shown are the military standard of the Tsvìets. Some sought to make it white and magenta to match the phenotype of the Queen but it was quickly shot down and made an unofficial law that anything displaying just white and magenta colors would be a disrespect to the Queen, reserving that color combination for just her. So, instead, to honor both Queen LOVE and the Under-Supreme Primal DRGN SLYR, white and black were chosen to represent them respectively.

The national symbol of the Tsvìets is shown on the chest plates of each and every C.I.P. and MSV, that being a black, five-pointed star over a solid white background. It represents the dark beginnings of the Tsvìet people who lived everyday thinking it would be their last even as they were stricken with a hereditary memory disease. The five points stand for the five years that Queen LOVE appeared and lead her tribe to conquer and unite all the tribes within the planet. The white background is the clean slate their species was given because of the Queen's leadership where they learned to shape their future into what they chose to if they had the will and intelligence. The white also represents the all-encompassing nature of their Queen and that it is her who gave them a new future that they could build.

By all means, a parade is not something usually done for reasons of a traditional reason.
The Queen will often wish to give her blessings to new Luvos (armies) about to be shipped out. Long gone are the days where she would usually be at the front leading said army as the scope of their military operations have long since extended beyond their home galaxy to dozens beyond the void of space.

The Queen will personally try to oversee each new Luvos ('Army')-sized group created to serve and protect the Tsvìet people through a parade. She makes it to most, especially if there's a new Behemoth rolling fresh from the factories as they are still a relatively new war machine to her military.

A Luvos sized military formation is considered an 'army' and consists of the standard 4,320,000 units where 4 million are C.I.P.s of a variety of specializations such as Standard, Heavy, Sniper, Commander, Biohazard, Extra-Dimensional and Assassin. Another 200,000 are C.I.P. that specialize as Engineers such as Combat Engineers, Mechanics, and Logistics, including Vehicles numerous enough to transport the 4 million C.I.P. infantrymen. 10,000 are MSVs, with another 10,000 being aircrew for aerospace fighters, bombers, and shuttles. 1,000 will be actual Tsvìets usually consisting of 900 MNRs (Minors) with 100 PRMs (Primes) who act as commanders and squad leaders, each squad averaging ten units each. These squads often work directly with full C.I.P. squads. The remaining 90,000 units are Flying Specialist C.I.P.s.

A Luvos is usually created within a few days if there are adequate numbers of each needed type of unit, though they can be supplemented if Command is short of some, such as the new class of Tsvìet soldiers not being ready yet so that Luvos would get a thousand Heavies or something. 

Five Luvos are assigned to a single fleet of which there are currently 1,358 fleets and counting, each fleet consisting of 5,000 ships on average.

More information of formation sizes of both land and fleet units will be disclosed when necessary.
Tsviet military- Augmented Intelligence MSV Mk.XI*
Another image of the MSV Mk.XI, an enlarged version of what was featured in the corner of the other upload.
Human - 6 feet tall
AugInt C.I.P. Standard - 9 feet tall
AugInt MSV Mk.XI - 50 feet to top of head, not top of cannons.

The MSV and C.I.P.s are copyrighted works. Downloading and using them (with my and Avitus12's permission) for references, cameo appearances and non-profit works is allowed but any desire to use them in a manner to make money MUST be brought to our attention and agreed to.
Tsviet military- Augmented Intelligence MSV Mk.XI
The 'juggernaut' of the Tsvìet conventional ground military, the Augmented Intelligence (AugInt for short) MaSsiVe (MSV), Eleventh Evolution (XI generation model) is something that defies most enemies' common sense of the rationality and efficiency of 'mechs'. Being the Eleventh iteration where it has improved stats across the whole board over its previous incarnations, this Combat Platform is a force to be feared and respected.

The first few iterations were bipedal but unless float packs were equipped, the size of the CPs couldn't hang with the steadily rising need for higher destructive capabilities along with mobility and stability. Caterpillar tracks and hover systems were used in later evolutions of the frame but they each were faced with various costs that outweighed their performance. It wasn't until one scientist thought of making it have the amount of legs as many of the animals native to one of their nature reserve planets but six legs was too complex with no added benefits so the four legged model was born.
Four legs give it greater stability along with increased locomotion as the weight of the MSV is split among four instead of two, giving it a greater land speed even when the weight of the extra lower body and legs were added in.
Even should its rear legs be disabled, the MSV can purge the lower body and rear legs, making it bipedal again. Its combat effectiveness drops significantly as it was designed for four legs but it can still walk around and deal destruction.

The MSV Mk.XI can charge across slightly uneven terrain up to 140 mph and given that its material make-up is similar to the C.I.P. unit, the unit can wear but almost never tear from usage and keep up its combat efficiency indefinitely provided proper maintenance, but even a unit that's been stranded from logistical support for centuries shows little sign of malfunctioning.

A difference between a MSV and a C.I.P. is that there is more than one AugInt inhabiting the larger frame. While many AugInt can fit inside of a single C.I.P. to greatly increase its proficiency, twenty AugInt is the standard minimum for a single MSV, giving it greater acuity, tactical and direct combat effectiveness than a single C.I.P. as their potential is greater than the numerical sum would suggest. The miniature hive mind can recognize variables within femto-seconds and the material nature of the MSV allows it to react within ten nanoseconds. Of course, this increases dramatically if more AugInt were to upload themselves into the frame. 

One of such MSVs, given the greatest armor and weapons available, is inhabited by 12^12 of the most experienced MSV AugInt specialists and is one of the personal royal guards of the Queen who has stationed it as a permanent guard over the only entrance to the birthing chambers- a secret that warrants immediate assassination towards any non-Tsvìet, even if it should come to total war against the entire species- deep beneath the Queen's citadel in the middle of Tecomfpzhire (City of the Beginning)- the Tsvìet homeworld's capital city built from the inside-out of the mountain where the species first broke onto the surface of the planet millions of years ago.
This MSV has processing power that gives it precognition, capable of deducing hundreds of billions of scenarios and outcomes and not just quickly determining which of those will/are happening from each movement/thought/sound/etc of an enemy but act in a manner that will lead an engagement to a favorable conclusion. Its reaction processes are therefore irrelevant and it is only hindered by the hyper-advanced make-up of its body as even that is too inefficient to keep up with its hive mind despite capable of attacking at speeds that are the speed of light.

While some would think 'Why not just make ALL of the MSVs like this one?', and the answer to that is simple...and scary. Despite the Tsvìets' advancements and individual power, they are at war with powerful forces and are spread thin. A MSV with the minimum of AugInt uploads is plenty enough to handle most conventional ground and air units that enemies have and they need as many as they can get to hold the lines.

The 50 ft tall standard MSV frame has numerous defensive and offensive measures.
For defense, it has its own near-impervious energy alloy along with extremely powerful and redundant ECM and ECCM jammer modules, capable of frying even most protective circuits and creating an EM field that can force the destabilization of enemy energy projectiles and either deflect or alter the flight of metallic munitions. Aside from that, even getting too close (or the MSV getting too close) can create a subtle repulsive field against metallic objects such as tanks, power armored soldiers, buildings, etc..

In a similar manner, it can withdraw the EMF, building up the energy to unleash an omnidirectional EMF push that can send enemies with metallic make-up flying backwards.
Its next defensive measure is the ability for quick, consecutive teleportation through one of the many artificial dimensions created by the Tsvìets and assigned just for the transference of MSV units. The range though is only anywhere within 100 meters other MSVs or command spots.

The final defensive measure is one that can be used in an utilitarian role as well as an offensive one. The claws themselves can emit a restraint field. This can restrain something to be held still for the killing blow, or even manipulated in such a manner as lifting a group of hunkering soldiers into the air for its smaller allies to eliminate. This can be used to halt incoming objects such as debris, charging vehicles and formations and even munitions.

As for offensive, its own body is a weapon that can trample enemy positions and charge at fortifications to smash it apart with its Sunder Lancer.
It's claws can grasp and crush most objects capable of fitting within them or it can just pierce and rip apart things like larger enemies or fortifications. Its two arms are actually two pairs of two arms that can separate to increase its attack radius. Within each arm is a massively enlarged and upgraded Sun-Forged Plasma Lance like the rifle carried by the AugInt C.I.P.. You have a whole city block inhabited by enemies dug in and putting up fierce resistance? Well, I don't know HOW the hell they are even resisting but if you have a MSV, one blast of this Sun-Forged Plasma SINGer will turn it into a crater of molten, irradiated lava. With a maximum blast radius of 100 meters while in the presence of other friendlies, this weapon has no equal in close-mid range battle.

The next weapon, or weapons, is the pair of cannons sitting on the articulating arms. These cannons are large-bore pulse cannons mainly used against aircraft but tend to be used in a close-support artillery role, firing a concentrated beam of a strange energy that causes rapid 'mutation'- for a lack of a better term- that changes the atomic make-up of the target, adding in different elements that turns them into objects that for all intents and purposes would be considered a bomb. Yes, it doesn't shoot explosives or causes explosions directly but turns what it hits into a rapidly destabilizing bomb. The impact area of effect is fifty meters and spreads beyond the impact point like a gust of wind. An entire city block could be turned into a collective mass of bombs. The resulting explosions vary but are quite devastating. These cannons have been codenamed 'Shifters' by a few allied species.

The last weapon as displayed above is the 80 ft long Sunder Lance. It's an axe/spear/hammer with a telescopic handle for two handed wielding if necessary. It bludgeons, impales and sunders in equal measures. An energy matrix generator gathers together a mass of invisible space within the head of the weapon. Upon release through a variety of attacks, the compressed space explodes outwards not unlike a gravity hammer but instead of gravitational forces, it's actual space being born, forcefully 'pushing' the 'space' around it away.

This gives it unrivaled power compared to a gravity hammer. The next ability is the sundering. It has a material resonance around the spear tip and along the edge of the blade. Upon contact, the weapon basically merges with the body of its target while maintaining its original 'identity'. An enemy that can't maintain its own 'individuality' is basically 'sundered' in twain no matter what physical defensive measurements they have. Not only that but just to add a more destructive impact to it, the matrix generator can unleash its compressed space through the blades and spear once resonance has been achieved. The results are......grizzly.

The MSV is particularly efficient at using this weapon since its upper body can rotate like a spinning top from the waist up, turning it into a buzz saw of death. With its processing power, even spinning at hundreds of times per minute doesn't hinder its visual perception much.
Tsviet military- Augmented Intelligence C.I.P v2
The Augmented Intelligence piloted Combat Infantry Platform standard model without the Sun-forged Plasma Lancer. For additional information, refer to the other pic of it that I have uploaded.
This image is owned by me and the only two people who can use it for some kind of profit are me and Avitus12. Anybody can download this and use it as a reference image for their fanfictions or whatever as long as they get our permission beforehand and they give BOTH of us credit.


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