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Super Fatty

Made by scobionicle99
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Anyone wanna rp?

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What a pig! *puts a fake pig nose on her face*
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I would have drawn something around her belly button

Love it! Good thing Kara's a deep sleeper😄.

So do you do RPs? Just going by the comments below and was curious.

I'll do one with ya if you're interested

Sure, do you do notes?

Nah, i don't.

But here would be fine

Hum, will have to think it over.

i mean i'll do it in notes with you, if you really want but Notes isn't really my preferred place to RP, so i'll still do it even if you really want to do it notes.

Just I prefer the privacy and security with the notes as opposed to on page RPs. Just my comfort is all.


y'know Well, on second thought now that you put it like that, we can do it in notes then.

hey wanna role play this?

Are you still willing to roleplay this?

Ok. Send me a note.

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I'm open to it if you still want to

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Alright, send me a note!

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who is scobionicle99 ? 
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