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Summer Downpour by Leonid Afremov

This is an oil painting on canvas by Leonid Afremov made using a palette knife only.

You can view and purchase this painting here -…

Use 15% discount coupon - GeraSU15

You can learn more about the artist here…
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Amazing! I love this <3
joannex's avatar
This is beautiful and spot on!!
xxswanfeather's avatar
this is incredible
im in love <3
afternoonglow's avatar
I love what you do with colours..
hiei9934's avatar
Awesome job!! Happy Thanksgiving!! :D
Sandmn's avatar
beautiful, all off the strong elements keep the eyes to the front, with the eye moving across the canvas and not into it. In a sense this supports the feeling of depth but there is also something to be desired in guiding the eye to those lovely guestural buildings in the back. You attacked it with the building sign on the right, maybe if it faded the red sign just as you have the building?

But that is just a little point, this is a great thing and another nice addition to your wide collection of work!
Eliza-Aacher's avatar
So beautiful- I love how you use colours.
monterrey0love's avatar
I really like the white-neutral buildings in the background, and then the red up front. I really like your style and how you use so many different colors to make a beautiful painting! :D
DDRmichiru's avatar
I really like this style. :D
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I like this one. The reds and yellows don't feel like an overdose, and the technique feels right for rain.
xXEvenfall's avatar
i had a very simillar painting hung in my previous living room, i'm not sure if you used that same picture as an inspiration or a refrence but this made me feel very nostalgic, thank you (:
(excuse me for any spelling or grammer mistakes)
missuzumakimaria's avatar
its very nice the way you used the colours of reflection makes me imagine a rainbow
oriontrail's avatar
Wonderful painting!
xBasherx's avatar
your style of painting is so nice! Love the texture it gives off.
I don't know art but I know what I like. This is beautiful.
R-chan's avatar
I like how you handled the water on the ground. It really does look like a rainy day. Reminds me of the Impressionists. The colors are rather bright for a rainy day, but it still looks nice.
JinzinDoodles's avatar
!!.. i saw this painting in a therapists office once !!! very nice paiting =)
gorgeous! i love it. the colors, and the reflection.. amazing. i wish i could paint like that!
Rainbow-Jackal's avatar
The blending of the colors is beautiful!
An amazing piece, did you use a knife to paint the texture like that?
noisyarcades's avatar
the colors are stunning! the texture is beautiful as well.
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