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Nevliin of Valdoreen



Title: Nevliin of Valdoreen
Medium: Watercolours

Another character of "Elfenmagie" by Sabrina Qunaj.
Nevliin is a warrior Elf. He is Queen Alkariel's right hand and a master of sword fight. He seems devoid of feeling and therefore is considered as a weapon and killing machine by Alkariel. She sends him on a quest to find Vanora, the half-elf and heroine of the story. 
Nevliin is described as white-blond with black eyes and a face as beautiful and cold as marble. (Sorry the scan looks horrible. :tears: Blues are quite impossible to scan when they are too transparent. Scanners just hate transparent watercolours, it seems.)

Original version in German:…

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you're so talented with blond hair it's amazing...