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Yugoslavian regional flags



What if, in a timeline identical to ours, each Yugoslavian socialist republic or socialist autonomous province adopted its own flag? The concept is based on the former Soviet republic flags, all based on same pattern.

SR Bosnia and Herzegovina: On first and fourth quarters, the fleur-de-lis representing the Bosniaks, that name this republic. On second quarter, the same insignia of SR Serbia flag, representing the Serbs, and the same checkered shield of SR Croatia, representing the Croats.

SR Croatia: The checkered pattern represent the Croats.

SR Macedonia: The Vergina Sun represents the Macedonian claim to belonging to same ethnicity of Alexander the Great. Yes, it would reply the same issue with the Greeks of our timeline.

SR Montenegro: "Montenegro", as well as its translation to many Slav languages, literally means "black mount", and it depicts the Chapel of Lovcén, used in SR Montengro coat of arms. An unofficial design with the golden lion rampant would have existed.

SR Serbia: The four fire steels are a traditional symbol of the Serbs, although the Yugoslavian socialist government usually removed the white cross between them.

SR Slovenia: This motif, with the Mount Triglav and the water, was yet used on Slovenian coat of arms.

SAP Kosovo: The Albanian eagle, but white rather than black (as a Yugoslavian statement against Albanian irredentism), with the flower motif of proposed Dardania flag on breast.

SAP Vojvodina: As in current Vojvodina flag, the stars represent the three regions of Vojvodina: Bačka, Banat and Srem.


Alternate history exercise, no political comment intended. Please, don't use this post to comment politics.
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