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Portuguese Companies of Commerce

By Leoninia
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In this alternate reality, the Portuguese colonial empire suffers a "rationalization" of administration, being divided in four big companies:
  • Brazil: administers the Portuguese America. Its coat of arms is the same attributed to the State of Brazil in Portuguese Renaissance armorials.
  • Guinea: administers the Portuguese possessions in the Gulf of Guinea and the Atlantic islands. Its coat of arms contains a scepter with a African head, associated with the title of "Lord of Guinea".
  • Congo: administers Portuguese Congo (Cabinda), Angola and the relationship with the Kingdom of Kongo. Its coat of arms is similar to that given by Portuguese kings to their vassal the Manikongo (king of Kongo).
  • Indies: Administers Portuguese possessions in East Africa and Asia. Its coat of arms is that of Lesser India, with field changed from purpure (?) to gules, with the chief of Greater India.
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Nice! Thanks for letting me know.
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Muito bem feito! O Império Português é mais forte nesta realidade?
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No sentido de ter mais territórios, não muito. No sentido administrativo e econômico, sim.
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Interesting! Are these companies more like private corporations like the East India Company, or are they closer to government organizations?
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More likely the first, although the government was the main investor by large distance.
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