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Dante - Devil May Cry 3 Cosplay Art by Leon Chiro

Dante - Devil May Cry 3
''Sorry, not open for business yet.'' 

I saw we're getting very close to 50K on my Cosplay Art page and so I'm preparing a Special GiveAway for this occasion and I will make sure it will be also something personal. 
I also wanted to say that for this special occasion, I will restore and fully update my online store with a lot of NEW PRINTS and special prizes! 
What do you think about it, do you like the idea? What would you like to see as Special Giveaway?:)
Leave a Comment and let me know your ideas!!!  

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Thank you again for all your support, you're golden. <3

Your Dante 
-Leon Chiro

Ph - Abichu Productions (Go and follow him on Facebook, he deserves a lot…;!)
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I can't tell, is this a Photograph or an In-Game artwork?
SoraGotDidByThatRiku's avatar
This drawing is one of the best of extremely realistically drawn things ever. I couldn't tell if this was an actual cosplay photo or art until I stared closely! Great job and fantastic work!
LenaKemp's avatar
i can hear the intro music now... man, this looks so real :love: 
NewMoonCat's avatar
Oh wow.
That a good Picture!
Gioteya's avatar
Wow. Super nice picture. Dante rules. Congratulations. :)
Angel8Bits's avatar
Yeeeeah!!!!Great pic!!!and best cosplayer!
CicisArtandStuff's avatar
Ok… hands down best best best
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jamborri's avatar
This is very well done, like most of your work. I really think you captured the overall atmosphere of the game
Tenraii's avatar
best Dante -applause--
YukiOkamiFrench's avatar
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jpopfan's avatar
What can I say...I Want a Giant Poster of This...Its like omg Dante´s real¡¡ and this could be the promo shot of the Live Action movie.  

Love your body language and how you channel this character. Also Abichu`s lighting and adaptation of the color hues is Amazing¡¡ 
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cool the atmosphere and your so good danteDeviantArt :) (Smile) :D (Big Grin) Love I am a dummy! +fav deviantART 
JazzKitty122's avatar
You sir,are a god!!!!
StoryBreath's avatar
Looks fantastic. 
T-L-G-T-W's avatar
More like Devil's May make a new character design inferior to the first one but expect fans to hook onto it. Hah.
Chromattix's avatar
Dante's trademark "I'm too cool to sit normally" pose :toocool: Great photo and perspective :clap:
celes32's avatar
lol xD so true!
Brok3nD011's avatar
You are really talented- I love the expression in this. XD 
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