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Dog Colors Guide- Black



Another nerdy personal project, but one I hope will help others as well. I have learned a lot about the genetic rules governing color and pattern in dogs, and this is a visual summery to help remind myself. More detailed explanations and photographs can be found in References. If you have suggestions for improvement or see any errors feel free to comment with them.

Written explanation of theoretical genetics to accompany visual examples [link]

Photo references
Dog Color Feature: Chocolate, Blue, Isabella, GrayThis is a supplement to my Theoretical Dog Genetics guide . I am using thumbnails from dA so that artists will get the credit that would be harder to give taking pictures from other online sources. The goal is to educate anyone who is curious, as well as to provide artists with references that will improve the realism of their work. I am still learning, and guessing the correct color can sometimes be difficult even with an ideal photo or the dog itself to examine. If you spot any mistakes let me know. If you see your picture here and don't want it to be let me know and I'll take it down. If you would like to contribute a picture for reference send me a link. Photographs need to be clear, in good lighting, and show enough of the dog to provide a good reference for markings. I will be going back and adding to this whenever I find new references. My personal goal is to improve the quality of my art and educate myself because I like to know more about the patients I me

Black (dominant black, chocolate, blue, Isabella, progressive graying)
Red (recessive red, deep red to silver)



Agouti (sable, grizzle, tan points, recessive black)

White spotting (Irish, piebald, extreme piebald, ticking, roaning, Dalmatian spots)

Addendum (husky pattern, grizzle/domino, white trim, Boxer white, split face, lozenge) [link]
Some possible color examples

Genotype: the genes an animal carries, including those not expressed.
Phenotype: the physical expression of the dominant and recessive interactions of genes.
Locus: a part on a strand of DNA where 2 alleles are held, though the possible available number may be higher.
Alleles: different genes on the same locus which allow for the expression of different traits.
A _ after a gene means that genes equal in dominance or recessive to the gene do not affect the phenotype. Example- B_ could be BB (black) or Bb (black carrying chocolate).

References: [link] [link] [link] [link]
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Oh my Gosh.... you helped me so much with this as i'm writing a book about a black crossbreed with blue eyes and I had no clue which breeds crossed for this beautiful dog :) Now I know he could propably be an
Aussie-Flat Coated retriever Mix :D
(Very Big (maybe Hovawart) very long, dark, black fur with a white spot on his breast and striking blue eyes :) )