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Commander Shepard - Mass Effect 3 Cosplay Dragon A



Commander Shepard - Mass Effect 3 (Blood Dragon Armour)

Here's Commander Shepard and this is a special ANNOUNCEI want to make! 
This month's events will be : 
- Romics (IT) : 9-12 April 
- Pescara Comics (IT) : 17-19 April 
- Geequinox Spring 2015 (Halifax \ CANADA) : 25-26 April

I will dedicate more time to the next events during these days! Emoticon smile Stay tuned!!! 
Ph - Simone Tarca Photography

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This is really great. Colour-wise it's a very provocative photo, since it is quite saturated, but not saturated to the point of becoming almost nauseating. Finely balanced.

In terms of actual cosplay, it's nothing short of phenomenal. Kudos to everyone involved in the process of making this beautiful armor. Not highly accurate to the game, but that's not that big of a fault. In fact, it's deviations to the original outfit are really properly made!

The gun showing that beautiful logo is also mesmerizing. Highly detailed and REALLY menacing...

Overall, this is a heavy-hitter. The only thing I think would add a little more value is just a slight black border on the top right corner. Other than that, congratulations!!