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Loneliness of Autumn by Leonid Afremov

This is an oil painting on canvas by Leonid Afremov made using a palette knife only.

You can view and purchase this painting here -…

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You can learn more about the artist here…
Image details
Image size
2462x3269px 2.07 MB
Shutter Speed
1/500 second
Focal Length
100 mm
ISO Speed
Date Taken
Nov 28, 2006, 1:21:43 AM
EF100mm f/2.8 Macro USM
Sensor Size
© 2007 - 2022 Leonidafremov
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Wow the colors are lovely😎

The-Bryce-Is-Right's avatar
I just discovered your work and I love how it's done with a palette knife! That's such a unique and creative way to paint that I wouldn't have thought of before. The colors in your work are so energetic and fill me with joy. Keep up the good work!
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This hits home to me.
PenciltipWorkshop's avatar
I love the colors. It looks gorgeous.
CottonCandyDraws's avatar
Beautiful. The atmosphere and colors are amazingly striking, really getting the theme of the painting across. You can really feel the emotion in this piece, it's beautiful. I don't have anything negative to say about this piece, it's amazing in every way.
Senshi-of-Nur's avatar
wow so much atmosphere and feelings :o
moonshine928's avatar
That's a pretty good name for this piece!
LionheartedPhoenix's avatar
The colours are really catching!!
This is one my favorite works of yours! Your colorful, vivid style inspires me to get back into oil painting, I just love this so much!
EMVDS's avatar
Amazing piece of art! Love it :)
CherryBowser's avatar
You got unique style. Those steerts are making me to look regular cityscape with diffrend eyes. And I could comment this to almost every of your works.
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Wow! This is completely magnificent! I love it!
Masumamirza's avatar
Wow! Amazing I loved this painting....I got nothing to say you just left me speechless
Piper007's avatar
This is so pretty!! :O
Kinan's avatar
I love how you retained your bright, colourful style in this picture, but also took your time to really get the details of the bench right without resorting to large strokes. Just like a couple of other paintings you've uploaded recently. Attention to detail as well as the brightness that I love so much about your work.
jessicao2003's avatar
I like the bright colors and the lights reflected by rain on the ground. Your art has a good taste
SweetOctopiewriter's avatar
I don't which one you check more, so you'll see this in your profile and in your personal messages.

I came across this here:…. There was no credible source, but luckily, I was able to recognize the style. I informed the person who posted this that there was no credible source. Not only did they refuse to source it, but they were pretty rude about it:

Mepost/46222031191 original source is from leonidafremov(.)deviantart(.)com/art/THE-LONELINESS-OF-AUTUMN-69753010
Her: and ?
Me: Not putting up the original source would constitute as art theft as it is giving no credible source to the original artist...
Her: I just reblogg it, come on! I know he’s an a incredible artist, and if somebody want to know, going to ask who is the artist. 

some people just reblogg to have more pictures in they’re blog, and some people like me reblogg it because is amazing! so, thanks for your opinion.

Me I thought you posted it, lol... (And that's not the definition of an opinion...) ((at this point, I'm starting to get passive-aggressive))
Hercome on! stfu just do something more interesting in your life, i really don’t care what you think, i didn’t stolen or what ever you want to say, because i even know draw lol, so, i just shared, because for me was intersting and amazing! 
Me: Actually, reposting someone's art work and not giving them credible source is pretty much art theft. It literally takes less than a minute to source someone's art. It's not that hard. Jesus, you act like I shot your dog in the face.……


StonehouseArt's avatar
I love your work!

Mr. Afremov, your paintings are absolutely remarkable.  I admire your use of bright colors and unusual shapes.  I could not afford it, but would love to have one of your stunning paintings on my living room wall.  Thank you for your unique and inspiring  talent!
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Incredibly original. I love how the light is reflected on the street, and the style of the trees is amazing. And the colors are spectacular. Probably one of the most mesmerizing paintings I've seen.
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