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If you want to use this in your journal, use: :thumb53889228: -->

There is also a plz-account for it: :iconreadplz: --> :iconreadplz:


You might or might not have seen Comment Before You Favourite, by `BoffinbraiN, and this is obviously something similar. It's really an issue I run into a whole lot more than I want to, and I personally find it a whole lot more annoying. I've gotten many comments asking stuff, pointing out stuff, or just plain saying stuff I already discused, commented or asked in the Artist's Comments. They're here for a reason, boys and girls, please don't ignore them! :<

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Unfortunately, people no longer have the time (or will) to read this kind of "side" content, in this era where social media is prevalent. We live busy, busy e-lives in crowded online spaces that rely more and more on visuals over text, with an easy access to an overabundance of information: so our attention span has greatly decreased. While browsing, most people want to get to the point immediately, and after they've granted any content a two-second glance, they jump to another content, and so on. 
No wonder people here don't bother to read descriptions anymore: even though it's an art community, all bad habits that stem from social media heavily bleed into members' behavior. I find it sad and annoying too, but it seems it's going to become the norm in the near future, so... I guess we better get used to it :shrug:
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This is definitely a rule I want to see being followed at all times on my profile!
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So agreed! I'm using!
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I definitely need this! Thanks.
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Like some people don't read the product description before buying!
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This stamp should spread all over the internet like wildfire, because it is so needed! I cannot tell you how many times I have received comments (on DA and elsewhere) that clearly show the commentator did not read what I wrote, and it is so annoying because I wrote what I wrote for a reason! Seriously people, is it that hard to read?! Anyway, thank you for making this!
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Omg that blue guy XD
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Using! Honestly, I don't get why it's so hard for some people to just read.
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Read Before You Comment by LeoLeonardo
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