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October 9, 2010
Ultimate Emoticon Pack by `LeoLeonardo in it's awesomeness is just too awesome. Different palettes, a lot of expressions, plenty of choices. Just amazing, do you agree?
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Ultimate Emoticon Pack



Edit: Hey, anyone want to drop me a critique on this? Seeing as it was a long time since I properly worked on emoticons, I'm sure there are things I should work on improving. :)


So, there I was, working on a new animated emoticon. It was taking a LOT of time, cause it required a lot of pixel art for some pretty advanced background work, and I realised I needed to start of with something more basic to ease my way back to emoticoning.

And what better way than to make a whole bunch of static emoticons and just make a pack out of it? It was a long time since I made one anyways. :B

But, why is it the ultimate emoticon pack then? Well, in total, there are 500 different combinations of expressions and shadings to chose from. 50 unique expressions for each of the 5 colours, and 2 different border styles for each colour.

The .rar file is divided into simple folders, so finding the exact emoticon that you want to use should be simple.

Overall, I ended up spending a whole lot more time on this than I thought, I had to individually change the colours of all the expressions for each of the 5 colours I used, and then go through each colour-set individually twice to save each emoticon as an individual file and so forth, so I'm sorry for taking so long to upload something when I got back. Something proper, at least. :giggle:

The preview image was animated to begin with, showing off the different colours in one single box by just changing the colours over time, but I had forgotten that a .gif used as a preview image couldn't be larger than 150x150 pixels, so I had to remake it like it is right now...

Here follows a legend as to what the expressions are:

A I - wut :V
A II - big-c :C
A III - big-laugh
A IV - bleh
A V - concussed

B I - confounded :S
B II - confused
B III - cringe D:
B IV - dissapoint :c
B V - eat-nose :Y

C I - ee-gads :U
C II - eyebrows :eyes:
C III - fangs >:F
C IV - fear
C V - flat-smile :]

D I - flirty
D II - frown :(
D III - gah
D IV - glad
D V - great-scott 8|

E I - grin
E II - hah
E III - happy :D
E IV - happy-plz (see ~imhappyplz)
E V - harley-shock 8(

F I - horror
F II - jizz
F III - jolly :J
F IV - joy
F V - kawaii

G I - konata
G II - loss :L
G III - monocle
G IV - nausea :X
G V - nosebleed

H I - not-impressed
H II - ohh :o
H III - oh-snap
H IV - patrick
H V - rage

I I - raspberry
I II - shock :O
I III - smile :)
I IV - sponge 8B
I V - super-smirk

J I - sweat
J II - titty
J III - tohru-kun
J IV - tongue :P
J V - vein

I hope you like it, and feel free to use it as much as you please. :highfive:
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