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Title: Glendorfil of Elvion
Medium: Watercolours

Note: One of the elven characters of "Elfenmagie" by Sabrina Qunaj, a young German writing fantasy author. I've been devouring her first book of the Elvion series. Unfortunately I couldn't find any English versions of her books, but you might look into the series if you understand German. The story is well written, with interesting characters and a lovely romance, or rather love triangle.
My favourite character was the wise warrior elf Glendorfil. He appears out of nowhere one day and overtakes the education of the 11yrs old smith's daughter. He not only trains her in martial arts and archery, but also tells her about Elven history without revealing her true origins to the girl. It finally turns out that her deceased mother had been an Elven queen who had fallen in love with a mortal.

Original version in German:…

Other characters from "Elfenmagie"

Nevliin of Valdoreen

Nevliin of Valdoreen by Leochi


Eamon by Leochi
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beautiful drawing and interesting choice of colors!!

I don't know this series, but I'll be on the lookout for it (hopefully in French or English)