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Easy Keto Bread by Leochi Easy Keto Bread by Leochi

The ketogenic diet allows only a small amount of carbohydrates, which means that regular bread should be avoided. That's not easy for people who like bread, but fortunately there are a few alternatives. Coconut, almond and nut flours can be used to make a kind of ketogenic bread.
This particular recipe is mine, but you're very welcome to try it out. :D
Those flours require a binding agent because they don't have gluten to hold them together, therefore one needs to use eggs.  You can adjust the ingredients to your taste. I've added ground almonds because they are better value than coconut and almound flours. Vegans can try to substitute the eggs and butter with carrageen, coconut cream and coconut oil. I haven't tried it, myself, but I'm sure there are more recipes out there. 
Happy baking and bon appétit!

Easy Keto Bread Recipe

4 egg whites

4 egg yolks

70 g melted butter

70 g cream cheese or cottage cheese

1 cup coconut flour

1 cup almond flour

1 cup ground almonds

1 teaspoon baking soda

½ teaspoon salt


    1)   Whip egg whites until stiff enough to form peaks

    2)   Whip egg yolks until their colour turns lighter, then add cream cheese and melted butter.

    3)   Sift the baking soda, salt  and coconut and almond flours and mix them with the ground almonds

    4)   Incorporate the dry ingredients slowly into the yolk/cheese/butter mix.

    5)   Add the whipped egg whites to the mix and incorporate slowly but thoroughly.

    6)   Pour the mix into a buttered baking tin

    7)   Place into a pre-heated oven at medium heat

    8)   Bake for about 40-50 minutes until slightly brown

    9)   Let cool before cutting into slices

The bread's taste is mild and goes well with anything. It has a texture similar to some kinds of dry cake, and it's more crumbly than wheat bread. Slicing it is actually easier than slicing regular bread.




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Skye-Rhyder Featured By Owner Jun 19, 2018
Is it OK if I make these even though I'm not on the diet?
Leochi Featured By Owner Jun 20, 2018
Of course! :D You don't need to be on a diet to eat healthy. I'm eating keto because of insulin resistance, but anybody who wants to eat low carb can do a lighter version of keto.
Skye-Rhyder Featured By Owner Jun 20, 2018
:smile: Thank you.
Passin Featured By Owner Dec 31, 2017
Not a fan of diets, but this looks interesting.
Leochi Featured By Owner Jan 1, 2018
Thank you! :D
MoonyMina Featured By Owner Dec 30, 2017  Hobbyist General Artist
interesting!! thanks for sharing!
Leochi Featured By Owner Jan 1, 2018
You're welcome! :D
Gryffgirl Featured By Owner Dec 30, 2017
Sounds delicious! Bread Intensifies 
Leochi Featured By Owner Dec 30, 2017
*grins* It is surprisingly delicious. :D Other recipes use more eggs or fat, but I think this is a good balance. It's a bit more crumbly than bread containing gluten, of course, but it has a fairly "bready" feel. I've had it with cheese, with plain butter, and with Italian dried tomato spread, and it was nice with all of them.
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