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CHARGE!!! Ezio Auditore - Assassin's Creed 2 by LC

OVER 44K !!!!!!!! :D

My actual REACTION when I saw the 44K likes on my page Leon Chiro Cosplay Art !!! Ahahahahah yesss !

Thank you again for everything my friends, your support is always my strength!I am so hyped these days, especially because I will go in Canada (Halifax) this Thursday as guest for the Spring Geequinox !!!

My life is so happy right now!
And the BEST is yet to come.

Love and Hugs for you!
Your Ezio! :)
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In short; An amusing photo of a very good Assassin's Creed cosplay.
The cosplayer clearly exhibits an hilariously unfitting level of energy or excitement in relation to the situation, as shown in his pose and very clear facial expression.

In all likelihood, this photo would've been taken on a whim during a convention. (because what cosplayer would go out in full cosplay just to go on a kiddie ride on a normal day?) I can picture him and his friends passing the kid ride and being like "I know! Let's get a picture of me on that cow!".

The letdown to this image is the quality, if you look closely, it looks like they've tried to digitally sharpen the image, which in some cases, lowers the quality. I admit, the quality of the image itself isn't really the main focus here, as the cosplayer is definitely in enough focus to tell how good quality his costume is. It's possibly the highest quality Ezio Auditore I have seen, it's just a shame that the quality of the photo doesn't compliment that.

And off Ezio goes on his noble bovine steed!
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It's just for fun! :) If you want to see other professional pictures, my album is full of the photoshooting I did in Florence, Venice and Rome! :) 

Thanks again for taking some time to write the critique! 
Hugs :) 
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BORGIA BEWARE, CATTLE-sasin is coming for ya!
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Assassins creed  gif  ezio  Another day in Ezio's Fabulous Life
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Absolutely brilliant!
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hahahaha, love it!
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haha, someone must be having a good time
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LOL you're so cute in a cool way :XD: LOL hahahahahahahahahaha
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hahahahahaha u really have fun with this, did u? =D=D
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That´s outstanding! xD
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This. This is beautiful. It's everything one could hope for XD
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cool a laughing loud from the pic very goodRabbit hole +fav Heart I think I've fainted. Love La la la la Clap Headbang! rofl Ezio loved toy cow
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Ha ha ha ha! Awesome!
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Ezio Auditore grand assassin ride through the tuscan countryside on his noble sta-.......erm bovine? Thats a Lot of Boo's Danisnotonfire 12 
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... omg Leon... XDDDDDD
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OMG This is too funny XDPikachu-lol 
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Well deserved for this awesome funny idea! :D
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this is just epic XD congratz on the 44k
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