Really hate to talk about this but....
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Published: November 11, 2019

However 20 years can and are both a brief and yet lengthy time. The memories of the bullying both withered and were forgotten. Time also attempts to erase the drive to remember the past as it was. Is it a crime to confront and have others learn the truth of others? Is it horrible to search for those things which hurt you and damaged you?

There is part of who I am that keeps and spread the knowledge and the dissemination of the bullying and the amount of it I put up with and I who am to restore the fruits of my labors to the entire world!"

It is something vital to us who were bullied and regards as puny creatures. The instant others stop bullying is the instant they realize what assholes they are and either change or worse they embrace it and keep going!

Don't be afraid of confronting those bullies! Humans who lose the capacity to think become better than their existence has virtually no value. Think, you out there who know what they did who are split into two worlds, unless you want the gap between bullies to expand into oblivion, you must THINK and change, apologize to those you wronged!

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That's deep bro.