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Massive External Hemorrhage

Here is my Halloween piece for 2008. Gallytrot species is © :iconavyris:, as seen here [link] . She did such a great job with creating these things. Even the name is fun to say. =D
Stock background- [link]

Character description:

Name- Vaso
Sex- Male
Age- 20 years old
Species- Red Gallytrot
Breed- Akita

Markings are the same as a traditional red and white Japanese Akita, but black and gray instead.
Long sharp spike of bone formed by the dorsal spinous process of each thoracic vertebra.
Gold ring placed in the thin skin near the common calcaneal tendon (aka Achilles in humans) on the left leg. Vaso gets very snippy when anyone questions him about it, so no one knows how he got it or what kind of significance it holds for him.
Leader of a large harem of females and extremely aggressive in protecting his territory.
Has had many pups over the years, which tend to look like various Japanese breeds.

I guess in a way you could call this a weird sort of homage to my currant anatomy and physiology class. :XD: The name Vaso refers to blood vessels, which I thought was appropriate given the red Gallytrot’s awesome blood driven regeneration abilities. The ring is pretty random, but it has an interesting if not pointless story behind it-
I was in the anatomy lab a few weeks ago and we were dissecting muscles, joints and tendons on our preserved cats (no other way to study for a degree in veterinary technology, unfortunately). When we peeled back the skin from the leg I was fascinated by how thin the remaining tissue was in that hollow pit formed by the calcaneal/Achilles tendon. Somehow I got the idea that it looked like you could put a ring in there to get a leg piercing, which is not something I think I have ever seen done with a character before. It had to get used somewhere, so here it is. :lol:
I probably butchered a lot of the anatomy, but oh well it’s just for fun. Stupid vertebra are so hard to draw. :x
No idea what else I’m going to use him for. I might have to come up with some harem females and pups for him at some point if the right design ideas come to me. =)
Third thing so far in my gallery to get a mature rating for gore. Haha with my morbid mind there should have been a lot more by now. :lol:
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© 2008 - 2022 Leonca
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Hmm. You know that she didn't come up with the name Gallytrot by herself? It's one of the names of the Irish or Scottish "Black Dogs".
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Yes, I know. Is there something wrong with that? :hmm:
LadyBlacksword's avatar
No. But everyone seems to think she made up the name. I just find it odd.
Leonca's avatar
Oh. Well I do recall her talking about it before, even making a poll about the different names. She’s never claimed to have invented the name itself.
sukottoAran's avatar
AH! Piercing in leg rocks! as does everything else. :clap:
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Glad you like it. =)
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LOOOVE that, lack of head? What a great smile :D
Leonca's avatar
All the better to fight with, makes it rather difficult for an opponent to get a hold of a vital area. =D
Buuya's avatar
Granitoons's avatar
Cleverrr but helluva creepy!
Leonca's avatar
Avyris's avatar
He is full of so much win. XD Very cool character. Lots of love for my red gallytrots.
Leonca's avatar
Glad you like him. =D
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