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Hello Everyone!

It finally happen... I am openning COMMISIONS!
If you want your favourite super-hero/character done by me, hit me up! If you want your OC done send me a sketch and I'll do that too. If you aren't really sure (or just don't really know how to sketch) give me your idea and I'll do my best. In both cases just be sure to offer your best description... everything else I will use my own artistical freedom and creativity for it.
Prices range from $5 for a pencil sketch of a head shot, to $100 for a full colored character (background not included, prices may vary a little depending on complexity).
If you are interested send my a Note!

A few examples can be seen here...………

IN 3D!

Working on some CG stuff latelly, ence a new logo/icon was a must.
Hope you like it!

Another quick rough study using a Sports brand. Something to feed the little animation bug inside. ;)
A small animation exercise... I mean, really small. ;P
"A long december and it's easy to believe
maybe this year will be better than the last."
- Counting Crows

It has been a long december and I am now returning from a long, long iatus. It has been almost a year since I regularly posted on dA, and I must say: I missed it.
I had to be away for a long time because I was felling stuck in my drawings. For the longest time I tried upgrade my skills by drawing on tablet but everytime I tried, I just felt disapointed. Thus, I decided to do something completly different and earn some money in the process. I did several workshop on completly different thing, meet new people, learn new thing, and am now comming back.
It has been a slow process, and I don't think I'll get into that rythim of "a drawing a week" for quite a while, but still, I will try my best this year to post more work in this platform.

Thank you for all the fav's, comments, llamas (I do love me some llamas) and support.
I will do my best to be up to your expectations, and have all a very, very good year.

The iWatch

Sat Mar 21, 2015, 5:03 PM by Leonidas666:iconleonidas666:
The "iWatch" is got to be the worst thing Apple ever put on this Earth.

There was a time when Apple aligned great technology with unique design. I remember when the first iPod came out (yes, I am that old) everyone criticized the white color, the plastic texture, the head-phones...everyone even bought different color head phones just not to be noticed.
And them, it became trendy, it became hip, it became Apple. White head-phones were a 'must have' and everyone wanted them, even if they didn't had an iPod, it was just to be "in".
Steve Jobs had that vision. The iWatch does not.
It's just an overpriced small screen to do (not) everything you already do on your iPhone and it doesn't even stand out...for bad of for worse. It's just something that every little girl with too much of daddy's money is going to want to have. Apple has become a slave to its biggest costumers and left his hard-core fans behind. It abandon the 'nerds' and the 'geeks' and decided to be 'fashion' and 'hipster'. This time they will do lots of heavy marketing and have lots of promo celebreties to endorse their new product, but in the olden days they didn't have to. Word of mouth, freshness, quality and innovation ran the show back then.

Image by Leonidas666

I did my own little render of what I expected, even wanted, the new iWatch to be. Love or hate it, you would see it from a mille away and you would recognize it... Just like the iPod.
Apple, were is the 12" iPad Pro artists and designer are calling for? Were is the Macbook touch that will allow us to use all the multimedia software and is going to compete with Surface but with much better OS? Were is the watch that will envy all other gadjets? I don't see it coming in the next few years... Oh, I would still buy one of your computers in comparison to Windows (if I could affort it) because I know they are that much better, but not any of your other products you have been putting out since Steve passed away (bless his soul).

All I see is a company that as lost it's vision, lost it's edge... Even, lost it's purpose.

Hello everyone! I've participated in this contest with this character and would much appreciate if you could "like" it. Just follow the link and that's it! Thanks.…

PS- It's open to everyone so you should also participate if you like. :)

[EDIT: This contest is over. Thanks to all those who voted.]
2014 was a year were many things ended. And rightfully so, for all good thing come to an end... Not that all were good. Some were bad. Some left us with a bitter sweet taste in our mouth. But ultimatelly, they will all live on in our memory and dreams. Let's see:

Television Shows:
Breaking Bad - I haven't seen this one from start to finish, but I have seen some random episodes, I love the premise and have eard nothing but good things about it. So, I will try to see (at least) the last season sometime soon.
Dexter - I followed this show and the ending left me wanting. I think what they did was correct, but they could have done it in a much better way. The entire brother sister thing was pullet to its limit and the hunt/death of the last villain was too mashed up. Leaving the plot so twisted just to be wrapt up just in the last episode was a bad move, in my opinion.

Manga (cuz we all know Comics last forever):
Last Order - was absolutelly insane and I loved it. But it came out so many years (yes, years) apart that I was lost in the story many times. The ending does match the original one (only a fan will understand), but it created a fork in the storyline which makes it possible for much more interstelar ideas in the future...will we see more of Alita/Gunn in years to come? Who knows.
Blade of the Immortal - again, this left me wanting. If they compressed the story in just a few volumes it would be great, but the adition of political games and a whole bunch of characters just to kill them all of in one blow at the end was a very porly plan plot. So, altough it did have a great influence on my artwise, storywise I did not like it.
Naruto - finaly ended. Goodbye. Good ridance. This is what we get when a new, good, original, interestig idea, gets overun by marketing, sales, international appeal and money... A mess. They milked the "ninja/emo/bloodline/mutant/emo/bromance" cow so much and streched the story so unbeliavably long trying to please everybody and ending up pleasing very few (I could almost say no one, cuz over the years so many fans came and gone). Still, it did create a diferent universe and I'm sure we'll see more adventures in it in years to come.

The Hobbit - when I said bitter sweet, this is exactly what I meant. It had everything to be a perfect finish after 5 movies by the same director on the same books, but them it wasn't. The last chapter, even over 2 hours long, was a rushed job if I ever saw one. This definitelly is a "read the book instead" kind of movie. Still, for those who haven't, was absolutelly entertaining and it did do its job.

Robin Williams - may he Rest in Peace. I could not finish the year without talking about this great man that made nothing but laughs for all to see. Him going was an absolute tragedy and left me wandering that this must be a really cruel world for such a kind man to get so lost in it. He will be missed, and he will be remembered.

On to 2015, what to expect? Well... Let's talk (just) movies:
The Avengers 2 - movie of the year for me. It has been said that after this, many cast members will leave so it will (also) be the ending of an Era, so yeah...I'm prettu hyped about it.
Star Wars - seen the originals and loved. Seen the pre-quels and did not. The director and the re-casting of the original cast does give me some confidence... But I have some reservations about it (and no, it's not the lightsaber! I actually maybe one of the few that liked the change), still keeping myself undercontrol.
Evangelion Movie 4.4 - it's anime, but what the hell.. 2015 was after all the year the original "Evangelion" series was set, so I'm hoping for a great finale for this. They did went sideways with the entire 'psico-bable' in 3.3, but I still hope they fix that in this last instalment (...please don't screw it up like they did in "The Hobbit").

So here you have it guys, this my view and hopes for the year passed and year to come. Hope you guys are all good.
And all the best for you and your family for this new year!
Prepare for a rant people! We've seen it happen to anime, and now it is infecting manga also... Beware!

Here are two examples:

> "Blade of the Immortal" is a really good manga. And it could have been great if only it stopped sooner instead of going into that political-historical retoric that just slowed down the action and the enthusiasm of fans.
The introduction of a bazillion characters mid-story was the first red flag, cuz I had no idea where they were coming from and what they were gonna do with them... And sure enough, neither did the author. Best solution, kill them all only at the end. A very shakespearean way of dealing with it: Don't know what to do? Kill everybody.
I give a super plus, in art, in the composition, in the theatrical, the historical setting, the beautiful portraits of death with flowers, birds, patterns... it's almost like poetry in motion coming out of each page. There is nothing, nor there ever was, something like it. But I think extending the manga was a huge mistake. If it ended in number 13 (I believe this was the author's original idea) it would have been a masterpiece. Instead, ultimatelly, it was a glorified piece of Japan's history open for marketing and sales.

> "Naruto" has got to be the worst written manga I ever read.
Don't get me wrong. I like the universe, there are some cool characters, and the special powers are impressive. It's almost like a Marvel X-Men kind of thing. Unfortunatelly, that is all.
The plot is, or was, rather simple. But with every new character, every new chapter the story got re-wrote, re-twisted, and re-told. Every new character played the old ones for a fool, and every tangle just left a knot in the reader stomach.

[Spoilers Ahead]
The basic story had only three (that's right three) arcs: Orochimaru, Akatsuki, Madara. That's it. But the way they stretch the storyline was ridiculous. First, not one of the important characters seems to die (with the exception of Neiji). Naruto has appears in only two ages (young and teen), but in teen he has like seven transformations. The great ninja war has a ridiculous amout of "last bosses", if this was a videogame I probably just stopped playing. Every boss just seems to want to have a good heart to heart and then he's suddently good (spends decades killing people, but one session with psycologist Dr. Naruto and all is well). Spare me the emotibable to make everyone watery-eyes (I got my girlfriend for that) and just use violence!
Furthermore, most fights have more tears than punchs and kicks. Sure there's a lot of firepower thrown around, but there's actually very little contact. And a freakin God at the end? Were the hell did this come from? Like I said, with every new character, everything changed. And everything was 'sort' of explained (not really do) thru flashback - God there was a lot of flashbacks. The only good thing I got, the best thing I might had, was the fight between Madara and Gai! Now THAT was a fight! Gai going all "Asura's Wrath" in the end was beautiful.

When Naruto started has a little boy everyone expected the next Dragonball. He would visit each village, fighting enemies to get the 'Bujii', collect them all while making friends with others that carry the same 'curse' as him. In the end they probably tried to release them to the Mana Tree only to realize they were tricked by some companion (Sasuke probably). And then they would fight him, then maybe a stronger version of him, and then they would win!... That's it.
But NO! Instead they tried to stuff the cheese pizza with even more cheese and everyone got annoyed, bored, and sick of it. To the point they just had to end it... Thankfully!

After many tries and tribulations, it seems I am finally getting the hang of it.
I am now more confortable with using the "stylus on glass" (so to speak) for the coloring process, altough for sketching or pencilling I still go to (and prefer) the "pen and paper" aproach. Still, I do think I am improving and have some entire digitally illustrations planned for later this year.In the meantime, I'll be posting what I have been coloring along with the process I am using (if that is helpful to anyone).
Also, just so you know, I am using Skecthbook Pro on the iPad. It doesn't alow for very big pictures with lots of layers and/or effetcs, but it is very practical and easy to use, specially for simple illustrations like those I am working on right now.
Thanks for following/watching me. There will be more works posted here, soon...

I have been uterlly dispointed at anime show latelly (yes, it seems to be a recorrent theme these days, but still I wanna give my 50 cents). We all know that there's some good anime, but mostly it's just garbage. But, the worst of it, is that as it becomes more "industrialized", the more even good shows turn out awful. Let me explain...

Studios have contrats to produce shows to fit specific slots in Japanese channels. So they rush production and massificate all the animation in order to fill/sell as many has they can. That is why we see litlle to no variation is character designs on anime shows (there's about 3~5 types in my opinion), so that every studio can work with every other show/anime, and an excess use of psycological talk so that they can just do lip-sinc and escape the actual action/animation work.

Unfortunatelly, this castrates and canibalizes some potential great shows/stories/heroes. This past season I found two shows that had that potential, but after 3 episodes I has enough. Either they lacked a good director (cuz there's only about a dozen of those... and they're all taken - "Space Dandy", despite not being for everyone's taste, is a good example), or animation (lots and lots of just 'still-frames'), or both. I've always learn that, in animation, the time it takes to do bad animation, is exactly the same time it takes to do good animation... If you have to draw 200 pictures, at least make them worth your while!

I'm not gonna mention names, but one show was about a detective agency in wich the detectives add paranormal powers, and it evolved into a goverment conspiracy. Another was, teens that were given powers based on historical characters and defend the planet against an alien invasion. Both add a somewhat "different" look to them in terms of character design (one was very lean and colorful somewhat "persona", and the other add special suits in a "megaman" flavour). Both were interesting: one had the different paranormal powers side and even a school (like "X-Men"), and the other had an historical interest, which could be used for kids to learn more about the role these characters played long ago. They both add, in my view, great potential... Unfortunatelly, they lacked ANIMATION. They lacked action. They lacked depth, They lacked excitment.

I've seen more and more of these over the years, and became more and more disapointed... recently only "Kill La Kill" escapes this norm. But even he/she falls a bit into the "massificatrion" by putting panties and nude girls/women all over the place. And let's face it, the enemy was a piece of thread... What happen to show like Conan? Like Ghost in the Shell? Like Cowboy Beebop? Even remakes like Saint Seya Omega just fail my (and I believe our) expectations over and over again...

I don't want to be a downer and say it's all bad. But seriously, after Dragonball Z, only one other show rose to the occasion, and that was Gurren Laggen (that I recommend to EVERYONE).

I hope the japanese industry comes together and create a really good show, cuz I... we are in need of it.

Hi everyone,

It seems AGES since I posted my last journal. I must say that I have been busy with 3D these past months. I've been taken classes and working a bit on several softwares. Also, I have been playing a lot of videogames... for research, of course... honest! ;P
You can see one of the last works I did for class here:
There are some other examples in my Youtube channel if you would like to take a look:…

Thus, I haven't been drawing that much (altough, I have done some painting work do) but I do have several "works in progress", and plan to do more next year to post here... journals, ilustrations, the works... so, stay tunned. :)

I hope you had a great year, and have a happy hollidays. Cheers to all!

A shy example what animation should be, but still a good exercise for timing and sound effects.
Yes, ok, I know I've said it already in the beguining of the year, but things have been put on hold for several reasons... and no, I wasen't slacking off. I've been having some issues with my coloring work and so I've spent most of the time experimenting with diferent styles and programmes (on iPad). I'm still not too satisfied with the results so I wanna keep trying. Still, I have several drawing done and inked, and I should be posting them here soon (how soon, remains to be seen). I want to reach a level were I feel I've evolved, even if only a bit.
So, hold on tight... more art is coming!
Christmas came with... the trailer of the NEW Dragonball Z movie comming in 2013!!! YYYYYEEEEEEEEAAAAAAHHHHHHH!

You people are going crazy! LOL
Thanks you so much for this. It was one of my goals for 2012, and I though the world was going to end before I achieved it. Good this I was wrong! Now the world can end... hahaha
I wanna thank everyone who made it possible and I promise I'll draw something to celebrate this soon.
Many, many thanks again.
Yes people, it has been a while, but I'm back on the saddle again.

For the longest time, I was praticing coloring in my iPad Sketchbook, and I believe I finnaly nailed it.
I've just completed a few new artworks that I'll be posting here in the comming weeks/months.
I'm currently planning some new drwings and "fan-art", and also, will be trying to take my colors a bit further.

Hope all is well with you guys, and please enjoy/fav/comment my new pics.

You have given us: two wars agains Iraq, unease in the Middle East, inflated oil prices, propaganda media that everyday scares us about terrosim, the biggest economic crisis the world has ever seen, and that arrogance phrase "USA is the best country in the entire world"... and we didn't like that. :no:

BUT, all is forgiven and forgoten, because you have given us this movie! :clap:


[PS- I am now gonna stop using the word "awesomeness" and will begin to use the word "avengeress"]
Merry Christmas!
Happy New Year!
Kung Hei Fat Choi!
Boy, it's been a while since I've write something to you guys.
I'm currently trying to get a job to cope with my expenses (and it's not going well... I do live in Portugal after all), wich leaves me little peace of mind to draw and post something here. I've got an iPad this year and I am trying to color using Sketchbook... it's not going that well, but I've only used it a few times. I hope to get better has time goes bye so I can share it with you. For the time beeing, I've done only two full pictures, but I'm really ashamed of the result... so, I probably won't be posting them here.
Still, if you got some tips about coloring and/or using Sketchbook (a tutorial would be nice), I would much appreciate it.

This year promises a lot of good stuff.
Between movies - Avengers, Ghost Rider, Batman, the Hobbit, and many others); and videogames - Asura's Wrath, Darksiders 2, MGS: Reveangence, and many others; I can only say that, if this turns out to be the last year of Earth, I'm gonna go a happy man. :D
But still... let us hope not.

Hope all is good with you guys.

See ya!
Hello everyone!

I've been so busy these past times, that I just couldn't stop.
I've been trying to improve my coloring, but it hasen't turned out as good as I expected, so I decided to color some previous uncolored works with my 'old technique' - just cuz I know you like colors better than black & white. :)
Origin Rage:…
War Is Coming:…
My Little Pet:…

Also, my bro :iconnfteixeira: got me a gig at is work, so my hands are pretty full.
I hope to color all my previous posted works (with one technique or other) and also, I got something pretty awesome planned for later this year... I'll show it has soon as I finish it (and I do hope I can finish it before the end of the year).

All the best for you guys!