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=OKAMI= Orochi pixel

game video:…

Other OKAMI pixel from me:
=OKAMI= Shiranui Pixel by LeoKatana=OKAMI= Ninetails Pixel by LeoKatana=OKAMI= Oki Pixel by LeoKatana=OKAMI=  twin owl brothers Lechku and Nechku Pixel by LeoKatana
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Wow, a lot of detail here. I love how it gets darker in the back, indicating that they're further away!
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It looks really awesome. Attention to shading is really well done. The overall picture looks rather good.

The bell seemed off though, and it make me look a little closer at the line art, and then I realized how messy the line art actually is. It looks more like you were drawing rather than actually putting pixel by pixel in place. Which I can understand when you draw such a humongous piece, but from the point where your attention goes more into the overall drawing instead of a single pixel. By the dithering I can see you did put some attention in pixelling while working around the rocks. But the overall picture looks like you have just blindly drawn in paint.

Speaking of which, I have put this thing in paint to have a closer inspection on the lineart. And then I noticed some slight airbrushing, mostly thanks to the roof. Airbrushing is not the way to go in pixel art. Pixel art has been made because people could only use a limited amount of data back in the day. And therefore there were limits to the amount of colors that could be used.

I gotta be plain honest with you, this is not one of your better pixel arts. I've been looking at the arts down in your description, and I gotta say you have been lazy with this piece. And I think that is mainly because you work on a too large scale.
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Wow. I'm merely passing through, looking at this amazing artists pixel art. This comment seemed pretty rude and including the fact that they included air brush tool in the piece, and saying it wasn't 'the best way to go,' ...that's just really rude what the fuck man? They worked hard on this piece from what I am seeing, and while not perfecting it to every little detail, it still looks amazing.  Anyways, that's all I'm going to say on the subject.
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I suppose constructive criticism is then seen as rude now. Pixelart business is very nitpicky and probably seems very rude in your eyes because of how nitpicky the commentary was. 

Now I know I come from a community where they wouldn't even add in a complement in any piece. They would just give pointers as to where you should look out for to not make the same mistake again, because there are solid laws to what you should and shouldn't do to make clean pixel art. I have seen many large and imposing pixel arts coming by that at first glance look really awesome but on closer inspection actually break the laws of pixel art. Now this is usually because the project is too large to keep the patience of drawing pixel by pixel and I can certainly see that the artist did have attention to detail for a while as the first few helmets on the left are defintely put some work into to keep the lineart clean. But pixelart means giving love to every single pixel. If you don't give love to every single pixel it's no longer pixel art.

As for the reason why I tell them they are airbrushing: Take in account that MS Paint does not support transperency, while copy-pasting the picture into MS paint the entire background of the image turns black and it takes the transparency slightly with it and zooming in on the picture. The first thing that caught my attention is the roofs of the construction that hold the bell. You can just see the transperent airbrush being used around there because the color goes beyond the outline.

I don't know who taught you that with Pixelart it's OK to use airbrushes, but Airbrush = 0 Attention to each pixel = Not pixelart. The reason why pixelart is a thing is because in the older days people had a limited color palette and limited size to deal with in video games. So you had to pick very carefully what colors you would use as to still get the best effects of drawing. One stroke with an airbrush and you'll have at least 20 different hues of a single color in your work already. 

With the upgrades in technology more and more colors were allowed until we could render 3d-models in the most realistic way possible. But those are 3d models. Not pixel art.

I will not deny that a lot of work has been put in the piece and it's certainly not a bad piece of art actually it still looks good. It's just not a good piece of Pixel-art.
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So theres...
- Dark/Night
- Bright/ Day
- Nature
- Thunder/Lighting
- Fire
- Water
- Death???
- and Rocks!/Earth!

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you got most of them right c; just the death is 毒(poison), the green one is 風(wind)

quite alike, due to they are drill out from the ground as well
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Oh, very nice!

That explains alot, including their "mole" whiskers.
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ugh I've always wanted to pick up pixeling and yours just make me want to do it even more huge fan of Okami and seeing them all done so beautifully aughh well done
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I think this is awesome :D
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oh god.. this is so fascinating, like the others XDD
unbelieveable that this is pixel work °__________°
i always loved the light head from orochi <DD 
and also the water head is cute, when it has fun in it's own water XDDDD
and the lightning head who gets all derpy, when it doesnt see you anymore XDDDD
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wow this is incredible!!
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Soo many details. ;_; I'm loving how realistic the rock looks :D
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amazing! even the video!
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//oh my goodness!! This is magnificent! Holy cow, the amount of detail is astounding! Props to you for managing to pull this off! <33
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