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Shadowy Elegant by LeoKatana, visual art

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Warmth during Christmas night by LeoKatana, visual art

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​I keep my commissions open all the time for my clients' convenience and work with queue,

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10/15/2022 new update: I received those conversations from the victim it seems they refuse to refund them, ashley_storm662 or her friends even start to accuse him and asking the victim to leave them alone. the only thing in common is the orange they said, eh? here I overlapped the pictures and animated it, in case someone can only see color being same there. (click in to see the overlapped animated picture) ______________________________________________ ashley_storm662's friend is only pour oil on the fire to inflame my anger more and more. _____________________________________________________________ ashley_storm662 have full of stolen art in her IG posts here are "a tip of the iceberg" from all of the stolen art she posted in her IG, I didn't screenshot it in time before she blocked me and set her account private she cut almost all the signatures from those pictures, and flipping the pictures all the time to prevent people from use google pictures searching the original
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I just figure out a terrible fact... that my email would put my new clients' commission orders into spam email box which I never check there... gosh so terrible, I might have missed so many clients' orders in the past few months out of my aware. I only find it because one of client say they sent me form via email already, but when I go check I didn't see anything, and so I go to check on spam box and saw there also have another order that sent days ago T-T I am so so sorry I didn't find it sooner, it would always auto-delete all every 30 days so I am not able to find it back anymore if there are other new commission orders sent in the past few month via email. so if anyone happened to sent me commission orders in past few months and I till now haven't reply you, please send it again.
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Reference SheetA fully customized reference sheet of your character check this link for price and detailed information: https://leokatana.weebly.com/reference-sheet.html All Commssions types
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How much are your commissions?

You go to the commission tab and it'll drop down different options.

aww thank you for helping me reply them dear :hug:

You're welcome. <3 I'm happy to help. :)

Thanks for the watch and fav's! :heart: :hug:

Do you do requests?

I'm offering commissions!
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