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-Stole the rules from my good friend Avyris XD ILUAVY!-


1. First one to draw a picture of the desired design and alerts me to it VIA PM wins that design.
DESIGNS WILL NOT BE PUT ON HOLD unless requested from a well respected DA friend of mine.

2. Drawing MUST be your own. You CANNOT simply recolor a template (unless that template in fact belongs to you).

3. Though the drawing does not have to be in color, markings should be indicated somehow. The design should be moderately recognizable.

4. Designs are TO REMAIN HORSES. I know a lot of you guys are more about wolves and dogs, but too bad. Think of this as a chance to broaden your drawing horizons. So do not change the species. They must remain Equine (but they can be given wings or horns or random bits like that).

5. Gender, name, age, and breed are completely up to you. [these are foals but you can make them adult if you want].

6. TRY TO AVOID DISNEY/SPIRIT STYLE. I will give you a break if your already established style of drawing horses is reminiscent of the Spirit style. However, I will not accept anything that looks like a recolored Spirit screen capture, something traced from a screen capture, a colored Spirit coloring book page, etc. Stay as far away from the Spirit style as possible, if you can.

7. By adopting one of my designs, you agree not to hoard them. You are agreeing to treat them as a character, to use and appreciate them as a character should be. If an extended period of time passes, and I see that said design has not been used or even referenced at all, I retain the right to put that design back up for adoption.

8. Credit the design to me. I designed them and this is my template as well XD.


1. Red/white by :iconblue-uncia: [link]
2. Bald-faced Bay by :iconevil-firewolf: [link]
3. Orange Pinto by :iconsamurai-same: [link]
4. Grey Leopard by :iconworld-of-zekira: [link]
5. Faded Bay by :iconequusequidae: [link]
6. Purple Roan by :icondeviousdarkheart: [link]
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Are any of these still open??