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A little idea I got a few days ago, but I've been away so much lately that I haven't had time to do it untill now. :phew:

So I guess you want a little explanation, right? :lol:

Well, the blue one walks in, and pokes the pink one, who in turn doesn't enjoy being poked, so it gives the other one a nasty stare, and it removes the poking finger. The blue one is like "hehehe :eyes:" and goes for a second poke, but the pink one quickly slaps the blue hand, making it retreat in shock. Stupidly enough, the blue one goes in for one last poke, but the pink one won't take it any more, so it screams at the top of its lungs, sending the blue one into a state of shrunken disbelief and horror. It slowly crawls away from the scene, and the pink one turns back arround.

Rinse and repeat? :P

I added the flashing stuff cause the scream wasn't shocking enough. :#1:

Animation Frames: 222 :salute:
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I know someone like that
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222! You worked hard, boy! 
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me and my friend saw this during technology class and busted up laughing and the teacher was like 'what are you two doing over there?!'

and where trying so hard to control our laughter in class. 

Great job!!!!!!!!!!!
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