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Update: I added a fading in the transfere from the white background back to the "close-up" scene, complete with no transparent pixels. :#1:

Edit: Forgott to say: I used a simpler and softer shading method this time, the advanced, metalic style I've used lately is getting boring. xP

What can I say, I just had to make one. :nod:

My :powersmooch: just wasn't satisfying enough, it didn't have the "global destruction" feel that all the other ones have. :shrug:

I hope something like this has been done before, cause I couldn't find one, so I didn't rip anyone off when I made it, I hope. :noes:

Huge explosion design insired by my old webcam. :w00t:

Hope you like it, cause I do. :lol: I'm happy with it. :P

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Blue just doesn't learn, does he?
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Me: This hand of friendship is burning pink. It's loud roar tells me to get this guy's attention! Vendus Gundam Fighter G (Emoticon GIF)  ERRRRUPTINNNNNNNNNG BUUUUURRRNNIINNG FIIIIIIIIIIINNNNNNNNNNNNNNNGGGGEEEEEERRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRR! FFUUrious  (Earth blows up to smithereens.)
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Why has nobody made a plz account of this yet T_T
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i wish i could do that to my school XD
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wow... falling green hand
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.........................:iconj0hn15: xD
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you're totally the green one.

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well obviously.
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