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Arctic Firefox

Arctic Firefox.
© 2009 - 2021 Leo6247
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Beautiful. Thanks!
Beautiful ! Thanks
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Aw, this is cute, and creative.
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But I still like it! :D
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When you put fire between arctic and fox. It completely erases the meaning.
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This is awesome as well.
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I'm like it....
I have been looking for an .ico file for this icon, thanks so much. I really love this icon, especially since you made it in all formats that I was looking for. Great job on this one, Leo6247. :D
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awesome, can you make document.icns file ? :D
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win.ico please!
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Awesome, thanks for a great desktop icon

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helloo... do you have .PNG files or .ICO files for windows ?
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how do you do it? i can't change it!
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Beautiful icon!
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the .ico is working too for windows???... same problem like charcoal... it is pixely... :(
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Very cool, but when I went to use it on my Desktop, it was pixely :(
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I would love an 'inverted' version of this. i.e. I want the fox to be blue, and the planet to be white, basically.

I want it to keep the same style, just with different colors: I'd like it to have the same shadows, and the same highlights, if you know what I mean.
Great work anyway! Definitely getting my dWatch from this ;).
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