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Leon Hightower Jr
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My name is Leon Hightower Jr, but everyone in my family calls me Jr, I love it here on DA, and I enjoy drawing, but it's mainly for fun half the time. I enjoy Video Games, Anime, Meeting New People, Looking at Art, and interested in Girls:eyes: of course. I'm enjoying myself here meeting all you awesome artists, it is quite enjoyable and entertaining.

I usually have grammar problems half the time so don't blame it on me OK? ^^; I am the little brother, I am the uncle, I am the video gamer, I am the rocker, I am the friend who will always be your friend forever.

I hate losing a friend over a argument or something stupid and I am the thinker, most of the time.... I am also the guy who is also trying his best, but wants to know what he wants in life. :| I love making new friends and helping others, but if you upset me or tick me off to the point of me cussing, I will block you or remove you, so don't piss me off or upset me OK?

I Am What I Am Stamp by Powerwing-Amber

But other than that, I'm a OK guy once you get to know me, anyways, check out my page, whenever your online, look for me OK? As of NOW, I no longer accept any Tags so if you Tag me, I shall not accept, thank you.

Check me out on social media and other places!







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Tomorrow on September 8, my Youtube Channel will have turned 10 years old!! Wow, how time flies, it's amazing! I can't believe that I have been on Youtube for over ten years, it doesn't feel real, and yet since then, I have stayed the course, and made well over 158 videos, some I still hold near and dear to me, and some I made out of humor to see what others would think. when I started out on Youtube, I had no idea what I was getting myself into, I had started watching videos on the site and being humored and amazed by the stuff people made and just in awed by the whole website. At first when I joined I had no intention of making videos even though I could with Windows Movie Maker and whatever I had on the Windows Acer Vista Tower I had at that time, and I still have that tower, but I don't use it anymore as it is on the fritz and needs repairs badly, HELL, I may as well get rid of Windows Vista on it and get something else as Vista is in the words of the Broken Hardys, Obsolete! When I started out, I was a RPG Maker, I tried my hand at making an RPG Maker game based on my OC Kenshin Murayami whom was originally called Saige back then, oddly, looking at it now, Saige wasn't a good name in my opinion, so I changed it later to Kenshin and I think it fits him better. But yeah, I made RPG Maker videos and stuff back then and tried my hand at video game reviews, but those videos are longer on Youtube as I deleted them, so they are lost to the chronicles of time and space. My first major video besides me showcasing my Project Saige as it was called back then when I started out was a little video called "Sonic Forms" and I showcased all the many forms Sonic had throughout the games and cartoons, and I included 2 fanmade forms as well, that video is actually on one of my DVDs I made WAY back then, so it isn't gone, but I actually made a remake of that video that would include video game footage and cutscenes and voice over by me, sadly... the video didn't stay around for too long as I got hit with a copyright claim that blocked it worldwide and I couldn't download it to save it, so yeah, 5 weeks of editing down the toilet... I made videos for my RPG Maker characters and cutscene videos that would show off my creativity, and those got tons of views back then, which surprised me, but sadly after a while, I got tired of doing my project especially because I didn't have a solid foundation for it, so after a while and much frustration, I canceled doing my project and deleted all my old RPG Maker videos... Project Saige Murayami is no longer a thing on my channel, and I sadly have no interest in bringing it back, unless I have a solid foundation for it, and I get my shit together. 10 years, where does the time go?? I never did anything major for my channel back then except for my 50 video spectacular or my Sonic 21st Anniversary Spectacular, so what do I do to capitalize on something like this??

My original icon was a Blue Swordsman pic I found browsing Google and my original intro was of a random Ichigo Kurosaki from Bleach with Megaman X4 Stage Start/Maverick Intro music. Then it switched to my old Gaia Online avatar back when I was still a member of the community, I think when I stopped working on my project, that was when I left Gaia Online, and not too soon enough as that website has gone DOWNHILL badly, I don't think they even have that online game zOMG anymore or the Dream Avatar Creator which was a necessity on that site... Moving on, I started to branch out and make other videos, I made videos of me showcasing my video game collections and game systems, I would blog about many topics like G4 shutting down, Toonami making a return, I started a series known as Streets of Rage Remake: Yuzoboy Edition which was a salute and tribute to the many compilations Yuzoboy made and I was a major fanboy of his, still am to this day!! The project concluded on 
Aug 4, 2017 but it started back on April 30, 2011, wow, how time flies!! I've made a few friends while on there, and a few fans, however, I think my channel often declined especially after I started doing dare I say, Sonic GX Dubbed, and the reason I say that is cause some of my later videos would not get any views at all or suddenly get thumbs downs for no reason, and I'm like, WTH?! Now when it comes to my videos, I don't let the views define my channel, if people watch my content, then I'm happy, but if they don't, then what are you doing on my channel in the first place, ya know? When I started out, all I had was Windows Movie Maker and a small webcam I don't even use anymore, till I got Camtasia and that helped greatly, I also managed to get Sony Vegas Studio HD and that helped greatly with making videos, I have gone through 3 headset mics throughout my lifetime, and my current one is a Turtle Beach Earforce p11 Headset for computers, PS3, and other game systems and this one is a keeper. I'm not rich, nor am I all that special y'all, but I do what I can when it comes to videos, I am limited with what I can use and do, and I am forever thankful I got this Sony Handycam HDR-CX110 I bought from my cousin's music/choir director who was selling it on Facebook, the only thing this camera needs is a tripod for it, but I'm lazy, what can ya do ya know? I have over 834 subscribers and well over 158 videos, never did I think I'd get far on YouTube let alone make SO many videos. But you can tell how broke I was making videos, from webcam footage, mic settings, and even using Emulators to play some games unless they were like Mavericks 3: Zero's Revenge which was one of those LPs that started our promising, but when the Vista Tower started to have issues and low space, I lost the passion for making it especially during the 2nd boss in Sigma Fortress 2, seriously FUCK that boss, why Maddrex77 gave it SO MUCH HP is beyond me, same for  the Copy X or Virus X boss battles, and after I started doing other videos, I decided to cancel the whole LP, I'm never going back to Mavericks 3 or the Mavericks RPG series in general. If I play a game, I want to have a good time and after a while especially after getting all 4 Dr. Light Capsules in the game, it became boring, the whole game is challenging enough without Ultimate Armor X, but once you get him, it loses its value...

I have procrastinated many videos I would eventually work on later on, but never had a chance to do them sadly, mostly because I was either looking after my Great Grandmother or doing Online College cause back then I was going to University of Phoenix and then Ashford University which I am doing WAY better in! I apologize to you guys on that, I can't help how things turn out on the channel or when I can work on videos, and that blows. But I will promise you this, I WILL put out more content in the future, and I will do better with my video editing skills, anyways, since 2015 and now, I gained a girlfriend and we collab on her own little video series Luigi & Amy's Mansion and that is doing nicely on both our channels, and I'm doing a dubbing project, Sonic GX Dubbed, a dubbed version of my pal :iconhurricane360: old flash animation which mixed AOSTH, Sonic SatAM, and Sonic X together, which was a good idea on paper, but later needed fixing up on certain parts. I'm trying to open up to everyone who is subscribed to my channel, but due to Youtube's latest rules, guidelines, and crap, it is hard to do, but I do my best and if I get any views, comments, or even a question or two on things, I'm forever grateful ya know? Anyways, that'll do it for this journal, wow, I'll elaborate more on this on my video when I work on it, anyways, here's a question for you guys...

"What do you like about my channel overall, what is your favorite video of mine?" please leave your comments in the comment section below. Anyways, I'm LeoHightower, I wish you all a fantastic and magical day, night, or evening... *raises coffee cup* :iconcoffeeplz: and take care! :peace:
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It's a new React to video, this time it is me looking at a classic by creator AnimatedJames, and the video is called Creative Types,  it is quite a unique video he made, but it is also symbological too if you look at it from another point of view. This was a very inspirational video and song, This speaks to me in many ways as a artist, sprite creator, and a Youtuber. I hope it applies to others like me and fellow artists out. The song is the video is called the song is called Alone Time.

I just reacted to Creative Types by AnimatedJames, I really enjoyed watching this video, and it has a deeper meaning to it when you watch it a few times and speaks to me on many levels as a creator and artist, and I’m sure it does to others. Expect the video tomorrow, couldn’t upload it today due to being out of the house today.
Strange... I've uploaded 2 videos in one day and yet, no one has viewed either one, what's going on, is it a slow day or are people not getting notifications on my uploads?? :hmm:

#KirbySuperStar #Let'sPlay #SuperNintendo
We continue with our adventure to stop Dyna Blade, like I said before, I had to cut the video in half due to video size and space. The giant bird Dyna Blade is causing trouble all over Dream Land, it is up to Kirby to find out what's going on and stop her. We're close to the finale of Dyna blade, so enjoy everyone!!

Here is the next part of Let's Play Kirby Super Star, now we start on the next game Dyna Blade, one of my favorites! The giant bird Dyna Blade is causing trouble all over Dream Land, it is up to Kirby to find out what's going on and stop her.

Had to split the video into 2 parts due to file size and a sudden interruption that hindered me from continuing. But nonetheless, enjoy part 1 of of Dyna Blade!

Hey everyone, got a shout-out I want to make real quick, if you are all looking for something good to read involving Sonic or a good fanfiction overall, I would suggest checking :iconthetodstar: page, his writings are impressive enough to warrant their own comics. His latest series Universal Chaos is pretty good so far and is worth a read if you are a fan of Spider-Man, Sonic, and Phoenix Wright!

Universal Chaos - Issue 1
Universal Chaos
MEDIAPOLIS - ZERO HOUR {1 Fading World (Imperial Tower) -> Sonic Forces}
The city was a war-zone; very few buildings were left standing upright, and fires were blazing almost everywhere. Thankfully, no civilians were in any danger... but there were many different costumed heroes fighting for their lives against a large purple-and-black monstrosity (with blue, menacing eyes) in the sky. And it was sucking up chunks of the ground up to the black hole that it was producing!
One of the heroes was an adult yellow fox wearing blue-and-cyan armor as he flew towards the monster with his two propellor-like tails. Two others that followed him were a small black-armored ball with limbs and bat-like wings, and a pink teenage hedgehog girl wearing a purple, revealing outfit... her eyes and hands were glowing a bright-green... with no pupils to be seen in her angry eyes! Following behind them was a humanoid robot boy wi

His other works involve Sonic Generations Extended… and SC3 Return of the Blue Blur… They are all quite good reads, and not just if you are a fan of Sonic in general. Ohh I'd also recommend following his Girlfriend :iconsky-the-echidna: as she too is a amazing artist and a writer too!

Here is a link to her gallery!…
Hey ladies and gentlemen and peeps! I take a look back at my channel and look through the highs and lows of it. Wow how time flies, it’s amazing! I can’t believe that I have been on Youtube for over ten years, it doesn’t feel real! Now I’m doing videos for it, wow, anyways enjoy the video guys, and ONE MORE THING!I got a question for you all!“

What do you like about my channel overall, what is your favorite video of mine overall?”


Here it is ladies and gentlemen and peeps, the first episode of my Let’s Play of one of my all-time favorite SNES games, Kirby Super Star, 6 games in one. This is a childhood game of mine I grew up on and I am happy to share my thoughts and memories of it with you! We start off the game with the first game Spring Breeze which is a remake of Kirby's Dreamland in a way, not much more to say, just watch and enjoy everyone!

OMG, We have been without internet for the past 2 to 3 days and it has been boring, turns out they didn't get a payment since July, something happened on their end, but after a recent payment, and little work on the Modem and a little rebooting, we got the internet back, thank GOD... :sigh: :whew: :whew: 
It's been a while since I uploaded one, so here is a preview for you of episode 5 of Luigi & Amy's Mansion! No worries, I'm still working on it and ironing out any and all problems, picture making is taking up most of my time sadly. Anyways, enjoy the preview guys!!

Cast in video sneak peak:

Luigi: :iconflaminghog35:
Amy Rose: :iconbluepenguingirl:
the ghosts: :iconsteamdiesel: and :iconbluepenguingirl:
Narrartor: :iconkatierose45:

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