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Trolls and Riddance by leon-mcnichols, literature


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My Bio
Husband,Father,Tech,Director of Torchwood Institue (Google Community) Beta Tester for a variety of Windows based programs. I read Manag, Watch Anime wth my kids, work in the yard from time to time. Bloggin and Podcast on things found interesting. I'm against cyberbullying, trolling, and other such asshattery. I don't like having my trust betrayed, have had that done one too many times. I consider myself trustworthy and reliable.

Favourite Visual Artist
Osuma Tetzuka, Arik Avilla
Favourite Movies
The Returner
Favourite TV Shows
Genshiken, Densha Otoku
Favourite Bands / Musical Artists
Favourite Books
The Good neighbors, fruits baskets
Favourite Writers
Edgar allen poe
Favourite Games
Unreal Series
Favourite Gaming Platform
Tools of the Trade
Wacom Tablet, Sketchpad and #2 and #7 Pencils
Other Interests
Gaming, Art, Fatherhood, being a good husband
I have returned. My father passed away as of 6/3/21 @ 6:45 EST . Alot of shit happened, and I can't really talk about it because it just mentally breaks me down every time. But I am back, thats it for now.
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However 20 years can and are both a brief and yet lengthy time. The memories of the bullying both withered and were forgotten. Time also attempts to erase the drive to remember the past as it was. Is it a crime to confront and have others learn the truth of others? Is it horrible to search for those things which hurt you and damaged you? There is part of who I am that keeps and spread the knowledge and the dissemination of the bullying and the amount of it I put up with and I who am to restore the fruits of my labors to the entire world!" It is something vital to us who were bullied and regards as puny creatures. The instant others stop bullying is the instant they realize what assholes they are and either change or worse they embrace it and keep going! Don't be afraid of confronting those bullies! Humans who lose the capacity to think become better than their existence has virtually no value. Think, you out there who know what they did who are split into two worlds, unless
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Heh, Well I will start off with I have my 2 week notice last week and will be going to a company where I may flourish with the tech knowledge I have and finally place it to use. I even get 1/2 an office space with Mileage and part of my mobile taken care of due to possible on site runs out from the office, and Fridays I get out at 2 pm ! YAY ME ! Also helped a a long time friend move to a new place after the place he was living at well, his landlord died above him. Pretty traumatic as it was, the landlord's daughter did state he could stay as long as needed, but he found a place at a decent price so we got him moved in within a week, My oldest finally got her art and craft setup at ToshoCon this weekend, and seemed to make out ok. Not great, but it was a good for a first run. Hopefully she'll kill it at Anime Banzai this Oct. I did get some more Hard drive space for the z400 and looks like I will be getting ab upgrade Video Card wise soon too for my birthday, a 970 GT to be
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Hey Leon, I'm reuniting the folks from C3F on discord.

Got a few of the old gang back, including Chim, Hawk, darky, Jeff and more... hoping to get enough people on there to encourage me to start a new community forum on my website... a new C3F.

Details are on my website: lynkformer.com/2019/03/24/the-…

~ Lynk Former of The Anime Crisis Center/The Bubblegum Crisis Center
I guess my question to ask is why would you want me there? Last I knew I was considered  pariah for some reason and was IP Banned from the forums years ago.
I personally had no problem with you.

But I did recall that you did put Bubblegum Crisis Online on a modding site without MadMax's permission and the entire team that was working on it was pretty pissed off about that. At the time I had no choice. I did have to ban your account for that reason, but I never IP banned you.

I've been contacting everyone from those days and inviting them back. I don't care if you were banned or not, anything that happened back then is ancient history and I do still consider you a part of C3F.
Hey leon I never thought to ask if your icon is your oc or if you have one even ^_^; Its been so long since I've haunted the net let alone the BF shutting down that my memory is is lacking at best.
heh, Nah, I've had several Leon McNicole Icons in the past I recently brought gore out of retirement as my AV from the Clanbob days. Don't let PhantomGrift know however all he'd do is try to break down as some type of mental disorder of a 51 yr man child living in a Fantasy world, or some such type of tripe.  ;) 

See, the best part is when I've got you so convinced of a conspiracy against you that you'll sound off about me even in cases where I'd literally forgotten you existed until you straight-up linked it elsewhere...

But yeah, sure dude. Tote's breaking down your psychological profile cuz reasons.