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Proper Skywing
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I really dislike calling what whe have in Warframe's Plains Of Eidolon an "Archwing", because we cannot fly it as such and we cannot use archweapons. So I think that if they did a 'trick' by turning the archwing into "mono-wing" this might help players get a better feel for it:
It wouldn't have two wing (which is where you store the archwepons, ence none of them);
It would still use ONE of the wings in the design (not sure all could be 'twiked' like this, but I believe most would) so you still keep its abilities;
And you could also have Konzu say something like "The force field doesn't enable you to use the full power of your regular Archwing, but the Skywing mode(l) will still prove very advantageous in the Plains"

(also, Riven chalenges would need to reflect this change in name)
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most awesome concept art I've ever seen in my life! (also, a good idea for Warframe) :D
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