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Current Residence: Alberta, Canada
Favourite genre of music: Most types
Favourite photographer: none
Favourite style of art: classic cel animation
MP3 player of choice: Winamp
Wallpaper of choice: anything video game related
Skin of choice: scaly and green
Favourite cartoon character: To many to mention
Personal Quote: Hexcellent!

Favourite Visual Artist
Shigeru Miyamoto, Fred Perry, Don Bluth
Favourite Movies
Comedies, Godzilla movies (except the american one)
Favourite Bands / Musical Artists
The OneUps
Favourite Writers
Scott Adams
Favourite Games
Super Mario 64, any F-Zero game
Favourite Gaming Platform
Nintendo & PC
Tools of the Trade
printer paper is cheap and reliable
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Heyas everyone! I know I don't update a whole lot in regards to journals and things but I feel I should be, and with the change happening this weekend I figured might as well make a journal out of it. So as some have noticed ( thank you all! ) I've been pretty dedicated in drawing / finishing AND posting art at lest once a week for the better part of year+, most of the time its my own sketches with an odd commission, and believe me that will NOT change as it has been a boon to my skill and my mental health doing it, as well its netting me some new peeps and artists to talk too. But what is happening this week is special... here in the great white north its FREE COMIC BOOK DAY! And well with me attending them for almost a decade and being a comic guy and even making a video game WITH comics as the main method of story delivery, I'll be taking the day off from posting my art ( might toss a past commission up there if I have time ) but yeah just and FYI for peeps! If
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Greetings everyone! So I know I'm horrible at this and keeping my art recent and all that but... with my change in attitude and recent other big life movements I've found that i need to... well be more proactive if I actually want to be what "I" would consider a "professional" at this. So to say a few things first, over the last few years I... well wasn't in the best of places (both mentally and physically), and along with it came much insecurities and and well personal issues.... and well it forced me to be upset with my work, my skills (or lack of them) and generally what I was doing and thus losing my confidence in my art not posting it
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Coming in 2k10!

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I know I haven't really done anything here since I got back, (actually a complete lie, been busy off my a$$ with school work that is somewhat related and will be posted on my new account) But still just want to say something so people think I haven't up and disappeared. Now as soon as I get off for the x-mass break things will happen! I know my word doesn't instill a lot of confidence, considering how I've been acting... So look for more activity staring Jan 1st 2k10, well give or take a day depending on how new years goes ;D Merry X-Mas people! ~< Leomane >~
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If you are the same person that played AudioSurf as Stiph Talter, then perhaps you happen to have something so rare that even I don't have the .mp3 anymore for whatever reason (the file really did completely disappear from my end, and I don't know of anyone else in the world that might have this particular song)... it's Top Gear 2 Nitro Thunder from VGMix, and I am the person that produced the music (I was known as Furby on VGMix).

I have completely forgotten what the song sounds like myself. That's how long it's been since I last listened to it...
Ehyup that's me and I think we resolved this years back XD
Hell i know I'm years late on this comment!
Well, I ultimately determined that wasn't me for some very strange reason (I determined that wasn't my style, and I even took a look at the MP3 file itself to debunk it), especially since I did not use LAME to make my MP3s, but iTunes. I remember from all those years back how I made my MP3s. As an added bonus, that MP3 file did not even make it into my G3 backup, so that was an instant red flag on my end. But yet I gave in to curiosity...

Considering how poor my recollection is (and the fact I discovered this via a website snapshot from 2006), it's quite understandable I may have misinterpreted this as a potential lost entry (and my apologies to the original artist, whoever that person is... I do know of a similar "Nitro Thunder" OCRemix entry out there, but I can't quite put the two together). Still... there may be lost material of mine out there... but I highly doubt it's from VGMix.
It's been 3 years now and there's 0% ACTIVITY!!!! HDR wasn't updated in two years!!! Did the Yautga get him? did he drown in a well? Did the f*cking Little Einsteins capture him and are currently using the dragon for experiments? (nice story plot. hmm...)

Well well well, isn't it your lucky day mate, looks like Im not "that" dead or experimented on or any of that, just revived I guess (and hey thanks thats not a bad story element..)
Smoke. I mean... work.
Greetings from Leduc fellow Albertan! :wave: (that is, if you ever see this)