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=OKAMI= twin owl brothers Lechku and Nechku Pixel

Golden and Sliver owl brothers.
My favorite part in OKAMI game. because these cute twin Owl brothers boss,
and amaterasu fight together with Oki, Shiranui
other OKAMI pixel from me:

=OKAMI= Shiranui Pixel by LeoKatana =OKAMI= Oki Pixel by LeoKatana =OKAMI= Ninetails Pixel by LeoKatana =OKAMI= Orochi pixel by LeoKatana
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Ahhhh Lechku and Nechku, these two are my favorite bosses since its the only time you fight with someone and its Oki and Shiranui!!
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My favorite bosses from the game!
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They are so absolutely perfect!
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Very cool owls! I have a owl group please join :iconthe-owl-group:
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why has this so less comments? :C
oh my god, your pixel work is the most stunning one i've ever seen o__o
and you do sooooo complex charackters.. like Nechku and Lechku .. holy shiat XDD
but the result is so aweome *3* and the twin owles are one of my favourite battles in Okami :D
i like their special attack where the gold one (i always make the names wrong xD is the gold one Lechku?) freezes the time <DDD
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Hehe :D Thank you so much for so many lovely detailed comments :heart:
because wolf still being the most popular animal and lots of people hate this twin maybe because they killed Shiranui xp
yes doing their details really spent much of time XD mostly because the screenshot or any scene in the game are so blur, it's so hard to see the correct markings and colors on their body XP
I keep repeating pause the video just to watch how their feet looks like XP

I don't know their names well either XD I prefer to call them twin owls brothers XD
all their attack skill are really cool, I love when they take down their head and form something out from it like magic CX that's so cute
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you're so welcome ^_______^

oh god seriously? :'DD
well sure it's a pity, that Shiranui died, but hey.. you are also playing Shiranui xD so she isn't .. dead at all xDD
it was an epci scene with Shiranui.. 
god and the picture, where she goes into the spirit gate °~° loved it

oh yeaaah :'D
i can imagine, that this was a torture XDD
but you made the feet and everything so well <DD

haha XD
yeah this is much moar easier XDD
waah.. i didnt play Okami for a long time.. i've forgot about this attack >.> .. i have to search for a video or something to see this agani XD
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I remember these guys! This looks great, you are fabulous at your pixels ♥
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This boss battle was so awesome :D
But not long enough!
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Jeez! SO good! Amazing job! Owls are one of my favorite birds! :D
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They look fantastic!
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Man this is really great, brings up a lot of memories for me. Okami means the world to me in terms of video games :b
I really love the detail you've put into this. It's been eons since I've done pixel, but this is really just amazing!
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Oooh god
this is one of my FAVORITE boss fights. <333
fighting with Oki was the best
great work here!
flynnmutt's avatar
holy shIT
these are amazing wow ;oo; amazing job!!
UltimateShuu's avatar
I love them both and your art is truly fantastic!! lovely colors and amazing details<3
BloodyAmnesia's avatar
I hated both of them but Lechku's appearance is always my favorite
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