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Gladiator Draven LOL - COSPLAY Art by Leon Chiro

Draven - League of Legends 
"This is where Draven shines!!!"

Ph - ReflexStudio 
Editing - Sebastian Lanzara
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2048x3072px 4.84 MB
Canon EOS 7D
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1/125 second
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82 mm
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Mar 15, 2015, 1:59:53 PM
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© 2015 - 2021 LeonChiroCosplayArt
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When I think of gladiators and warriors, I think of people who straight up look impossible to conquer due to their size, their presence, and if it applies, their armour.


While I certainly think that the armour was intended to be more flashy than fearsome (save for the shoulder spikes I guess), there’s no doubt in my mind that with the way you enter; through flames with a fierce snarl on your face, glowing amber eyes and taking the frame front and centre, and also the fact that your physique for the role is beyond impressive, you not only act the part, you ARE the part.


Despite my thoughts on the armour, your replication of it is simply sublime, and represents a realism that I love seeing in costumes. The various scars and tattoo marks across your body are very intricate, and add even more to your sheer presence in this photo. Hell, I really reckon, if you haven’t done so already, that you could NAIL the character Kratos from the God of War games, with his intricate marks, bleach-white skin and dead-set furious attitude.


For attention to detail and the way you simply OWN this character, I’ve got to add this to my “Honorary Class” collection, whatever that means to you. There’s no doubt that while Reflex’s photo and Sebastian’s editing have really come through, it’s your costume of Draven that deserves all the props. Keep up the amazing work! :clap:

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awesome! ^-^
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Simply incredible... 

Kurojigen is doing a set of amazing cosplays from LOL and we are here asking for your permission to use this picture in our article. We will give all credits to the ones who made it possible

thank you 

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It would be a pleasure! Remember to credit also my Facebook Cosplay Art Page :) Then send me the final link please! 
Thank you for the message! 
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Hello Leon

buon pomeriggio :D

We are posting your cosplay review today around 8PM MST to our different social networks.. I can't thank you enough for letting us post your work in our pages, most of the time cosplayers as your self don't even reply to a simple msg and you more than responding to our msg, authorize us to post your work.

This are the web pages…
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._. TOO CUTE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
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WOW that is impressive it really look so real so impressed.
It really look like draven!
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I now ship draven and jynx thanks to you and Jessica XD
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wow nice, draven is the boss!!
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Perfect Draven! :) Great job! :D
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Its not Draven.
Its Draaaaaaaaaven. :poro: 
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