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Lying seductively by LeoKatana
​I keep my commissions open all the time for my clients' convenience and work with queue
feel free to order a commission from me anytime c;
*ALL commissions information can be viewed more clear and neat on my website: 

+ Statu: always open


A digital drawing/painting


||| FULL ART |||

A complete illustration with full background,
Mix headshot/bust/half body/full body combined in the image, or, a single item with background.( eg. a half body + bg)
  • Any amounts of characters, age, style, expression, pose, interaction, background of your choice.
  • Tell me details you have in mind and I'll evaluate a price for you 
  • I can accept descriptive character, If you don't have a clear picture of your character , can consider to attach some photos on internet to show me the design you have in mind, If there are much scattered pictures / complex descriptions, there may will be an extra fee.
{Commission} - Our Girls by LeoKatana {Commission} - Tease by LeoKatana Riot by LeoKatana {Commission} - thebigcheesex pokemon team by LeoKatana +PoM+ Not just a dream anymore by LeoKatana =OKAMI= Goddess and her Son by LeoKatana Where you dye your feet? by LeoKatana Hold Me In Your Arms by LeoKatana A Walk in the Woods by LeoKatana{Commission} - Akari and Calem by LeoKatana +PoM+ Amazed by Nigel's home by LeoKatana +PoM+ Nap under the tree by LeoKatana +PoM+ Your brother will be alright by LeoKatana Shadowy Elegant by LeoKatana{Commission} - Crossed Timeline by LeoKatana =HTTYD= Night Light Family by LeoKatana Happy Orca by LeoKatana Oh no...my icecream by LeoKatana {Commission} - Pokemon team by LeoKatana {Commission} - Robocop Judy Hopps by LeoKatana {Commission} - Red Hood Ghost by LeoKatana



✙Background's pricing✙

depends on the displaying range and objects' complexity and such.

​  [free] Blank BG (transparent/ white/ gradient / solid color)
  [$10] Abstract BG 
  [$30] Simple BG 
  [$50] Medium BG
​  [$70~100+] Complex BG 

✙Minor characters✙

random animals, companions, or passerby in the far away background that are not being the main focus.
$10~$20 simple minor chars
$30+ complex minor chars

​​✙Additional​ charges✙

+70% for each additional character (in the same picture)
+$5 simple Props/ Weapons
+$10~$20 complex Props/ Outfit/ Weapon/ Robot/ Armors
+30% for priority rush fee
+$20 for NSFW work


||| HEADSHOT |||

head/neck up
$20 flat color | $25 shaded | $30 full render

||| BUST |||

shoulders/chest up
$30 flat color | $40 shaded  | $50 full render
  +$5 showing arms/hands

||| HALF BODY |||

waist up
$40 flat color | $50 shaded | $65 full render
{Commission} - Sage and Raven by LeoKatana =Undertale= Asriel Dreemurr by LeoKatana +PoM+ You are my little sunshine by LeoKatana {Commission} - Cosplaying Ralsei by LeoKatana Rubbing under the chin by LeoKatana {Commission} - Did someone say, race? by LeoKatana


||| 2/3 BODY |||

hips/thighs up
$50 flat color | $65 shaded | $80 full render
{Commission} - Both of these two are my puppies by LeoKatana{Commission} - Battle Damage by LeoKatana +PoM+ Gentleman Nigel by LeoKatana {Commission} - Whisper half body by LeoKatana =Undertale= Goatmom Toriel by LeoKatana {Commission} - For me? by LeoKatana

{Commission} - Spell Power by LeoKatana {Commission} - Emmykami by LeoKatana {Commission} - Might take it off by LeoKatana {Commission} - Chemeli half body by LeoKatana {Commission} - English mastiff by LeoKatana {Commission} - Filauria Half body by LeoKatana


||| FULL BODY |||

A drawing representing a character's whole body. 
$65 flat color | $80 shaded | $95 full render
{Commission} - Russian Blue Tabaxi Rogue by LeoKatana {Commission} - Viking lioness by LeoKatana {Commission} - Faisia 2 by LeoKatana A seductive big cat by LeoKatana [TMNT] Turtle Brothers Tower by LeoKatana {Commission} - Draikon by LeoKatana {Commission} - Magical Vulpix by LeoKatana {Commission} - Leif the Serperior by LeoKatana {Gift} - Eternity-Zinogre by LeoKatana {Commission} - Dragon Otter by LeoKatana 


||| CHIBI |||

Chibis have shorter legs and in more a simple style, it's different from normal children animals/human I would draw.
$20 flat color |$25 shaded | $30 full rendered
{Commission} - ZuNora chibi by LeoKatana {Commission} - Gabriella chibi by LeoKatana {Commission} - Fox Loaf by LeoKatana =Undertale= Asriel Dreemurr chibi by LeoKatana {Commission} - Winston Chibi by LeoKatana {Commission} - Melissa chibi by LeoKatana [TMNT] Feline Leo and Leo by LeoKatana {Commission} - Oribel Chibi by LeoKatana {Commission} - Moira chibi by LeoKatana 



$12 flat color |$15 shaded
Doteyes Chibi commission
Doteyes Chibi 
​$12 flat color  | $15 shaded
around 800x800 pixels​ ​

  +$10 each extra character
  +$1 white border & drop shadow
  +$1 each of props
{Commission} - Dot eyes chibi 1~24 by LeoKatana{Commission} - Dot eyes chibi 27~29 by LeoKatana[TMNT] In the Garden by LeoKatana
 Accept Paypal $USD / Points $1 = 100 :points: 
 Paypal can convert any non-USA currency into USD
 Comment here or Note me the form: 
- - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -
|| Commission type : Doteyes Chibi
|| Coloring type : (Flat color / Shaded (cell))
|| Payment : (Paypal / dA Points)
|| Name :
|| Gender :
|| Species :
|| Referenc


||| Other Commssions |||

Reference Sheet commission
Reference Sheet
A fully customized reference sheet of your character
check this link for price and detailed information:
{Commission} - JingTong shenmu Ref Sheet by LeoKatanaMintheo reference sheet by LeoKatanaRodion reference sheet by LeoKatanaRashkas reference sheet by LeoKatana-commissionSweetLostSong ref sheet by LeoKatana-commission{Commission} - Kohi Ref Sheet by LeoKatana{Commission} - Artemis Ref Sheet by LeoKatanaObsidianScalie4 by LeoKatana{Commission} - FlimsyFox Ref Sheet 2 by LeoKatana

All Commssions types

+ Illustration Commission and T.O.S + by LeoKatanaReference Sheet commission by LeoKatanaPixel Icon commission by LeoKatanaStatic Pixel Doll commission by LeoKatanaAnimated Pixel Doll commission by LeoKatana
Pixel Icon commissionPixel Icon

check this link for price and detailed information:
 Headshot: $12
 {Commission} - Aerglo Pixel Icon by LeoKatana{Commission} - Roselle Pixel Icon2 by LeoKatana
{Commission} - Mekomiya Pixel Icon by LeoKatanaSy-ncc pixel icon by LeoKatana-commission{Commission} - Cosette Pixel Icon by LeoKatana{Commission} - Eva Pixel Icon by LeoKatanaShano headshot Pixel Icon 2 by LeoKatana{Commission} - ArcticWhistle Pixel Icon by LeoKatana{Commission} - Mono Pixel Icon by LeoKatana{Commission} - Rashka Pixel Icon by LeoKatana{Commission} - Phaedra Pixel Icon by LeoKatana{Commission} - Pumpkin Boy Pixel Icon by LeoKatana
Bust $14
{F2U} - Napping Sans pixel icon by LeoKatana{Commission} - Adriana Pixel Icon by LeoKatana{Commission} - Poppy Pixel Icon by LeoKatanaJurassic World Blue Pixel Icon by LeoKatana{Commission} - Anyth Pixel Icon by LeoKatana{Commission} - Righty Pixel Icon by LeoKatana
Static Pixel Doll commission
Static Pixel Doll
check this link for price and detailed information:
<a class="thumb" href="https://www.deviantart.com/leokatana/art/Wendell-150x-Pixel-685411006" title="Wendell 150x Pixel by LeoKatana, Jun 9, 2017 in Digital Art Pixel Art Characters Non-Isometric" data-super-img="https://orig00.deviantart.net/9f42/f/2017/160/4/8/wendell_150x_pixel_by_leokatana-dbc2qim.png" data-super-width="150" data-super-height="150" data-super-transparent="true" data-super-alt="Wendell 150x Pixel by LeoKatana" data-super-full-img="https://orig00.deviantart.net/9f42/f/2017/160/4/8/wendell_150x_pixel_by_leokatana-dbc2qim.png" data-super-full-width="150" data-super-full-height="150" data-sigil="thumb">
Animated Pixel Doll commission
 Animated Pixel Doll 
An animated full body pixel character
check this link for price and detailed information:
{Commission} - Karui and Kuroi Journal Doll by LeoKatana{Commission} - Aten-Ra animated pixel doll by LeoKatana{Commission} - Zayne animated pixel doll by LeoKatana{Commission} - Anna animated pixel doll by LeoKatana{Commission} - Rashka animated pixel doll by LeoKatana{Commission} - khiimera animated pixel doll by LeoKatana{Commission} - Spice Journal Doll by LeoKatana{Commission} - Dextiry Journal Doll by LeoKatana{Commission} - Jimothy Journal Doll by LeoKatana{Commission} - Mezalor animated pixel doll by LeoKatana{Commission} - Yun Journal Doll 2 by LeoKatana{Commission} - Kiano Journal Doll by LeoKatana{Commission} - Angelfonds Journal Doll by LeoKatana{Commission} - Kosamu Journal Doll by LeoKatana{Commission} - serenity Journal Doll by LeoKatana{Commission} - Maalik Journal Doll by LeoKatana{Commission} - Oorik Journal Doll by LeoKatana{Commission} - Sirion Journal Doll by LeoKatana{Commission} - Cadmeia and Deltzin Journal Doll by LeoKatana{Commission} - Aisha Journal Doll by LeoKatana


+++ Currency +++ 

Accept Paypal $USD / Points $1 = 100 Points
Paypal can convert any non-USA currency into USD

+++ Annotation +++ 

Anthro: animal head/feet + completely human body anatomy's hands, fingers, legs (eg. Beastar)
- legs can either be digitigrade or plantagrade
- can have claws/pads on hands or not

Furry: animals stand up on two back legs to walk, in animal anatomy, still have animals' paws and pads, shorter legs. 
most of animal cartoon characters are in this category (eg. chip and dale, donald duck, Zootopia, Tom and Jerry, Madagascar, Kung fu panda )

Feral: animals stand on four legs, totally, pure animals

<< --- How to order --- >>


Order form - Illustration

- - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -
★ Commission type : Illustration
 Items :  (Mix / Headshot / Bust / Half body / 2/3body / Full body / Chibi / Doteyes chibi)
★ Background: (Blank / Abstract / Simple / Medium / Complex)
★ Character amount: (how much characters in one art)
★ Coloring type : (Flat color / Shaded (cell/soft) / Full Render)
★ Payment : (Paypal / dA Points)
★ Name :
★ Gender : 
★ Species :
★ Form:  (Anthro / Furry / Feral / Others)
★ References : 
★ Requires : (Expression, Pose, Interaction...etc.)

 Drawing Style : (if have a specific style you want)
 Age : ( I can switch adult into teen/child/baby if needed )
 Personality : 
 Body type: (slender/regular/chubby/strong/muscular...etc)
- - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -
Fill in this form and mail me at : leokatana7@gmail.com
or sending note to my deviantART or furaffinity account. 
- - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -


Terms of Services

By commission me, the commissioner is notified and agree to the terms of services listed below:


Thank you for supporting my artwork HeartHuggle!
I appreciated every single commission
© 2011 - 2021 LeoKatana
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Oikick's avatar

Hey, I see that you do commissions for pixel art and I was wondering if you would be willing to do sprite sheets if this is still open... Would that work?

LeoKatana's avatar

I can try if I can do those more complex full actions you wished to have , you can write a list to tell me what kinds of actions you need? resolutions? flat color or shaded? and is it for commercial use? and give me your characters' references so I can see it's complexity, and quote a price for you up to these choices.

I work with queue , there were still some people waiting on queue, may need some time till I reach your order or if you want to take a priority option, all information wrote on my website, you can take a look of it.

queue: https://trello.com/b/BkNGA7IC/leokatanas-commission-queue-statu

website: https://leokatana.weebly.com/

TurnedIntoDragon's avatar
hi~ is this still open?
LeoKatana's avatar
yes i keep my commissions open all the time and work with queue ^^ here is current queue: trello.com/b/BkNGA7IC/leokatan…
there are also two other people are asking me about commissions as well right now, you can line up into the queue now before others get in front of you later c;
TurnedIntoDragon's avatar
Okay! Um, tell me if I did anything wrong ^^

| Commission type : Chibi
| Items : Chibi
| Background: Blank
| Character amount: Two
| Coloring type : Full Rendered
| Payment : Points

| ​Name : TaeyRurj
| ​Gender : Female
| ​Species : Furred Kobold
| Form: Furry
|*Age : Adult
|*Body type: Chibi, smol, furry
| References :
-for taey- Silver by TurnedIntoDragon   Sixelona - Drawing of Taey by TurnedIntoDragon  

She has an axe in the reference pictures but it doesn't need to be in the commission.

| ​Name : Maris
| ​Gender : Female
| ​Species : Furred Kobold
| Form: Furry
|*Age : Adult
|*Body type: Chibi, smol, floofy
| References :
These reference pictures are not chibis, but I would like these characters drawn in the chibi style. I don't have a chibi reference picture for these characters, unfortunately.

| Expression : I would like to see them cuddling together in a pose similar to this picture "cuddling kitties", noses touching each other. Also, I'd like their tails curving upwards above their heads, and then curving back down so that each tail forms a half of a heart, and they sorta make a heart when together.

This would be 5100 points, right?
^^' Again, tell me if I did anything wrong. I'm super nervous right now, hehe
LeoKatana's avatar
don't worry there is nothing wrong ^^ and yes that's the right amount,
I have set the commission widget on my page for you, you can send the points now via it and I'll add you to the queue and mark you as paid, thank you for ordering ^^
TurnedIntoDragon's avatar
LeoKatana's avatar
yes payment received^^ thank you so much~
Asinika's avatar
Hey Leo ^^
I was thinking about ordering another commission, but I have a question first!: If I want a drawing with a wolf character and a car does a regular car count as a character or an object/prop? (A regular car, meaning no eyes on it like cartoon cars have)
LeoKatana's avatar
that's a good question, haha, I once did a cartoon car art and it charged as characters and indeed took much time to lineart the details.
a regular car has more details than that but I think charge $30 would be fine ; ) 
Asinika's avatar
Ok! I think I plan to get about half a car drawn at least. I’ll let you if I decide to get it drawn, thanks!! :D
LeoKatana's avatar
oh I forgot to say, if just half a car the price would be half too xp just $15
LeoKatana's avatar
OK :D welcome to hit me with the order form when you ready.
CJ1075759's avatar

How much for a Headshot of a dragon wearing a cowboy hat?

CJ1075759's avatar

ok, that makes sense, let's do that

| Name: CJ

| Gender: Male

| Species: Dragon

| Age: 22

| References:

CJ the dragon


| Commission type:  neck up

| Coloring type: Full Rendered

| Payment: Paypal

| Requires: brave smile, the scar is right eye only, horns poke through the back of the hat, shiny scales, user icon size, I would like him to face forward but not completely, kind of to the left side, while he looks forward (If that makes sense)

LeoKatana's avatar
OK~ payment can be sent now via this link and I'll add you to the queue, thank you c; www.paypal.com/paypalme2/LeoKa…
JimyNawtron's avatar
Hey again. I know we already did business a couple months back but I was wondering today for another full art from you. But this one's a little different.

I'd like the North Wind all decked out in their cool armor with Short Fuse riding his hover tank and wearing his goggles over his eyes and I'd like Corporal wearing that helmet of his as seen here: vignette.wikia.nocookie.net/pe… & vignette.wikia.nocookie.net/pe… It indeed has a transparent blue visor on it. But also...Hans the Puffin is among them as an agent and wearing something similar to This: Hans and the North Wind in it! And what's more, they're on a blank background! The story is that a different Hans (Voiced by Tim Curry) was a part of the North Wind but rumors are spreading of a traitor on the team with the group all posing but suspecting each other as they pose! I call that picture: A Traitor among the North Wind!

Anyway, for a pic like That, how much will it cost with 5 different characters in armor on a blank background?
LeoKatana's avatar
so they are having a group photo standing all together but every members glance to Hans with a suspicious stare? or suspicious to each other not just Hans?
and as for hover tank, do you have a reference of it, I don't remember how it looks like.

andwhat coloring way you would like to have by the way?
JimyNawtron's avatar
Well it's more of like a scene rather than a group photo but everyone's suspecting each other. Only Hans isn't as He's the traitor! He's smirking at everyone above him! But I suppose if it Is a group photo then it is. I just want to see more art of Short Fuse Wearing his goggles over his eyes! As well as Corporal in his helmet along with his armor! People seem to keep forgetting his helmet.

And of course I have reference to the Hover Tank friend! Always!: i.pinimg.com/originals/35/71/6…

I guess the same kind of coloring that you gave Scuba Marlene please. With all that said and done, how much will all this cost? I feel as though it's a little More than 2000 points.
JimyNawtron's avatar
So if I agree to flat color without shading, will it cost 2450 points? Remember that I don't have Paypal, I can only pay in points.
LeoKatana's avatar
$1=100 points, so 2450 is only value $24.5,
flat color price would be $45+($36x4=$144)= $189 = 18900 points
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