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Hey everyone!

I'm not sure who's still following me on this page. But for those who remain faithful, first off thank you. Secondly, yes, I'm still very much alive and well. I should be back in business in the next month or two, keeping my fingers crossed.

But in the meantime. I'm trying to help get my bro's podcast off the ground. A little something called "The PutzCast"

You enjoy listening to two nerds talk about video games and anime and such?

You enjoy hearing cracks at some of society's biggest zits such as Justin Bieber, SOPA, and PETA?

You wanna hear some "erotically" hilarious NSFW stories enjoying a Horse Helmet and Balsamic Vinaigrette?

You just wanna hear two dorky dudes speak their mind on the world?

Then why are you still here? Check out my brother, Nappa and his wisecracking compadre, Zombifaction for 16 episodes (not including specials) of everything nerd-based and a little more! Plus a second season coming soon

Also Includes:
*a special Interview with Reviewtopia's own Apollo Z. Hack
*A couple of Movie Reviews
*Let's Plays of Alien Hominid and Sunset Riders with more on the way!
*MLP and Batman and A Turtle screaming "DAMN!"
*PutzCast apparel
*And special live episodes every 10 episodes

These guys have great material for their episodes but not so great support. It would mean alot to them as well as me, if they could get some donations and if possible some publicity/promotions to help them get higher.

If you guys need support for a project, hit these guys up, they'll be happy to scratch your back if you're willing to scratch theirs.

Thanks again guys. Hit that link, give a good listen and enjoy yourselves
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Hey everybody.

I know i've been drifting around the site, but I haven't really posted anything since....i can't remember. Well, I'm now in the good ole US Navy for a little over 3 years (i'm shocked as to how fast the first year's going by). Here's some good news and bad news.

* Only about 3 years to go before I get out and return to college.
* Thanks to the Navy, I don't have to worry about having to fight the recession.
* I'm finally in Japan (wanted to go since i was 8) and Japan kicks ass.
* I have some drawing ideas going in my head that are ready to translate into pencil/paper

* My job is very demanding and can have long hours (especially when out at sea).
* Love Japan, but still miss home with a passion (especially my family and friends).
* Did have a girlfriend but broke up (long-distances relationships are a pain to keep).
* I'm feeling lonely again, really need a girl (really need love).
* Never been so sad or depressed. (had to spend christmas alone).
* Can't find a scanner to print pictures.

I'm gonna try to strain out some drawings to post on my page (including a few obligations I made before I left.) I don't know when I’ll have new material, I but I swear I'll get them up ASAP. Take care all.
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I apologize for falling behind on any and all deadlines I set up. You guys really are the best and I wish I could've been there to finish the requests I promised. Perhaps my time away will help me provide better outcomes. I can't give a tenative date as to when I can get these up, but I swear they'll be up ASAP.

Until then....

Sayanorja, God bless and Anchors Away!
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For those unaware (and I've should've said something earlier), since I've been in my own economic crap-hole (had to surrender 3/4 of my tax-return to take care a vicious overdraft dilemma), ever since I've "dropped out" of college (though I don't call it dropping out, I call it retreating, re-planning and regrouping). Because of this and being laid-off on X-mas eve (no other jobs taking me), the only alternative I could turn to was joining the US Navy. I report to Boot Camp on April 13th, exactaly one month from today. I myself am amazed that it's coming so fast.

That said I'm gonna try post as many pics as i can (including FAyt7's finished request). I'll let you know now. I will be completely absent from the computer for 9 weeks. When I do get out of boot camp, I'll be back to checking other's artwork, but I don't know when I'll be posting anymore work afterwards.

If you have any requests, I'll be taking them until the end of March.
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This Saturday is Valentine's Day. Time of love, togetherness, and spending time with that special someone in your life
BAH HUMBUG!!!!!!!!!

I'm really sorry to all who're looking forward to this day. But, this holiday is just some commercialized excuse for people to have sex. It's also the one day where my loneliness is at it's prime. It hurts to watch people fall in love while you get to watch in pain. It really hurts and makes me jealous. It's also the day where the final bit of Heroic Deception… happened. It's just an empty day filled with nothing but jealousy to me.

If you have plans for this weekend I hope you have the best and enjoy every minute of it.
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I feel like I'm ready to go. Only problem is I have maybe 2 more ideas, but that's just about it.

Therefore I think in order to start training myself, I'd like to start taking requests. Be it;

*A Kingdom Hearts Conversion
*A Crossover Face-off
*Self Portrait
*Cartoon Characters
*Anything at all (except Hentai)

I'll do my best i don't know when I'll get them up, but I will. I can't do this without the input of all of you. If you have an idea please leave me a comment or a private message and a good description of your request.

Remember, only YOU can help me get back on the ball XD
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Universal Pictures is currently producing the film Land of the Lost, based on the American television show from the 1970’s. Coincidently, my leader Dr. Steel has also made a song bearing not only the same title but the same idea.…

The Doc NEEDS his song on the films soundtrack. So he's asked the toy soldiers to go around and help promote his song with a chance that it might make it. And what better way to do so, than by sending a petition to Universal asking them to do so.…

I need at least 2000 signatures. More, much more will do so much better, and might even convince them. Please, I need your help and Dr. Steel needs your help. Also, Should you see this, Doc please help me promote my petition.

For the Utopian Playland!!
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I had a chance to try out Soul Calibur IV on my friend's 360. Here's what I gotta say.

[[Guest Characters]] Yoda; As most of you have already heard, Yoda is somewhat cheap. Due to his diminutive disposition, it's impossible to grab him or perform high moves. He may be strong with his high jumping advantage, but any long rangers (Sigefried, Nightmare, Seong Mi-na, etc.) can easily bring him down. The Apprentice; He's a Grade A cheapo bitch. The minute this sons of a bitches brings you to the ground, get comfy, because you'll be on the ground for the rest of the match. Force lightning, force grab, this guy's on roids. I hear that Darth Vader's the most balanced of the three, but I won't find out until Namco Bandai releases him as Downloadable Content for the 360.

[[Other Characters]] They're all (exception of the Manga Characters) the same as previous installments. Talim went back to her cheap-ass Soul Calibur II ways, Amy is what Raphael was in SCII, Hilde's sword and spear concept, while a tad complicated is very versatile (I like her b/c she's the first VG character to share my b-day of Aug. 13). There is no all-in-one character (Edgemaster, Charade, and Olcadan). The Guest Characters (or Manga Characters as I like to call them) are clones of certain original characters;
Angol Fear=Seon Mi-Na

* = Please, Don't ask me how to pronounce their names. I can't do it to save my own life.

[[Modes]] Story Mode is short and rushed (Same as Mummy 3). As far as the story goes, this is truly the final installment of Soul Calibur. Every Soul Calibur has a frustrating point that's so bad, it'll piss the calmest of people off, and Tower of Lost Souls is this installment's Frustrating point. Armor breaks are schmexy on the women (yes, i'm notorious for being a pervert. Anyone who truly calls himself a man, shall happily agree with me). And some of the Final Smashes...err...I mean, Critical Finishes (Shit! Final Smash=Brawl, Critical Finish=Soul Calibur IV) are hilarious, especially Cassandra and Algol. The Music is pretty good and some John Williams's scores from Star Wars (as well as 2 stages on a Star Destroyer with a view of a space dog-fight and the notorious Death Star) are a welcoming sight.

[[Character Creator]] This is by far my favorite mode in the game. Not only do you get to customize the character's costumes, weapons, and color schemes, you can also build your own character from the ground up by adjusting his physique the armory set-up and even the character's alignment (Good, Evil, or None). While this mode is quite the improvement of it's predecessor from Soul Calibur III, it's missing #3's original weapon sets (Iron Sword, Lance, Katana, Katana/Shuriken, Sickle, etc.) therefore your created characters are pallet swaps (clones) of any original character except Algol, Darth Vader, Yoda, and The Apprentice.

[[Overall]] The complaints might seem numerous, but don't let that steer you away. Soul Calibur IV is without doubt a game that is worth the $60 price tag (or $70-$75 if you wish to seek the Premium Addition). If you have a PS3 or a 360, pick this game up. If you don't have a PS3 or a 360 this is one of the biggest reasons to drop the Wii-mote (until good games decide to come out for it), pick up a PS3 or a 360 THEN pick up Soul Calibur IV. I need to get one myself.

On a Scale of 1 to 10;
Soul Calibur IV = 9.4/10
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Hey all. I apologize for my absence. I've got some serious shit on my table:

*My Job's being a bitch by trying to avoid giving me the full-time I desperately need.

*Because of weak-ass 4-6 hour part-time shifts, I'm behind on payments.

*I'm on the verge of being kicked out of my house (quite inevitable at that) with nowhere to go.

*The Game Maker program I wanted to use sucks. So, Smash Bros, vs Jump Superstars is on hold until I can find a competent program (hopefully Stencyl will have the Smash Bros Kit I need).

*Still a lonely single broken-hearted shit brick (not as important).

I'm still going do SSB vs JSS. Solid Tusk has been canceled, because my WoW character Tusk is based on was hacked and deleted in March. Everything else on the previous list will go on as planned. I just need to clear some of this crap up first.  Also, I must apologize to those who left your friend codes for Smash Bros. I will send you comments when I get you guys on my list. I hope everyone in the US had a happy 4th of July. All of y'all take care.
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Ok lemme begin by saying thanx for sending me to 600th pageview mile-stone. You know who you are, thanks all.

That aside, here's what I have planned.....

*Another Solid Tusk pic or two

*Two more FOX/Soul Calibur pics (like Nightmare Zoidberg)

*A group pic of the DHC and possibly UHU and BGC as well.

*Some Character designs for a character named Shirt-Ninja Argoti.

And the best for last.....
Thanks to the discovery of Game Maker 7.0 and a thought going through my head, I'm going to attempt the creation of my own Smash Bros-esque fighting game.

==Super Smash Bros. vs Jump Superstars==

This will be a fan game of course. However, due to the low quantity of good usable Nintendo sprites, the roster will only be 16 fighters (8 from both sides). The Smash Bros side will be accompanied by both (possibly all 3) 3rd party fighters. The roster is as follows....

==Smash Bros==
*Kirby (will have caps for all)
*Solid Snake
*Sonic the Hedgehog
*Samus Aran/3rd Party^

^= If Last 3rd party isn't announced, Samus will fill the spot.

*Monkey D. Luffy
*Naruto Uzumaki (Shippoden)
*Ichigo Kurosaki
*Kenshin Himura
*Don Patch
*Yusuke Yurimeshi
*Rukia Kuchki

I will also do a pic with all 16 characters and/or Kirby with all the caps. I really hope this comes through.

That's all I have for now. I know that with your support, I'll make it through. Wish me luck everyone and Merry Christmas/Happy Holidays
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Well what do u know? For the year I've been a part of this community. I've already achieved half a grand worth of pageviews. Thanx again to everyone, you guys are among  the best. I apologize for not posting much. Not only is it hard to come up with good ideas, college work kinda interferes as well. I'm trying my best to think of something. However, i have done some work. It happens to be my 1st AMV.…

A little Tribute to Smash Bros Brawl (Curse that 2/10/08 delay)

hope u enjoy. I'll try to get more drawings up soon.
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  • Playing: Bleach Wii & WoW, waiting on Smash Bros Brawl
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Even though I semi-knew this would happen, I'm still gleeful to know that Nintendo has confirmed that thier rival mascot, SEGA's Sonic the Hedgehog has finally merit an invitation to participate in Super Smash Bros. Brawl (took them long enough). If the images weren't good enough, the video of him mopping the floor with the likes of Mario, Link, DK and Bowser was impressive enough to tell me that Sonic's gonna fit right in. But what grinds my gears is that people beg to EGM to tell them that the Sonic/Tails Melee cheat wasn't an April Fool's joke, then five years later they get their wish as Sonic's now able to square-off with Mario and Solid Snake, only to have people beg Nintendo to void Sonic's invitation. BigNasty4life is right, these people are hard to please. I also agree with him that the recent Sonic games, regardless of camera funks and atrocious acting curtosey of the 4Kids crew, were highly enjoyable (even Shadow and Secret Rings). I've supported Sonic and always will. Sonic's apperance in Brawl will make Brawl much more enjoyable. To those who stand by my beliefs, I salute you. To those who loathe Sonic's prensence, stop your bitching. No one said you have to play as him (or use him as a punching bag). And as for those who begged for his appearance in Melee, but now detest it in Brawl, "You hypocritical bastards made this bed, now sleep in it!" That said, I can't wait to take Sonic against Bowser 1-on-1 on the Bridge of Eldin.
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I can't believe this. Not even around for a year yet and I've reached 400 views on the Leon-Fenrir page. This is the biggest progress I've made on any site. Thanks to everyone. A hand-shake to the guys and a hug to the the gals. I couldn't do this without you guys. Thank You very much.

Until next time....;)

Big Shoutouts to...
*cutexiaoyu (triggered the 400th view)

ps-if you like what you see here, and you want to go and add color to my pics, lemme know and I'll give ya the ok!
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It's the 13th of August again. Which means that today iz me birthday. Woo-hoo!!! (i guess). has it really been 2 decades? Damn! Well, what makes it all worthwhile are the family/friends who stuck with over the years. So a hand-shake to the guys, a hug to the gals and a kiss to the anonymus love of my life. All I rly want, is a nice b-day shoutout and a loving nuzzle n kiss from the woman who loves me the most (wish I knew who she is. I even wish it was someone I'm thinking of.) I nvr thought I'd get this mushy. Oh well, Thanx to you all.

Big Shoutouts to...
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As I said on my A-kon deviation, I had a BLAST at A-kon (Anime
Convention in Dallas, Texas) I wish was more than Just a weekend.
Well anyway, that saturday night (June 2nd), i was wondering around
the 1st floor minding my own business. I then decide to go spend 45
minutes at the hentai theatre (I'm a man that's what I do. SHOUTOUT
TO MY BROTHERS!!!! XD). As I go, this neko-girl blind sides me with
an uber-glomp. The Bowser (on my head at the time) catapults of my
head and latches on to a random Naruto cosplayer, like a face-
hugger from the Alien movies. This bloke runs around in circles like a
maniac screaming "CAT ORGY! CAT ORGY! GET IT OFF! GET IT
OFF!" and to top it all off, his Sasuke cosplayer  buddy was chasing
him and trying to beat off the bowser plush with a Yaoi noodle (a pool
noodle with "Yaoi Noodle" written on it.) It was really hilarious at
the time. When I got the plush back, Sasuke was still beating on
Naruto with the Noodle. Forgive the "believe it" bit. I'll punish myself for it later. Until Next time. ;)
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Well Sonic's appearance in Smash Bros Brawl may still be up in the air, but the next best thing just happened. Both Mario and Sonic are not only the mascots of next year's olmypics in Beijing, but both the plumber and the hedgehog we've all known and love for the past twenty some-odd years are appearing in a game side-by-side for the first time. I don't care if it is the official game of the olympics, it's freaking Mario and Sonic. Plus Luigi, Yoshi, Tails and Knuckles have been confirmed with more on the way (odds are probably Peach, Amy, Bowser, Eggman, the Wario Brothers, Shadow and Silver. Who knows?) What's even better, is perhaps the Sonic X voice actors will finally be replace (like they're suppose to) with the true actors. It's coming out for both the Wii and the DS, so I'll get the game wether it flops or soars. Here's hoping the first TRUE rivalry showdown is the pwng3.
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Well, I feel defeated, heartbroken, and miserable. The one i thought i'd love forever, is now finished with me. That's right, the love ballard of Richard Cox and Rei Wada is at it's end. That means my 15th failure at love. I promised Rei, i'd try to find someone else, I will try to find someone, but i can't and won't garuntee a success. I was damned with a law stating i can never love, but i'll fight it. This is gonna take some time to recover, so that means i won't be posting any work for a while. Not that any of you care. I haven't recieved any devi comments at all lately, and I've only had one devi that has been favored. I'm starting to think you guys don't care. That's ok, that just means I truly am alone. If you really care (except Rei, she's the only one who's come close to building a remote fanship with my work), then prove me wrong. I'm sorry guys, I shouldn't have said that. I'm really depressed, and I just don't wanna be alone.
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Greetings friends!

I just risen my artist-block pit. I've came up with an idea for my 1st offical series. It may not sound like much, but I feel like doing my own series of Crossover Fights. I just started on the first drawing off the series (who's facing off first shall remain hidden until posted), but I am asking requests for match ups. So if there are two characters (video game, anime, cartoon, etc) that you're just DYING to see square off, lemme know. If you request a character I've never heard, I'll ask for more information. Stay tuned to see who's facing off in the first Crossover Showdown.
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Hey All,

So sorry I haven't posted a drawing, and what not. For 1 thing, I'm having a hard time thinking of anything. 2nd of all, I'm also trying to recover from a broken tail bone I got while snowboarding in New Mexico, full details are available upon request. I'll try to get something up as soon as possible. I'm even up for taking requests, If you want me to try to do draw something, lemme know and I'll give it a shot.  
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This really sucks, people. I made several submissions on this site, and still NO comments on my work. What's the matter people, does my art suck that badly? Am I not fit enough to be here? This makes me sad and disappointed. But whatever.