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The Well of Truths

With a raised eyebrow, James leaned forward.

"Tell me what happened to these people. Where did they go? And none of that cryptic shit -- I'm really in no mood."

After a hesitant pause, Dusk spoke in a low drawn out tone; the translator amazingly adapted.

"To know where they have gone, you must first know how they came, and how they lived." With a nod of her head, two of her companions left quietly, while the Golden One stayed. "My pod is gifted to include such a Historian among us. He is the oldest of us, and remembers tending this cavern when he was but a calf in his mother's wake. If you promise to listen well, Land-Walker, I will allow you to hear his story."

James blinked as the two passed the glimmering translator between them, and he wondered if he had heard Dusk correctly. As the larger dolphin fixed him with a weighted stare, James sat up straighter. He had so many questions, but he was afraid to break the silence between them. The Golden One appeared to be waiting for something, and after a moment, when the temple was still enough that James felt the full depth of the Golden One's stare, the dolphin began.

"You are the one who fell from the sky, are you not?"

"I am."

"You have come to the Well of Truths; what is it that you seek?"

Mother Ocean - Part One

The Historian deserved a proper painting...

Reference used: Dolphin Bathed In Light by =Della-Stock
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Cute! Nicely colored!
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wicked!!!..awsome job! :clap:
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I Love the colours and the details.
Great work! :meow: :heart: