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This is for the PASS BERTIE RAYMONDO PROJECT --> [link]

I know, my entry sucks, but oh well, it's better than nothing. :P

I put so much work into this, it's not even funny. :| Took me hours to make the gun from all the angles, and with effects and without. -.- There's a total of 9 different angles the gun is seen in, and it makes for 18 total "guns" with and without effects. ._.;

If you have no idea what that thing is he's using, it's a Gravity Gun, something from Half-Life 2. I hope people who actually know what a Gravity Gun is can even see that it IS a Gravity Gun. I call it a Grabbity Gun. x3

Read up here if you want to know more about the "Gravity Gun" --> [link]

Emote (c) me, Grabbity Gun (c) VALVe! :lol:

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me like a gravity gun super mega good job!!!
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lol I could tell what it was before even opening the link and reading your description, I had to come over here and see if that was what it was meant to be ^^ for the record, I think it's awesome :meow: 
SonicTheHedgeTrimmer's avatar
Lol I think most DA users are too-well trained on plz accounts, now that theres an actual official system for them, not many seem to know how to use them XD

Also, nice Half Life 2 reference, never would have guessed seeing it as a smiley
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<font><font class="">:icongrabbity:</font></font>
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I tried.
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you will top this in popularity eventually...
chibi-snowball's avatar
NICE! AMAZING! love....
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Yeah, I've heard of that game... You open holes into the space-time continuim (sp?).

Hehe~ I was thinking of the Capture Gun from a little game called Elebits. It's kind of the same thing... ^^; You grab objects and throw them around.. Make a big mess out of things. :XD:
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lol, this is amazing.

but you shouldve made the gun blue like it is when you go through the confiscation field, because you cant pwn people with the gravity gun like that until its blue.

Mountain-Ash's avatar
Yay a Half Life Emote!!!! Have you done any more? *drools over HL*
LeoLeonardo's avatar
Not any actual emotes, but I have a pixel art piece of Gordon in my gallery. :P
Shadowed-Midnight's avatar
I'm an HL2 fangirl. :paranoid:
When I saw this, an honest-to-god fangirl squeal popped outta me. :ashamed:
LeoLeonardo's avatar
I'm glad to hear that :lol:
goawaynow's avatar
Heh, the Gravity Gun is the only reason my friend got HL2.
JHaley959's avatar
Jason found a way to get on his profile from Russia. He wants to say something about this gun. It's fun to use, isn't it, Jason?

Can I have one?
LeoLeonardo's avatar
Wish I could make one for ya. :B
JHaley959's avatar

He'll be emo-ing all day now...
InocdhiKatana's avatar
lol it cute!

lemme see... :grabbity: did that work?
how bout this :icongrabbity:
LeoLeonardo's avatar
Nope, sorry, it's neither part of the official legend, nor is there a plz-account as far as I know. :P
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Amazing work!
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