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Charlie Brown

Bigger and better version here: [link]

‎"Be a cartoon heart
Light a fire a fire a spark
Light a fire a flame in my heart"
- Charlie Brown, Coldplay

Original here: [link]

Thank you all for the favs and views!
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Gotta love them. 
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this is so magical and beautiful ;) I love Charlie Brown :)
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This is truly beautiful. 
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Thank you! =)
Don't forget to check the redux version:…
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I just recently discovered the song and coldplay in general and this picture perfectly depicts what I think of when I hear it!
Great job! :D
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Thank you very much!
If you really like it, don't miss the redux version:…
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I love the sunset background.;) (Wink) 


is that really sunrise or sunset?

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As I drew I pictured it as a sunset.
But's really up to you!
Which one do you like the most?
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This is fantastic, thank you!
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You're welcome.
Don't miss the redux version. It's bigger and better for printing. =)
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Thanks for letting me know.
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Something that I'll never forget
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How I love Charlie Brown and Snoopy
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Charlie is a good boy. =)
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Nice editing! Snoopy is the best...
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