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=OKAMI= Shiranui Pixel


I found there haven't be any of Shiranui's pixel art on dA, so I have to do one ^^

=OKAMI= Ninetails Pixel by LeoKatana =OKAMI= Oki Pixel by LeoKatana =OKAMI=  twin owl brothers Lechku and Nechku Pixel by LeoKatana =OKAMI= Orochi pixel by LeoKatana
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a chiseled one

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omg! So amazing artwork!!! ♥♥ Happy 
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This is amazing!
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  • very beautiful
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Wow, beautiful pixel art!
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GOD. Your pixels inspire me to try pixel art myself. ;__;
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Phenomenal job 
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Shiranui is the most epic charackter from Okami :D
and you've done her so loooovely ^_________________^
really like the markings and her fire on the weapon c:
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This is absolutely amazing.
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That looks amazing! :0
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That's amazing!!!
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oh my gosh that is sooo awesome
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b e a u t i f  u l
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Wow! Incredible pixel work. Beautiful use of colors and intricate details!
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my god

that's AMAZING!
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wow. I'm speechless
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Wow! Stunning work!
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