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Pay It

For the lovely project ([link]) by .

I know it looks very choppy, or whatever, but that's because it has to be 5 frames long. I hope you at least can see that the blue guy is sadly handing over cash to the happy green guy. Right? :lol:

Animation Frames: 5

I'm probably gonna do more of these. :3

RJ: Press download for the .PSD containing separate layers for the 5 frames.
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How I feel every week on Thursdays, bill day :shakefist:
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man no one has that much money except BILL GATES...HEY!!!!!!!!! u should make the blue dude bill gates!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!i would be lmao!
LeoLeonardo's avatar
Or maybe the wallet is magic, and can produce an infinite ammount of money? :lol:
CrazySwedishGirl's avatar
Naaw, poor guy. Reminds me of the Married with Children-intro. =P
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ArlanInsanity's avatar
Heh, how much does he have in his wallet?!
LeoLeonardo's avatar
Seemingly an endless amount of bills. :lol:
entity1660's avatar
Your smileys are getting better and better! Make more, make more! =3
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Lovely emoticon
star-shine-sun-shine's avatar
the blue guy looks so sad :( awwww I'll hug him and squeeze him and love him and call him George *lol*
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I wish i was the green one :paranoid:
HapyCow's avatar
Pretty awesome. I dunno, that guy looks a little too sweet and cheerful..shouldn't he look more devious and evil-happy? :P All that money he's taking..
LeoLeonardo's avatar
But... but... I like sweet and cheerful. :lol:
ZhaneAugustine's avatar
Your work is so cool, hopefully I can get an idea to do something like this!
HyperCannon's avatar
lol, nice emote :nod:

RJ815's avatar
Eep! Did you actually ever reserve a spot? I don't think you did, but luckily no one laid claim to it.

So, do you want me to use this one, or do you want me to wait a little bit for your suggested revisions?

(Also, just a little side note: if you noticed in my journal, I also said that you do not have to provide the .PSD. Shortly after posting that news article, I found out that the Imageready posting straight from the source worked just as good with less hassle from the originator.)
LeoLeonardo's avatar
Sorry, should have talked to you more properly first. I just based it off the fact that it wasn't reserved as far as your list was showing. Sorry. :lol:

You can use this one if you want to, I'm personally happy with it, so I don't think I'm gonna revise it, unless you want me to. :)

And I must have missed that part. =P
RJ815's avatar
That's alright, but since you mentioned possibly wanting to do more of these, just try to remember to reserve a spot. It helps out everyone.

Anyways, if you're happy with it, then I am too. I'll use this one then and try to have it uploaded soon. (Speaking of uploading, you may want to consider doing just that for your two ongoing projects. ;))
LeoLeonardo's avatar
I know, I know, I know. :giggle: Eventually. :P
magicswordz's avatar
5 fram goodness!!!
heck, my avitar is only 4 frams
LeoLeonardo's avatar
Less is sometimes better. :nod:
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