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Nevliin of Valdoreen

By Leochi
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Title: Nevliin of Valdoreen
Medium: Watercolours

Another character of "Elfenmagie" by Sabrina Qunaj.
Nevliin is a warrior Elf. He is Queen Alkariel's right hand and a master of sword fight. He seems devoid of feeling and therefore is considered as a weapon and killing machine by Alkariel. She sends him on a quest to find Vanora, the half-elf and heroine of the story. 
Nevliin is described as white-blond with black eyes and a face as beautiful and cold as marble. (Sorry the scan looks horrible. :tears: Blues are quite impossible to scan when they are too transparent. Scanners just hate transparent watercolours, it seems.)

Original version in German:…

Other characters of "Elfenmagie":


Glendorfil by Leochi


Eamon by Leochi
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you're so talented with blond hair it's amazing...
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Aw, thank you so much for the sweet compliment! :heart: I do like painting blond hair because it's kind of challenging. 
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Absolutely gogeous! 

I hate it when scanners don't pick up the colors well.. 
But it looks very nice, so I'm quite curious how it compares to the real artwork! :glomp:
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He's definitely the most intriguing character in the book. :D

Completely agree with you on annoying scanners. Sadly there aren't many affordable scanners that can give satisfying results. I'm thinking of buying a new one when I get my paycheck in a couple of weeks. The old one has been a trusty device for over seven years, but I guess it's time to replace it. It's still good for documents, but watercolours become washed out and ugly. I've been researching online for a good replacement, but I'm not yet sure which one to choose.
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I personally have the Canon Canoscan LIDE 210, since it had very good reviews.
The program to scan is bit meek compared to the one I had before (scanwse from agfa)
but I'm really pleased with the scanner.

I can try to scan some watercolor stuff to give you an idea?
(and then a photo for comparison or something) (;
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Oh, that would be splendid! :D :heart:
I've got my eye on an Epson Perfection V600 that apparently does a very good job. But it's around 300 € *sighs* That one is sure to work with a Mac, I've always got problems with compatibility, so I'm not sure about Canon.
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I just checked their site for drivers, and there are plenty for mac :)
So I assume compatibility won't be a problem…

The Epson definitely has a higher resolution since it's a photo scanner
9600 x 6400 dpi against 4800 x 4800 dpi for the LiDe 210
But since I rarely go above 600 for drawings, the latter is plenty for me, plus it was for sale for 65 euros at the time (' tax free' at media markt, :w00t: )
Plus it can scan while standing upright, which is pretty neat :) 

I guess the best is to check several reviews and the necessary requirements :nod:
SInce a scanner is a investment for a longer time.
If it weren't for compability issues with windows 8, I would probably still be using my AGFA snapscan touch :lmao:

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Thank you for your help and all that info. :heart: I guess I'll buy the Epson in the end. It has got the best reviews imho. The old one is an Epson Perfection V350 and I've always been quite happy with it, compared to other scanners I've tried.
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Plus a photo scanner should pick up colors better than a 'standard' scanner, I presume.
Good luck in the decision, I'm sure you can't go really wrong with either :nod:

Maybe you can find the Epson for a good deal somewhere
There are plenty of price-comparison sites around :) 
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Exactly! :D 
Thank you; I can't wait to get a new one, but I'll have to be patient.

Yes, I've browsed through a lot of sites, but those semi-professional scanners are more expensive in general with less special offers, probably because companies just don't sell that many of them. Non-artitst usually don't need more than  a simple (and cheap) scanner for their documents.
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PS, I'll try to scan some watercolor stuff tomorrow evening :nod: 
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He looks...intense. The more I see the more I want to read the books in English.  Scanner issues don't seem to have gotten in the way of this piece looking awesome. (But what else is new, eh?)
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Intense is exactly the right adjective to describe that character. He always seems composed and cold from the outside, but in reality he's in extreme turmoil. :D

How sweet of you to still appreciate the drawing! But I can assure you, the scanner did kill it. It's so much better in RL. My scanner, albeit from Epson, still isn't good enough for that kind of picture. 
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