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Emotions by Leonid Afremov

This is an oil painting on canvas by Leonid Afremov made using a palette knife only.

You can view and purchase this painting here -…

Use 15% discount coupon - GeraSU15

You can learn more about the artist here…

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Cartoon16fan's avatar
this is the type of art what should be on DA s front page not crappy memes fetish art or screenshots

you have so much talent and to be honest your gift is wasted on this site you should have these put in a art gallery of something as your work deserves to be more reconized to the public
jupiterlight28's avatar
This one feels like it has more detail, the smoothness on the bench gives it more of a stronger presence in this painting which is a good thing.
thsuguiri's avatar
woooooo encanta se ve tan vivo!!
I love the warmth in this picture. :)
kalandrakas's avatar
When I'm alone, I'll be there in your painting.Can you paint me there? Please....
kalandrakas's avatar
When I'm alone, I'll be there in your painting.Can you paint me there? Please....
artistamroashry's avatar
Wow. Amazing colors and lights effect
arkthespriteman's avatar
Man, I want to just fav. them all..... these are sick...
Reliquo's avatar
I love how this painting represents an area of security and warmth. There's something quite comforting in that. I don't often see Oil Paintings on DA and to be honest, I only found this painting by finding another one of yours on the most popular front page but looking at this and your gallery makes me question why I haven't appreciated this genre more! Beautiful. :)
Dragonfly22's avatar
Love it! So warm and mystic!
DopeHat6's avatar
The colours are incredible. So beautiful.
Stella-di-A's avatar
Great, I'm just marveled.
MsCrys's avatar
Your work amazes me. And yay for bench pics!
seekingmysoul's avatar
The feeling of light is amazing you must truly love what you do because it shows :)
FFgirl7's avatar
This painting stirs up old memories for me from when I was little. I remember watching my uncle sit on a bench in central park at night, from the window of his and my Great-Grandmothers New York apartment window(I think it was the third floor?). Its a sad, sweet memory but this reminds me of that moment years ago. Its very nice and nostalgic. :)
Setomi's avatar
For some reason, well...I can't explain, but this piece looks really different from the other pieces (although still maintains your characteristic painting style). This one really stands out! Amazing!
The-Raven-Hunter's avatar
It's too bad lol :) a print of this would be awfully nice. I like the direction you've gone with this... it has a slightly more whimsical and mystical feel to it.
CinnamonAndSpite's avatar
Agreed with everyone else. The use of light is really really impressive, along with the use of color it brings a real sense of ambiance and glow. I also was caught by the smooth lines of the bench, which is not a harsh contrast, but adds to the flow of teh piece.
renanfelipe's avatar
Amazing light effects!
ElenoiR's avatar
I have to admit I usually skip through your new stuff pretty quickly, but this painting caught my eye...and I really like it =). It has a warm, comforting feeling to it.
agdfantasylover's avatar
so warm and luminous
Artoveli's avatar
really nice light quality here.
johanram's avatar
beautiful painting!
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