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Platybelodon grangeri



Platybelodon ("flat-spear tusk") was a genus of large herbivorous mammal related to the elephant (order Proboscidea). It lived during the Miocene Epoch, about 15-4 million years ago, and ranged over Africa, Europe, Asia and North America. Although it thrived during its time, it did not survive past the Miocene.
Platybelodon was very similar to Amebelodon(coming soon...), another, closely related gomphothere genus. Due to the shape of the two lower teeth, which are worn by many gomphothere genera (such as Platybelodon, Archaeobelodon, and Amebelodon), they are popularly known as "shovel tuskers."(en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Platybel…)

پستانداران ماقبل تاریخ منقرض شده  دیرینه شناسی تکامل فرگشت فیل خزطوم داران میوسن پلتی بلودون گرنجری گامفوتر
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