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I wanted to share by heart this friendly picture in this special day, just to wish all my best to this epic man for his birthday! 
When I say 'Epic Man', I am not saying it only because he is such a talented artist and he's a very high inspiration for a lot of artists and cosplayers (I'm the first one to say that :D) but MAINLY because I had the luck to meet him in real and to see that I find a REAL and true partner in Crime and a FRIEND in real life! As I already said, the true value of a man is made by his heart and he has a lot! 
Sometimes words are not enough and they may sound 'the same' each time, that's why  I believe so much in the power of the photography, especially in this one that I love so much as best souvenir of Gamescom.
Let's wish him A HAPPY BIRTHDAY ALL TOGETHER for his level up!!! :) 

True Partners in Crime - Assassin's Creed Cosplay by LeonChiroCosplayArt
Happy Birthday Rick, don't NEVER change! 
With Respect and Friendship! :) 

-Leon Chiro 

Credits : 
Edward Kenway  :iconleonchirocosplayart:
Arno Dorian        :iconrbf-productions-nl:

Photographer - Stéphane You Photography

- Check out his brand new page on Facebook, dedicated to his ART :… -

MAINLY I am here for 2 Reasons! :)

REASON No.1 - To say that I LOVE YOU ALL!!! :) 
I always read ALL the comments but I really never have time to reply because I'm not that active on DeviantArt (as I am on my Facebook Page :
I want to apologize to you for having been absent the last period, sorry if I never reply to your comments, I will try to 'improve' this part and to find more time to reply to your lovely comments!!! 

REASON No. 2 - I have the big pleasure and honor to announce that I have been invited to Gamescom in Köln (Germany) from 13th to 17th August, so you can find me THERE! :) If you want to meet me, take a picture together(maybe a crazy selfie :D) or I don't know, an autograph or just to say hello, you can find me everyday to the stand 'Cool2U' in Gamescom (you should also take a souvenir, they have EPIC stuff to sell). Don't be shy, feel free to come and say hello because I can't wait to meet you ALL! :)
I will take my Edward Kenway (Assassin's Creed IV), Prince of Persia and maybe Steve Fox Cosplay with me, just to let you know how you can find me so you have no excuses!!! :D

Oh almost forgot, my girlfriend Jessica Misshatred will be by myside as well, so you can meet her too!
What are you waiting for?

Leon Chiro Cosplay Art Announce to Gamescom 2014 by LeonChiroCosplayArt

Thank you so much for your attention, I will do my best to be more 'active' on DeviantArt. 
I want to remember to you that if you need some help or advices on your cosplays, if you need an INTERVIEW or if you want to contact me and be sure I will reply at 100%, don't hesitate to write me a NOTE or to write me on my FACEBOOK PAGE 'Leon Chiro Cosplay Art' here : .  

Love you all my friends! 
- Leon Chiro 

THIS IS IT!!! My live performance from Lucca Comics & Games 2013, one of the most important and biggest convention in Europe with my Edward Kenway - Assassin's Creed IV Black Flag Cosplay. :) 
If you haven't seen this video yet, this is the RIGHT moment to do it! :) 

I also added the ENGLISH SUBTITLES on the video, in this way you can activate them from the 'cc' options on the border of the video! 

Winner of the contest with 2 prizes : 
-Special Award Assassin's Creed
-Special Award Flash Gordon (from the special mention of the jury)

I wrote my special thanks to the end of the video! 
Enjoy the perfomance and share! ♥ 

Thanks a lot! 
Here is the LINK again -…

Enjoy, Let me know what you think about it and if you like it, share it with your friends!  
In the meanwhile I did 97% of the full trophy list on PS3 in ACIV Black Flag!
Cheers for the pirates and hugs! 

Complete translation of the speech - 

'' We are ASSASSINS.
We work in the dark, to serve the light.

An ASSASSIN doesn't receive orders.
He fights to KILL and he kills to LIVE.

Let's bring high our honor in name of the BLACK FLAG.

Goodevening everybody! How are you? 
What do you think about my last cosplays? Jann Lee, Riku and Edward Kenway? :) 
I am proud and happy to say to all you to BE READY... because the SAIYAN M****R F****N' PRINCE is COMING SOON!!! :) Hell Yeah, VEGETA IS READY!!! OVER 9000!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I wanted to write this post to thank you again for all the support especially for having reached quite 10K fans on Facebook and more than 50.000 views on DeviantArt. 
Those are huge satisfactions for my artistic and human side, and that's all because of you! :) There's nothing better than reading your comments! Sorry if I don't reply to them, but I PROMISE I WILL START FROM TONIGHT! :) There are so many of them and they fill me of happiness and proud. 

You can also contact me and keep in touch with me on my COSPLAY PAGE on Facebook HERE ----->

Keep in touch and stay tuned for the best news coming soon! :) (Smile) 
Hugs and FOMENTO!!! <3 

Love u all <3
Hey there!!! It's Leon here and I wanted to thank you first of ALL for all the love and support you gave to me on DeviantArt since I've subscrived. 
I always read your comments and messages and I wanted to say 'sorry' for the fact that I rarely or never replied! 

I will, one by one!!! :) I Promise! 
In the meanwhile I wanted to say to you that I'm not that often on DeviantArt so you can contact me and keep in touch with me on my COSPLAY PAGE on Facebook HERE ----->… 

Keep in touch and stay tuned for the best news coming soon! :) 
Hugs and FOMENTO!!! <3 
Thank you so much for every single word you use to comment my Pictures on DeviantArt.
It's only one month of DA and I had so many satisfactions from it and from you all :)
I love you all and thank you so much for everything! :)

Don't forget to vote me on Otaku House to this link ----->…

To vote - You have to click the LIKE button near the 430 number. :) If you vote correctly, the red number of total votes should increase! :) Thanks again! :)
Hey there!!! :)) Finally!!! And I say... FINALLY I'm on DeviantArt :D
It's a lot of time I wanted to subscrive here but I never had time to do that! And so here I am...! :)  
Follow me to my Facebook page

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I will update my Profile these days, hope to have a lot of followers - DeviantArt is so cool! :)