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UPDATED: I listened to a lot of the suggestions people made, and I updated the shading on the eyes a bit, changed the mouth to something with teeth, and made the clap faster. Now, at only 4 frames, it's as fast as it can be while still appearing smooth.

Hope you all like the update! :#1:


With the recent update to the emoticon legend, a lot of people were quite upset with the new version of :clap:, which was one of my very old emoticons: :clap:

You can see the original deviation for it here.

I completely agree with the people that didn't like this change, cause the old revamp is almost 3 years old now, and I have improved significantly since then, and I think the old revamp is really bad. :noes:

So, I said to myself, I owe it to the community to make a new and improved revamp. So I did. :P

Hope you like it :thanks:

Animation Frames: 4
Colors Used: 8
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25x15px 575 B
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We like it, but when you put it, the old one appear!:( (Sad) 
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that's because it's not on the DA legend, it needs to be made into a plz account

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wow you're so quick with ur answer
IAmDaBestofDaBest's avatar
what that sarcasm/ an insult?
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Answering 4 years later is an insult yes.
IAmDaBestofDaBest's avatar
you have to be rudeRoll Eyes 
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:iconclapplz: : iconclapplz : :clap: : clap :
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:clap:!! lol, i luv this
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Hey . How do you make these emoticons usable on comments? PLEASE ANSWER!
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put it as :icon_____plz: replace the underscores with the name of the plz.
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