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Just wanted to wish everyone a happy new year! Let's make it great!

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Hey Devious peeps,

It's been a while since I posted anything on here or logged on to this account. So, I'm just now seeing the birthday wishes on here! Thanks everyone, I really appreciate it, much love to you all~<3

I just wana greet the new watchers, and that your favs & watch are very much appreciated and make me happy to know you like my work. Thank you so much everyone, new and old watchers~! :heart:

a.k.a LeoNeal-CP
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I know it's been a while since I've updated on here, I've been busy with commissions, which I'm happy to have since I was unsuccessful of getting a job so far. But I do have personal stuff lined up, lots of sketches that need coloring. So my question is, would like to see these sketches? or just wait until I've completed more of my own work?

Hope all are well,
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I wanted to thank everyone for following me over to this new account. But I would also like to inform all of you that this account is only a personal account and I will be keeping the other one as well for commissions and fanart. ;)

Thanx again,

- L.3.O.