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Leonidafremov Featured By Owner Jan 2, 2012  Professional Traditional Artist
Dear Friend,

I would like to introduce my new art seminar where I will be sharing my artistic secrets. I have been independently selling art for many years. I sold over 10,000 original paintings and countless amounts of giclees and reproductions. My unique palette knife technique was self - developed over many years of experimenting and hard work. There is no one else on the planet who can paint like me and now it’s time to share my personal and professional artistic secrets with the world. I will also be sharing my secrets on how to sell art online. 95% of my work has been sold over the internet directly by me without involving galleries or dealers. I’m considered one of the best selling independent artists of the modern time.

Everyone can participate in the seminars: beginner artists, professionals, intermediates, art students or anyone who wishes to know my secrets. The seminars will take place during the college spring break period between March 12 and March 23 of 2012. Each seminar will take place during 5 business days. There will be 2 seminars one after another. There will be 40 hours of lectures, master classes, and workshop provided – 8 hours per day for 5 days from Monday to Friday. The first seminar starts on March 12th 2012, the second seminar starts on March 19th 2012. Each seminar cost $1,000 USD per participant. Participation is very limited and exclusive; each seminar can host no more than 30 participants.

The following features will be provided in the seminars:
1 – 40 hours of lectures, workshops, and master classes, 8 hours per day for 5 days.
2 – The lectures will be provided by me, Leonid Afremov only
3 – I will be painting complete pieces during the master classes’ (only this part is permitted to video tape).
4- All necessary artistic supplies for the work shop will be provided. I will provide paint, palette knifes, canvas, ezzles and etc
5 – Food and drinks will be provided during each day of seminar
6 – There are 4 rooms available for sleeping in the ranch. Please inquire about prices and availability
7 – My most advanced students will be assisting me during the workshops to provide more personalized help for each participant.
8 – Help to acquire transportation to and from the seminars and hotels will be provided. My team can help you arrange these things prior to your arrival. Housing and transportation are not included in the seminar package.
9 – Printed booklets with notes and highlights from each day.

The seminars will take place in my ranch near Cancun, Mexico. My team will help you arrange housing and transportation. The ranch is located 30 minutes away from the Cancun Airport, 15 minutes from Puerto Morelos and 30 minutes from Playa Del Carmen. The ranch is located in a secluded ecological area with 100% privacy and quiet guaranteed. I find beautiful nature very inspiring for teaching art. Most of my art is nature inspired. The address of the location will be provided only to the people who sign up and pay for the seminar.

This area is very touristic and well developed. There are hundreds of hotels, resorts, tour destinations and shopping malls. There are many places to visit in Cancun area like Isla Mujeres, Playa Del Carmen, Tulum ruins, Coba pyramids, Chichen Itza pyramid and dozens of top quality Caribbean beaches. This area has top quality medical centers and good security. It’s very safe to visit Cancun area. Last year alone about 15 million people visited the area. Besides the seminars you will have very nice vacations. The locals are very friendly and communicate relatively well in English.

Since participation is very limited, you must sign up in advance. The fee for the seminar has to be paid in full prior arrival and in order to reserve a guaranteed spot. You can pay by paypal, any major credit card or by bank wire transfer. No additional dates will be offered until next vacation season.

Upon the completion of the seminar you will receive a certificate of completion signed by me, Leonid Afremov

In order to sign up for the seminar you must purchase this listing on [link]

Here is the contact information for any inquiry:

Email -
Skye ID: Borisafemov , or ,
Phone of my office: 52-1-984-147-2372 ( Monday – Friday 9am-5pm Mexico City time) Spanish and English.

Best Regards,
Leonid Afremov

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