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Absent Without Official Leave

Adobe Photoshop CS3
20 Hours
5 Pots of Coffee
1 Bag of Puffy Cheetos
Painting without restriction on my own vision = Priceless

Putting leopard-print on a fennec? What's so wrong with that? ;)
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Now it's a damn good thing she got out of this mess.

At least she'll be a tad calmer here?
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As the 200th member of #Animal-Illustration this image has been featured here --> [link] as part of our 500 Member Milestone celebration ;)
Keep up the lovely work!
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I cant zoom in far enough!
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ROFL I'm tempted to upload a full-size crop of the area for your viewing interest, but I think that would be better suited for my *ahem* other gallery.
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well, get to it.
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Oh wow, nice work. I was starting to wonder if your alive :O
What happened? - First, you are quiet, then you do this!

Your talent has been oppressed. NOW, you show more depth and passion than ever before.

This is amazing and also a beginning! Please favor me with more of this style. I will gladly commission anything that comes from your soul, like this.

Whatever was holding you back before, let go. What makes you feel like this, embrace. Move forward and do this again.

Just wonder full!!!
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Aww... This Fox wants to join her, especially after that story STILL being written of them both stranded on Aquas and spending time together. She looks good in that leopard-print top. The scenery is simply beautful and you captured the perfect sunset. This Fox is gonna join her! *does so, wearing some blue and green tropical swim trunks* :) :+fav:
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There's absolutely nothing wrong with that. Beautiful work! =)
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She's totally going to lose a stripe for this! LOL
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She deserves to have a little down time from fighting Andross and getting into agruments from Fox all the time right?
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She's adorable. :aww: And I would LOVE to be there right about now.
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