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=OKAMI= Ninetails Pixel

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Relly love this character, both when she in human form or fox form c:

=OKAMI= Shiranui Pixel by LeoKatana =OKAMI= Oki Pixel by LeoKatana =OKAMI=  twin owl brothers Lechku and Nechku Pixel by LeoKatana =OKAMI= Orochi pixel by LeoKatana
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that looks cool! (why do i wanna hug the tail?

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is it amaterasu as a ninetail thingy? sorry, i havent completed the game yet, ive only played 20 hours

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it's one of the big boss you'll fight with in the game c:
Lollipop-The-Fox's avatar

oh, ok! i hope i wont get a terrible score when i fight them! XD

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i'd have to say Ninetails is one of my favorite bosses from Okami, not the actual boss battle(since i had to fight it with 5 fps) but just story wise
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ahhwww Ninetailes *3333*
this is also one of my favourite battles from Okami *3333* it was such a surprise that she is also painting in your painting window XDD
and Ninetailes Design is awesooome~
really loved her story too~
you did her so well here ^-^ 
and all those tails *3333* they are so pretty
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Omg I love it :D
Harleydane's avatar
Fantastic detail! Well done :D
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Love it :D seriously cool looking work!
ImagineCorgis's avatar
these are pure epicness ♥
stunning work on the Okami series! c:
Sleepingx's avatar
What program is this made with?
WhIppIng-b0y's avatar
Beauty :D

Though if this is fan art of that one game I think she was a wolf.
Candyfied's avatar
I LOVED this character!
and fighting this character was pretty awesome as well
bagelbites101's avatar
Had to come back to this to say bravo. Just very well done. I hope you see a DD in your future!
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Love the sort of greyish gradient that overlaps some of the tails, and beautiful lineart and shading! Love the graceful look on the tails!
LeoKatana's avatar
Awww thank you <3
MysteryBandit's avatar
To be honest, I feel like if I hit him to hard with a bat, candy will come out
LeoKatana's avatar
XD gosh you made me laugh, a pinate huh? 
Paulie Pretztail by Jauda
MysteryBandit's avatar
Alt ending to Okami
Ammy defeats Ninetails, but instead of just dieing, the ninetails starts to break open. Candy spews from the openings.
And instead of a victory howl, Ammy bends over ands eats the candy
Ok I'm sorry but okami means wolf this seams to be based off of the
kyubi-no-kitsune kitsune meaning fox
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it's a character from the game "OKAMI" if you don't know
Okami Ninetails 2 by Ravinah
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