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final version is here [link]
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aswome! how to make your own theme????
hi leonex, i have two suggestions: there is a blank on the right of time on the taskbar, it's a little wide. after i change the font and font size in the display control panel, the close button and minimize, maximize botton disappeared.
and i found the same two pixels like what yboris said.
thanks again for your theme. i like the shiny ball for the start button.
very like this vs. thanks.
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i just noticed the min full and maximize button roll overs are off centered to where the images are.
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great work, yours is THE ONLY ONE that is accurate and without errors. if i could be negative for a second, i dislike the start button. maybe make it something other than the chrome ball? maybe the new tab + thing? or the star?
thanks i will try to make some changes in the next one

but anything else you would suggest to see in the new one?

because in make a new version of this i need to make some substantial changes
so i need more feedback.
thanks again
I would like the option to change colors. Maybe a dark grey / black / red

that would be very cool. Not sure how hard that is.
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well we could work on it together. you can send it to me, ill test, and give very detailed info and suggestions. i have alot of experience with themes and interfaces.
i like this idea

if you want to give it a start first you are welcome
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really like the window! but not the start menu, really good all round though
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Make plz for tahoma standart size
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Good theme, original :)
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It's beautiful - I LOVE IT - it's better than the other Chrome Visual Styles on DeviantArt - I checked! :)

If you can - could you change it so that when a window is MAXIMIZED - it doesn't have any black lines on top? Currently you have 2 pixel black border when you maximize :(
Can you tell me the name of those icons?
leopard icons
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