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Eamon of Lurness

By Leochi
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Edit: New scanner with much better resolution! :heart: Not the pic looks a lot more like the original watercolour.

Title: Eamon of Lurness, King of the Dark Elves
Medium: Watercolours

Another character of "Elfenmagie" by Sabrina Qunaj.
Eamon becomes the king of the Dark Elves after his father's demise. He is originally described as a carefree and happy character. He falls in love with the young heroine and she likes him a lot, but not in a romantic way. 

Original version in German:…

Two other characters of "Elfenmagie":

Glendorfil, oldest Elf of the Dark Elves and great friend and mentor of Eamon

Glendorfil by Leochi

Nevliin, former best friend and now rival of Eamon

Nevliin of Valdoreen by Leochi
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rally cute!!!! his carefree and happy side show in your drawing :)
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He was one of my favourites in the first part of the story, when he still was carefree and happy. :D
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He looks amazing. I love his look, very good. (Will have to nag one of our publishers to print a translated version over here;D) With art like this, you are probably one of the best advertisments for this series.
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Thank you so much! Glad you liked him. :D

Well, I'm afraid it's not that easy to get publishers to translate non-English fantasy into English. The English speaking market already seems saturated. (Unless the stories are best sellers in their own countries, of course.)
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I love those intense eyes.. The blue and black in his hair make for a great combination! :)
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Thank you! Glad you liked his eyes. He's described as having piercing blue eyes and a mop of black tousled hair. :D
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you're very welcome! :)
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