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Sushi Demon and Wolf by Leonca Sushi Demon and Wolf :iconleonca:Leonca 3 0 Autumn Color Flow by Leonca Autumn Color Flow :iconleonca:Leonca 6 0 Striped Offence by Leonca Striped Offence :iconleonca:Leonca 2 4 North American Collection by Leonca North American Collection :iconleonca:Leonca 1 0 Raccoon Shark by Leonca Raccoon Shark :iconleonca:Leonca 3 0 Soul Fly Day by Leonca Soul Fly Day :iconleonca:Leonca 3 0 Skull Cradle by Leonca Skull Cradle :iconleonca:Leonca 1 0 Stack of Fangs by Leonca Stack of Fangs :iconleonca:Leonca 7 0 Big Carnivore, Little Omnivore by Leonca Big Carnivore, Little Omnivore :iconleonca:Leonca 6 2 RIP Rocket by Leonca RIP Rocket :iconleonca:Leonca 8 2
Charity for the Fearless
Taak Hade had a bronze plaque which bore his name in thin, elegant script. His miniscule desk overflowed with papers. His bed was made for children, and the wheelchair had to be left in the hallway due to lack of room for maneuvering. The converted storage room would have cramped all but the most desperate humans, but he found odd comfort between the narrow walls. Den-like, instinct told him.
The plaque, stored by necessity on the least urgent stack of inventory, was a constant temptation to daydreaming. The blue light of a small wizard’s candle danced across the shiny surface in lovely patterns. Soon it would have the space it deserved, displayed on a proper desk where customers could see it. Then, Taak thought, he could put humans in their place when they looked at him as if he were anything other than a person. You don’t give animals name tags and desks and the power to decide how much your great grand-aunt’s pearls are worth. Selgewig’s Antiques would be the
:iconleonca:Leonca 2 0
Yaq Makes a Deal with Chaos
Yaq Makes a Deal with the Embodiment of Chaos: A Desert Ghoul Folk-tale as Recorded from Oral Form by T. P. Hade of the Nonhuman Cultural Illumination Project
In this lifetime Yaq was born male. He imposed upon himself the life of a wanderer, mateless and responsible to no one but himself. He held no regard for territory and exploited the generosity of People who offered their dens to weary travelers.
One night he came upon an old male who had crawled under a thorn-bush to die. The old one’s age-spotted skin stretched tight across his bones. He stank of rot emitting from broken teeth and overgrown claws which curved until they bit into his flesh. Yaq was disgusted.
The old one used his last strength to lift his head. “How blessed I am that you have crossed my path,” he said. “I put my mate to rest some years ago. I would be honored to share your company until my spirit is ready to follow her into the next rebirth.”
Yaq would not come any closer, so unsettl
:iconleonca:Leonca 4 0
African Animal Families by Leonca African Animal Families :iconleonca:Leonca 2 0 Dexter by Leonca Dexter :iconleonca:Leonca 3 0 Snowflake Symmetry by Leonca Snowflake Symmetry :iconleonca:Leonca 4 2
She Desires Destruction
I am
freedom, because I did not know
the Hardbones Song
They look down on us
eat everybody and everything
I can do nothing about it
It makes me choke up
the 8:00 news narrated by an attractive young woman with long pale blond hair and rose colored lipstick
Elegant girl
Cold beauty
obsessed with power
She says that she wants the world to blow up, to be destroyed
expression flat and unchanging
Noble goal
The world is full of predators
to the manner born
Uncertainty hangs
the exclamation point of the bullet
She can make it all better
:iconleonca:Leonca 1 4

Random Favourites

Brute Reference Picture by FerianMoon Brute Reference Picture :iconferianmoon:FerianMoon 65 33 ear skull by arcaneserpent ear skull :iconarcaneserpent:arcaneserpent 5,026 1,001 I am Baboon by RoanSerpentia I am Baboon :iconroanserpentia:RoanSerpentia 21 5 Siberian Tiger (006) - midair fight by Sikaris Siberian Tiger (006) - midair fight :iconsikaris:Sikaris 170 54 March on Tiger by NabiKat March on Tiger :iconnabikat:NabiKat 33 6
Somewhere up in the velvet halls of Heaven
        Valhalla rivers of honey flowing up a jewel-encrusted throne
some tempered beast with thorns wrapped 'round his skull
the face of a hawk feet enclosed with wings arms like spider-legs
plucks ambrosia from a golden cup and swats at the flies and snakes that try to sneak a bite
the beast king Allah savior Zeus descends on a cloud a golden chariot and claps for Kokopelli running barefoot in the Garden
some strip of nothing stretching nowhere in the ether where ashes to ashes dust to dust maggots in the grave and all that
Icarus wheeling uselessly outside the window races with a whirlybird dragon all scales and teeth and paper skin
and some Siren calling up to him
her rock in the ocean in the shadow of Atlantis the Golden City a blemish on the turtle's back
        a bug-eyed raven pitches in to gobble up the golden fish
where high up in the clouds a bearded ma
:iconmyrhansen:MyrHansen 1 15
Right Hand - Reference by WindsweptSummer Right Hand - Reference :iconwindsweptsummer:WindsweptSummer 6,352 509 MALE TORSO - ANATOMY REFERENCE by GrinderBlind MALE TORSO - ANATOMY REFERENCE :icongrinderblind:GrinderBlind 6,211 901 Snow dance by woxys Snow dance :iconwoxys:woxys 1,227 114 Apparition by CristinaPenescu Apparition :iconcristinapenescu:CristinaPenescu 695 36 Ghost Dog by lightbulby Ghost Dog :iconlightbulby:lightbulby 445 68
Simplyprose: January's Submissions
January brings a new year and the promise of new beginnings. What is not new is the talented prose generated by writers in response to this month’s prompts.
Take a look and feel free to leave a comment for these hard working writers!
Most Creative Response
Word Association Prompt
‘Freedom’ by Amriah

This fantasy piece begins with a hook that sucks you right into the story. As it continues, you can see that Amriah has worked the words from the prompt into the story in a very interesting way that serves to give it a unique twist.
     "W-what are you?"
        "I am one of the first sea-dwellers brought to life by the Creator."
        "You mean God?"
        She grinned.  Her teeth looked like his only with one extra pair of canines. "What other Creator is there?"

Scenario Prompt
:iconsimplyprose:simplyprose 11 2
cautious Wolf3 by PictureByPali cautious Wolf3 :iconpicturebypali:PictureByPali 338 85 Same Apt Guest Comic by Leopreston Same Apt Guest Comic :iconleopreston:Leopreston 78 102 Anatolian Shepherd I by KonikPolski Anatolian Shepherd I :iconkonikpolski:KonikPolski 66 7

Random from Personal Favorites

Loki - Cupid
If the diner knew it was playing host to two gods, it might have spent more care in preparing our lunch.  Or perhaps not.  Only the Oracle knew the future and he had gone half-mad from it, finally holing himself up at the summit of K2 and refusing any visitors.  The popularity of climbing Mt. Everest had a sharp decline directly after, either from climbers wanting to visit the Oracle or because everyone realized that perhaps the Oracle knew something about Everest that we didn't.  Either way, I didn't know if the diner staff would care they were serving gods and I didn't know why my fellow Watchdog looked like he'd been chewing on broken glass all morning.  He glared at his sandwich like it had personally offended him.  Perhaps it had.  Tomatoes were hard to come by and it could very well be our fault.
"So," I ventured tentatively, "How did it go?"
"I threw him into a car."
Tim started eating after that.  I
:iconfainting-goat:fainting-goat 242 112
Dangerous Fur by Vulkanette Dangerous Fur :iconvulkanette:Vulkanette 335 155 Skylar by RedWolfmoon Skylar :iconredwolfmoon:RedWolfmoon 33 19 Ratha and the Threehorn by deathmango Ratha and the Threehorn :icondeathmango:deathmango 323 48 The Wrong Body by olvice The Wrong Body :iconolvice:olvice 102 13 My favorite Minuet pic by Ripplin My favorite Minuet pic :iconripplin:Ripplin 11 10 Serengeti by A-shanti Serengeti :icona-shanti:A-shanti 261 51
Neverending - 1
The door opened upon a large, domed room. Black wooded doors, like the one we had just come through, lined the entire perimeter. There were some large rocks jutting from the unfinished floor. That was it. A circular room, filled with rocks, surrounded by doors.
"Oh nice." Weeko sighed with annoyance, "Wanna split up again?"
"Well, let's try the next door and put a mark by it so Sully and Snitley will know where we went if they find this room."
"Good idea. You been reading Nancy Drew or something?"
"No... why can't I just have good ideas on my own?"
Weeko pushed past me and entered the room, then turned and grinned, "Because your good ideas usually end up with us lost in places like this."
"Well I like it. This is fun." Ossifrage squeezed through the doorway, then studied the domed ceiling above us, "You girls see the pictures up there?"
I squinted at the ceiling high above us. It was mostly made of what appeared to be gold, with dark red and black murals lining the edges. The murals se
:iconsaritawolff:SaritaWolff 2 8
Razor Blade by comixmill Razor Blade :iconcomixmill:comixmill 2,050 386 Baltard Feline Show 2011 - X by darkcalypso Baltard Feline Show 2011 - X :icondarkcalypso:darkcalypso 4,428 375 The colour of Magic by MarcSimonetti The colour of Magic :iconmarcsimonetti:MarcSimonetti 3,358 252 Request: Bear by MadMayblossom Request: Bear :iconmadmayblossom:MadMayblossom 70 16 Dark Knight Sandwich by Harseik Dark Knight Sandwich :iconharseik:Harseik 4,247 471
The Bad Springer
The Bad Springer
My species is probably best known for being very orderly. Springers, in general, follow rules very well and are somewhat OCD. Most of our professions generally end up falling under soldier, lawmen, or something similar. The origin planet for Springers, Secco, isn't exactly the friendliest place in the world, what with the Morlichs and the twenty foot sandwurms. So with that, Springers are a tough, quick, and moralistic species in the universe.  
I guess that makes me the worst Springer in existence.   
To be honest, most of it can be chalked up to the fact that I wasn't even born on Secco. I was born on Zarok, a moon base far from the galaxy Secco rested in. Originally it had no atmosphere, but twenty years of complex machines pouring steam and oxygen into the atmosphere had made it livable.   
Then one hundred years of peace made it a tourist hotspot.   
A sudden thirty yea
:iconred-savage:Red-Savage 12 33
Asylum - Ch. 1
I do not own any of the named characters present. They all belong to DC Comics. This was written purely for fun.
asylum: 1. a psychiatric hospital; 2. a shelter
Chapter One
   The ride to Arkham Asylum always felt surreal when he wasn't driving the Batmobile. Bruce Wayne came here enough as his vigilante secret identity, hauling the escaped convicts back through the revolving doors of the rehabilitation center/prison. Not many people made the drive, aside from cops and the occasional reporter for a story.
   This wasn't a business trip.
   The sleek Lamborghini rounded the final curve before slowing to a stop at the massive iron gates. Bruce leaned out of the window and pressed the intercom button on a small speaker next to the entrance. He waited, drumming his fingers on the steering wheel and allowing his eyes to roll
:icontrumpeteer34:Trumpeteer34 19 33
Such an intellectual cat by zumart Such an intellectual cat :iconzumart:zumart 5,075 589
Things that I especially like, whether it is because they are very well done or just because they make me laugh. =D

Who has the cooler weapon? 

17 deviants said Thor’s hammer, mighty Mjolnir
14 deviants said Maui’s hook formed from the jaw of a zombie ancestor


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Glad you enjoyed them. =)
Thu Nov 17, 2011, 8:39 PM
Whoahoho. Your fantasy stories remarkable! I suppose you had great imagination. ;)
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The Narrator Exposid (lol made it up) :strip: :strip:
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Bad Nar! I thought you were housebroken!
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Computer Question: Are My Colors Weird?

Journal Entry: Thu Aug 23, 2018, 5:47 PM
Just got a new computer (HP Envy) after my 10+ year old laptop died of old age. I haven’t much used any newer computers that whole time, so technological changes have left me feeling pretty overwhelmed. I thought the fingerprint ID sign in was still something in the realm of sci-fi movies. :XD:

Got a stylet pen for the first time (the touch screen is driving me nuts every time I try to brush dust off the thing). Never had exposure to tablets, so any advice would be welcome.

All my art seems off now color-wise. I fiddled with the calibration a bit, but I don’t want to change too much in case the new colors look better to everyone else. Best examples-

Brindle Siblings Litter by Leonca

I want these dog colors to be as natural as possible. Now the blacks look much darker, and everything seems a bit too yellow. “Father Dog” in particular feels like he should be a less saturated shade of tan. Since this is a newer computer does that mean the colors I thought looked proper were actually off?

  Blurstream by Leonca

The colors in photos and traditional art look better, but I remember being able to see more detail in this one. I’ve got screen brightness down to 89% since it’s hurting my eyes.


Also wondering what kind of desks or tables people are using for their art. I’m not sure what options there are in something lightweight that will help my posture and improve my upper back pain.


Recent Favorites Feature

NoiseThe sound of people
Good for some, but not for me
There is no peace here
I say “Woe is he
who disturbs me, I have fists”
Stubbornness prevails
Djra by kreatiiiieef His Name Changed Generations    The toddler's life held true in the midst of murder and destruction. His name was to pass down through many generations, and the story of how it was received was told over and over again, and will be told yet again. But on November 30, 1864, the little boy stood covered in old blood, hand in his mouth, silent and stunned. Everyone he'd known was dead. They surrounded him, all dead.
    It was the day after the Sand Creek Massacre, referred to by the man who caused it as "The Battle of Sand Creek." There was no battle. It had been a simple camp set up by Cheyenne and Arapaho Indians, right by Sand Creek in Indian Territory. It was set up as advised by the U.S. Army. The Indians in the camp also flew a white flag for safety, just as they were told. There were only old men, women and children in the camp, as warrior-age men were sent elsewhere. There was no battle.
    U.S. Calvary Commander John Chivington knew about the camp, there in Southeastern Color
Year of the Dog - Hokkaido by Kelgrid

Journal by ChibiMoonX
  • Reading: Snakes, by David Badger
  • Eating: Pain pills


by W-Lupus

OK, now that I have some time I’ll let you know what I thought with a proper critique. =) The spacing in the intro dream sequence seems ...

This is a very intriguing concept. The Spider takes from a single person to help many, but doesn’t even need to kill that person to do ...

I will try to offer critiques on a wide variety of things when I have time, but my main focus is likely to be prose.


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FallaSea by PookaDoodle FallaSea :iconpookadoodle:PookaDoodle 1,625 118 Raptor Moses by J-Juno Raptor Moses :iconj-juno:J-Juno 191 43


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