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Aquaman finally coloured, in fairness I coloured it about 4 months ago, thought i'd lost it, and found it on a thumbdrive i thought was lost forever. I can do better on the colouring, I see this is a potential "coming back to improve this one day" piece

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Wonderful art work. I love your drawing. Aquaman is my favorite character. I love to draw him too.
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Amazing!! Awesome job!!
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Bats: I'm Batman
Supes: I'm
Ww: I'm Diana
Aquaman: I'M YOUR KING!!!!
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I think this is gorgeous, though!
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hey thank you so much :D:D:D
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Will you by any chance be making this a print to sell?
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I could if you want. But if you want i Could do you one better:P I work in a print shop, I could print it out for you, and send it off to you, no charge no worries:P on me. Send me a PM. cheers mate
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Outrageous! :D This is some DD material right here, and Aquaman being one of my faves makes it even better.
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Hey thanks man! I got into Aquaman when they did the whole DC 52 reboot or sorts. Before than never cared for him, but I've been enjoying the read
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I haven't read that series but I will try soon. I've been a fan of Aquaman since Super Friends, but his Brave and the Bold appearances are the best. This is my favorite ep [link]
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Great piece, man.

Really digging your work of late.

Impressive stuff.
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hey thanks alot man! its hard finding time lately, i work a fulltime job as a graphic designer and print operator. Went over to your gallery you got massive skills man, you shall do very well on battle artist and good luck I see you joined in the next battle, cheers man
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very dope. love all your composition. you got awesome vision.
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haha thanks man! this one took me way too long to colour. I dind't know what i wanted and i left it black for months, and decided finally alright alright i'll get it done haha
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Nice dude. It has a lot of energy in it.
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Nice! Were you able to achieve the effect you were lookin for?
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You you know what, its hard to tell here, i'll have to scan in the water ink version. But i went back over the lines in ink, and used a thin brush to watercolour the ink on to it. But its hard to tell in this image, because i blended it more so on photoshop.
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Yeah true, It would be cool to see the water inks :D
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yeah man, when i find it (i lost it) will do
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Whoaw, this look stunning!
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glad you think so! tried to make it as dynamic as i could. Maybe some day in the future, i'll add some randaom monster popping out from the right side haha
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