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Leon Chiro and Dustin Clare - Gannicus Cosplay

' There's only one way to become champion. Never fucking lose. ' (Gannicus)

I had the honor to meet the reason I did my tribute Cosplay to Gannicus and my idol, Dustin Clare. 
I don't have that much words to describe the feelings I had, it was an explosion of strong emotions that I will always have in my heart. Spartacus changed my life, and he did a very big part of it. Such an amazing person, humble, gentle and smiling - especially when I told him how much meant 'Gannicus' for me. He smiled happy to me and he felt how much respect, heart and emotions I put in my Cosplay Art. Even crying is not enough because my happiness is really too big now.

Thank you Dustin Clare for having changed my life.

Thanks again by heart to People Convention staff, especially to Vanessa Dhondt Renaux and Brice Reggiori for everything. Thanks to my best friend Philippe for managing and for having made this event so epic for a such a BIG Spartacus fan like me. 

#Gannicus #Spartacus #DustinClare #PeopleCon #Paris
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D: Gannicus!!!

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That's so great!
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This is amazing! What a fabulous opportunity!
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That's awesome!